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Apps to Create Cartoon Avatar

Avatar maker apps are so popular these days. Maybe your friends are uploading a new cartoon avatar on their social media and you also want to create your own avatar. So how to create an avatar, there are many avatar maker apps in the Google Play Store and App Store you can download and used to create an avatar.

An Avatar is used to describe the role of a special character within a graphical representation of oneself, typically on the Internet and other computer networks. Share your cartoon avatar on different social media platforms.

The term avatar has two main meanings: the virtual self or image that is represented by an actor in a digital game or animation; and any distinguishing feature of an animal’s figure used to identify it (such as its characteristic spots, horns, antlers).

In this article, we are going to review and discuss some top avatar maker apps for Android and iOS.

Top 8 Best Avatar Creator Apps for Android and iPhone

1 – MojiPop

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MpojiPop is one of the popular apps to create your own funny cartoon avatar using stickers and other elements in the app library. The app gives you access to a huge library of animated stickers and other elements for avatar creation. Users can customize them as per their need and creativity

MojiPop applications use artificial intelligence and other facial recognition algorithms to make stickers look alive and more realistic. The app comes with a free and premium version. The premium version of the application starts from $5.99/ month. If you are a professional who regularly needs to create new avatars for your online persona, then MojiPop is the perfect option for you.

2 – Pitz Maker

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Pitz maker is another new avatar creator and cartoon maker app. You can create different type of cartoonish avatar by choosing different cosmetic items and face filters. There are different items for character customization. You can create different Original Characters with a wide range of colorful items. With this application, you can create your own original character.

You can also click photos with this app and save them. There are different face filters you can apply to your characters.

3 – Doll Maker

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Doll Maker is another avatar creator app for Android and iOS. This app is so popular in Japan because of the trend of cute and adorable doll creations. You can bring your imagination into reality by creating stunning Kawaii characters with numerous items of Kawaii fashion. There are more than 100 different items and elements you can use to decorate your character such as skin color, hair color, facial expressions and make other changes. You can customize the doll avatar as per your creativity. Customize every single detail from the top to bottom of the character and create anime that are childlike, charming, shy or vulnerable. You must download and try this interesting cartoon avatar maker app.

4 – Adobe Photoshop Express

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Adobe Photoshop is a popular photo editing app. But you can also use this app to create an avatar for different purposes. Millions of graphic designers and cartoon artists use Adobe Photoshop to create different sketches and avatars. Photoshop express is a simple and easy to use tool to create avatar and edit photos professionally. It is a photo editing cum avatar maker app.

You can use realistic 3D avatar and logo’s for your business, brand or organization. Create your own avatar from scratch using the different editing tools in Adobe photoshop that will make your work easier.

5 – Zepeto

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Zepeto is a newly launched avatar creator app for Android and iPhone. The app has more than 130 millions registered users from all over the world. So you can imagine how popular this avatar app is. The app provides an amazing experience with the virtual world where we can create our own avatar and interact with the friends’ avatar in the virtual world. Which is a unique thing about this avatar application.

There are many items and elements you can use to customize your avatar like – change the hairstyle, eye color and do many other customizations to your character. If you are a professional graphic designer, then you can create unique and interesting elements or designs and sell them on the app to make money from home.

6 – Dolify

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Dolify is another best app to create cartoon avatars for Android and iOS. The application gives you many custom options you can choose from. Such as you can pick the favorite item from 14 different categories such as outfit, hairstyle, color accessories etc

This app allows you to create your own Barbie doll. You can select from hundreds of hair colors, hairstyles, and outfits to make a unique character. You can also change the eyes color and skin tone. If you want the premium version of the app, then it will cost you $7. The premium version comes with premium skin elements, makeup elements, hairstyles etc., that you will not find with the free version. The paid version will also offer you ads free experience.

7 – Avatoon

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Avatoon is one of the best avatar apps for Android and iOS with more than 500 outfits, 300 shoes collection, 300+ accessories and more than 2000 customization options to create a unique personalized avatar. The application allows you to use real-time photos or in app background images to modify your avatar’s expressions, poses and background.

The app uses facial recognition technology to create an avatar from a photo, the results were so realistic. When you click and upload the photo to the Avatoon app, change the color of your hairs, eyes etc. You can also create your own custom personalized stickers and emojis and share them on your social media handles.

8 – Bitmoji

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Bitmoji is the best emoji and avatar creator app for Android and iOS. The app has more than 100 million downloads all over the world. It is one of the best and most popular avatar maker apps with lots of unique features. If you want to create 3D avatar then Bitmoji app is perfect for that purpose

You can customize your avatar by changing its hair color, change the color of the eyes of the character or avatar. There are lots of things and customizations you can perform on your avatar. The app also lets you create emojis as well. It is also an emoji and sticker maker app.

The app lets you create an avatar from a photo. You must download Bitmoji and create an avatar from the photo.

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