5 Photo Merge Apps You Must Check Out to Combine Photos

photo merge apps

Many times we need to merge two or more photos or we also call it combined or joint photos. Students are asked by their school for joint photos of their parents with them. But it becomes so time-consuming to go together with your parents and then click a joint photo.

Now you can do the same work on your smartphone. There are plenty of photo merge apps you can try to join any two photos online or using the offline application.

But which app is so effective and uses fewer resources on our phones? I tried these apps and I’m able to explain to you all the pros, cons and unique features of these apps. So let’s take a look at their interface and other things. Stay tuned to the article:

1 – You Cam Perfect

You Cam Perfect is a very popular photo editing and merging app that is used worldwide. It is an all-in-one photo editing app that comes with some AI features like an AI object removal tool, removing backgrounds, creating frames, collages and many more. Currently, this application is available for both Android and iPhones. The overall average rating on both platforms is above 4 stars so you can think about how popular these apps are.

The most interesting and useful feature of this app I like is the AI object removal tool, which is super useful when we have some unwanted objects in our photo(solo or group) then, this tool helps us to remove them. You can erase anything including people, text, objects and reflections from your photo. The accuracy and sharpness were good when I removed objects from the photo.

Another feature is the AI magic avatar and AI selfie filter. You know the trend of avatars is on the go, on every social media platform you get the option of creating an avatar. But if you don’t want to use them then you can create an avatar using a separate app like You Cam.

You can turn your portrait photos into a stylish avatar using the Magic Avatar and AI selfie feature of the You Cam App. Anyone can create personalized avatars in various styles. Some styles are – Sci-fi, pop art, royal, etc. When I tried this AI avatar feature it turned my pictures into stylish avatars and I liked the output.

I’m sure you are going to love the result also. This feature works on animal photos also to turn them into an Avatar.

Another interesting feature is Editing body shapes naturally. You can try different body shapes and sizes using the Body Tuner tool in this app. If you are looking fat in a photo or your body shape is not looking attractive or good, then you can use this tool to tune your body shape in the photo. The results were natural it didn’t seem unnatural body shape.

The next feature is AI sky replacement and background change. As the name of the feature tells everything you can replace the background of the image and change the sky in the image. You can create a double exposure effect or replace the sky in one click without using a professional photo editing app like Photoshop.

Now let’s talk about the next feature which is the photo grid and collages. There are hundreds of collage designs you can choose from and put your photos into the collage frame and that’s it.

Also, you get different templates, photo frames and custom sticker packs to use in your photos. Overall this app is very useful in terms of features and ease, within a few taps you get your desired results there is no manual work. So a beginner photo editor can also use this app without any problem and achieve the results he/she wants.

Next is Aesthetic photo effects and filters. You can apply hundreds of premade photo filters or presets to your photos. This means you don’t need to edit the photos manually choose any aesthetic photo filter as per the photo scene and see the results. It’s like color grading of photos like you do in Lightroom. The filters library gets updated regularly so you get trending photo filters all the time.

You can also beautify the photos using the beautifying tool. Remove the blemishes, smooth your skin, reshape the lips, whiten your teeth, and edit your face shape or create a jawline. There are lots of customizations you can do using the Beautify tools.

Another of my favorite features is added animations. We know these days the use of animations in videos and photos is increasing day by day. Almost every photo editing app provides an animation option. You can use different cool animated effects on your photos and share your photos on social media for more engagement.

Another unique feature of this app is that you can add tattoos to your photos. Isn’t it cool? If you are a tattoo lover then you will love this feature, choose from a wide range of rebuild tattoo filters including, love, animal, minimalist, or flowers. The tattoos are not so trendy, I hope developers will add new cool-looking tattoos in the library.

So what you are waiting for try this app and create a stunning AI avatar and merge your photos, add tattoos, or replace the background of the images and share them on your social handles to get attraction, more likes, comments and shares.

Download – App Store, Play Store

2 – Photo Scape

Photo Scape is a free photo editing application for PCs that comes with lots of interesting and useful features. This application software can perform tasks like – color balance and enhancement, resize photos online, add effects to photos, overlays and clip arts. PhotoScape could be the best alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

This application was developed by MOOII Tech developers and it was 1st released on May 28, 2008, so it has been almost 15 years this software is in the market. The size of the application is just 356 MB so it will not consume a lot of your hard disk or SSD space.

The user interface of the app is so easy and simple and you get almost every kind of photo editing tool in this software. Adjust the color of the photo, resize the photos, cut and paste the photo, and print or create GIF animations. This application software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Also, you get different language supports to use the software.

Here are the features of PhotoScape in brief:

Photo editor – Balance the color of the image, resize it, add overlay and clip art.

Photo Batch editor – Process multiple photos at a time, and rename them.

Collage creator – Make a collage by mixing different photos into a single frame.

GIF Animation – Create GIF animation and turn your images into animated images.

Color picker – Pick a color from the screen pixel

RAW Converter – Convert your RAW format images into JPEG format

Face finder – Find similar faces through the internet

Featured printer – Print the photos for particular occasions, such as passport photos or lined pages such as calendars, music players, or graphs.

You can do a lot of editing kinds of stuff using the Photo Space application software and it runs on a low specifications PC. Like Photoshop and Lightroom, this software doesn’t consume a lot of resources like RAM and space.

So if you are looking for a merge or photo editing app for your low-end configurations PC then PhotoSpace could be the perfect choice.

You can edit the photos in batches – it lets you process multiple photos at once, and rename multiple photos at a time.

To access the tool visit the official website of PhotoScape – photoscape.org

3 – PhotoShop Express Photo Editor

PhotoShop Express is a premium and advanced tool for photo editing and color grading. You can merge photos using Photoshop Express and edit photos professionally. This app gives you everything that a photo editor needs to edit and transform images.

Polish your images with Adobe intelligent tools that take care of complex tasks like, dehazing, retouching photos, noise reduction and cutouts. Make selective edits to 2 things at a time and create eye-popping effects.

You can also change the foreground or background of your image using the fused feature. Scrapbook collage effects can be created easily using Photoshop Express Mobile. Retouch your photos with the makeup transfer and skin smoothing preset. You get a variety of presets to use for different scenes.

For advanced editing, you will need to purchase the premium version to unlock other professional editing tools of Photoshop Express.

Discover other artists and editors in the Discover feed and learn advanced photo editing. There are hundreds of themes and eye-catching effects that you can apply to your images instantly.

I very rarely use PhotoShop Express because there are limited features in the free version and it is also a bulky application so it will lag in some budget devices.

Download – Android and iOS

4 – PhotoLeap

PhotoLeap is an AI-based photo editor tool for Android and iPhones both. That comes with some AI-based editing features and based on our testing I’m going to provide my experience with this photo editing and combining application.

You can transform your photos to get the results you want with easy to use tools such as cutouts, remove subjects or objects from the background, etc. The possibilities of editing using the tools provided in the PhotoLeap app are endless. It depends on you how creatively you can edit the photos.

Users can add a personalized touch to the images using the rebuild library of assets including filters, effects, and different types of stylish fonts to show your unique editing style.

Want to apply animations to your photos, you can do this very easily with PhotoLeap and also the images can be turned into GIFs so you don’t need to download additional images to the GIF app.

All the editing tools are available like merging the image, double exposure, layers and quick apply filters. Transform your images into artwork with QuickArt’s magical effect in a single tap.

You get almost all the editing tools a professional photo editor expects in a photo editing application software.

Overall my editing experience was very good with PhotoLeap and I will drop the link to my Instagram handle where you can see my editing results.

My Instagram Handle – instagram.com/garhwali_traveller_

Download – Android and iOS

5 – Dual Photo Mixer – Photo Joint

Dual Photo Mixer app is a photo blend and editing app to merge photos in a single frame. You get almost all the editing tools to edit the photos and special photo filter effects to apply. You can design album photos using this photo mixer app. If you want to create a lovely composition of your best photos then, you can try this.

You get a wide range of photo filter effects you can apply and make other changes to your photos. The servers of the app don’t store your photos and share your data with others. These days many apps collect data and sell our data to companies and using that data we see advertisements on our phones.

There are many attractive background designs you can choose from, I edited some photos using this app and uploaded them on Instagram and the response was good by my followers and got some extra reach. My overall experience was good enough with this app and it did the task smoothly, as I combined some photos and the blending mode worked perfectly.

Download – Android

Final Worlds

These were my best picks after testing more than 15 apps. Maybe you are using some other apps or you know some newly launched apps. Feel free to comment down or let us know about those apps so that we can update this list.