Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

Do you want to edit your photos professionally? Many of you who are reading this article are photography enthusiasts or photography lovers. But do you know every professional photographer and videographer edits their photos and videos?


photo editing apps for android and ios

Edit Your Photos Professionally with these Free Photo Editing Apps for your Smartphone


Everyone wants to be a good photographer, but clicking a photo doesn’t make them perfect. For a professional photo, you always need editing. You also can make your photos professional and attractive to gain more likes, comments, and shares on social media.

Here in this article, we are going to show you the most popular and best photo editing apps for Android and iOS. So let’s make your photos professional with these best free photo editing apps. These apps are available for both Android and iOS platforms. Let’s check them out and edit our photos professionally.

Top 10 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS

1- Adobe Lightroom
2 – Snapseed by Google
3 – Adobe Photoshop Express
4 – PicsArt
5 – Touch Retouch
6 – Foodie
7 – Prisma
8 – VSCO
9 – Sketchbook
10 – Color Splash Effect – Snap Photo Editor

1 – Lightroom

Lightroom is the most popular and best photo editing app for Android and iOS used by professional photographers and editors. It is available free on the Google Play Store and app store. You can make your photographs professional by using the lightroom application. Using Lightroom is so easy, even beginners can use it very easily.


There are many other 3rd party applications available that provided some paid and a few free presets for lightroom which you can directly import to your lightroom app and apply to any of your photos to save your editing time.

If you are new to lightroom and don’t know much more about editing, you can also use lightroom presets to edit your photos. All you have to do is download any lightroom preset app from the play store or app store, open it and see the presets just copy the setting of the preset and paste apply it to the photo in Lightroom.

There are many options you can use to edit your photos and profile photos professionally.

Available for – Android and iOS

2 – SnapSeed

Snapseed another most popular and downloaded photo editing application for Android and iOS developed by Google LLC. There are so many features you can use to edit your photos. This app is available free on the play store and app store. You can download it for free and use it very easily, its UI is so easy to use. Edit your photos professionally with Snapseed and grow engagement with your photos on Instagram and other social media platforms.


As Snapseed is developed by the tech giant, so you can imagine how effective the application will be, you must give a try this app once.

Available for – Android and iOS

3 – Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop, another best photo editing app by Adobe. Which comes with so many filters and options. But I will recommend you to use Lightroom because Lightroom provides you full customization of the photo like saturation, deharz, exposure, sharpening, color noise correction, masking, texture, and many more other customizations you can apply and edit your photos professionally.

Photoshop comes with many awesome filters you can apply with your photos.

Available for – Android and iOS


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4 – Picsart

Pics art is one of the most popular photo editing apps used by most people. It comes with hundreds of features and options to edit any kind of photo. Sketching, filters, text writing, photo overlapping, logo making, etc. jobs can be done very easily with the Pics Art photo editing application. Pics art is available freely on the app and Google’s play store, but if you want to have more features, you can also buy them inside the application.

Available for – Android and iOS

5 – TouchRetouch

If you are looking for a paid photo editing app that can do whatever you can imagine. The TouchRetouch application is perfect for you. It is easy to use with lots of functionalities. You can edit your photos more professionally than Lightroom or Snap seed with this app. As this app is a paid app, so you get many ultimate photo editing features in this app.

Download this paid photo editing app from Google Play Store or app store and start editing your photos professionally from today.

Available for – Android(130 Rs.) and iOS


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6 – Foodie

If you are a food Vlogger or blogger or social media influencer. This app is the right choice for you. Foodie photo editor app is specially developed for food lovers or food vloggers/bloggers/businesses. Edit your delicious clicks with this app and promote your food business through your Instagram profile or Facebook account. This app is perfect for food photo editing and freely available on Google play and the app store. Download today and boost your food or restaurant business.

Available for – Android and iOS

7 – Prisma Photo Editor

Most probably you have used many apps with filters that turn photos into beautiful drawings, sketches, or paintings. But Prisma is different from those types of applications.

This free photo editing app uses the inbuilt artificial intelligence or neural networks whatever you say, which enables users to make their photos seem to be professionally painted by great artists like Picasso, Salvador, etc.

There are more than 500 filters that are available for free to use, but if you want some more premium filters to use than the paid version of this application is also available.

Prisma application has its own online community like Instagram, so when you do editing of your photos, and it is done you can share those images to your Prisma feed or save it directly to your offline storage, save it on different social media platforms, or sent it via mail.
Available for – Android and iOS

8 – VSCO

Same as the Instagram application, VSCO combines a camera, some editing tools, and an online community/ social media.

This editing app provides a set of awesome filters that make your photos look more appealing and attractive. It feels like they are taken with a film camera.

Those subtle and soft filters add a retouch of class to your photos as compared to many heavily filtered Instagram presets/filters. And you can also adjust those filters with the slider.

The application has all the standard editing tools like cropping, borders, vignettes, and adjustments. But there are some extra tools like you can adjust the exposure, temperature, skin tones, and contrast of the photos very easily.


9 – Sketchbook

Sketchbook is another popular photo editing application for Android, it is developed by Autodesk Inc. technology company. This free photo editing app is in the market for a long time and used by social media influencers and even graphic designers.

This app lets you convert your photos into beautiful sketches, drawings and paintings. Which looks very attractive. You must use this app and start editing your photos from now.


Available for – Android and iOS


10 – Color Splash Effect – Snap Photo Editor

This photo editor lets you convert your photos into the best photo magician with cool color splash effects which look soo attractive and cool.

By using the Color Splash effect, your photos will look gorgeous after using the different filters of this application. You can also use the advanced photo color feature like Zoom photos, Photo brush size, and photo editor like redo and undo option.

Available for – Android and iOS



So these were the list of best photo editing apps for Android and iOS which you can download your photos professionally and gain more engagement to your Instagram photography handles.


My personal choice is Lightroom. It is one of my favorite and the best free photo editing app. I personally use this application a lot. I also used Snapseed. It is also good you can use it also according to your experience after testing these applications.


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