Top 10 Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS

Gender Swap Apps

If you are looking for gender swap apps? Below, we compiled a list of male-to-female photo changers online you can download from the Google Play Store and the App Store. Use these apps and turn your male photo into a female photo within a few seconds. Convert male photos into females using these gender swap apps. These apps are so interesting and funny to use, and our experience was really very good with these gender swap apps for Android and iPhone.

All the gender swap apps listed below are tried and tested by our team and they have written their own views of the pros and cons of each and every application. The list of gender swap apps gets regular updates.

What are gender swap apps?

“Gender swap” apps are a type of software that allows users to alter images of people to make them appear as the opposite gender. These apps typically use machine learning algorithms and facial recognition technology to analyze an image and make changes to the person’s features, such as the shape of the face, the hairstyle, and other characteristics, to make them appear more masculine or feminine.

“Gender swap” apps are a type of software that allows users to alter images of people to make them appear as the opposite gender. These apps typically use machine learning algorithms and facial recognition technology to analyze an image and make changes to the person’s features, such as the shape of the face, the hairstyle, and other characteristics, to make them appear more masculine or feminine.

There are plenty of apps available out there that allow you to swap genders in your photos. Each application has its own unique feature, but these gender-swapping apps work very fine. You must try the below gender swap apps for Android and iOS.

10 Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS

These male to female photo changer apps are best for converting your male photo into a female photo.

1 – FaceApp

[appbox googleplay screenshot id1180884341]

FaceApp is a popular gender swap app, and it is also used as a funny face app by the users. Basically, it is similar to a photo editing application that allows you to apply many interesting effects. When you upload a photo to the FaceApp application, it automatically converts your photo into different age groups.

You can see how you will look in the future or in the olden days of your life. Personally, I converted many of my personal photos with this app. The results were very realistic, this app works very fine, and your photos don’t look artificial or unnatural.

There are plenty of different filters you can use on your photo face. With the help of this gender swap app, you can change your face for the opposite gender. The app is available for both the platforms Android and iOS.

2 – Instagram

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Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos, as well as to view and interact with content shared by other users. The platform is known for its focus on visual content and its emphasis on engagement through likes, comments, and hashtags.

Users can quickly and easily take a photo or video, apply a filter or edit the image, and share it with their followers or to other social media platforms. The platform also makes it easy to discover new and interesting content through its search and exploration features, which allow users to find and follow other users and hashtags.

Another major feature that makes Instagram unique is its emphasis on visual content. The platform is optimized for photos and videos, and it encourages users to create and share visually appealing content. Instagram’s filters and editing tools make it easy for users to improve the quality of their photos and videos, and the platform’s use of hashtags helps to organize and discover content by topic.

You may be wondering how you can call Instagram a gender swap app. But it is. We will let you know how it can be used as a gender swap app. We all know that Instagram is the most popular social media platform nowadays. Instagram offers you a wide range of different masks you can use to get different face results.

Instagram was the first platform that introduced the concept of face filters, and the idea went viral. Nowadays, we find filter options on almost all social media platforms. It offers you dozens of face masks to gender swap.

Turn yourself into different animals, girls, old men, or women using the different face filters of Instagram.

In summary, Instagram is a popular and unique social media platform due to its simplicity, emphasis on visual content, mobile optimization, and ability to foster communities and connect users with each other.

3 – Snapchat

[appbox googleplay screenshot]

Snapchat is a popular multimedia messaging app that allows users to take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a selected group of contacts. The app also has a feature called “Snap Map,” which allows users to share their location with friends, and see where their friends are located on a map.

Additionally, Snapchat also has a feature called “Memories” that allows users to save their Snaps and Stories to a private part of the app, where they can be viewed, edited and shared later. This can be really useful if you want to save an important moment or a special memory.

Snapchat is another popular social media network, it offers hundreds of face filters you can use to turn your photo into a female or girl. It is one of the favorite social media apps of girls because of its girl-friendly features. Girls can utilize this app a lot more than male users.

You can add makeup, a beard, and other facial elements. There are lots of customizations you can do with your face. There are lots of interesting face filters you can use to change your photo into a female gender face.

Snapchat has a loyal user base and continues to introduce new features and updates that add to the user’s experience. With features such as these, it’s no wonder why the app has become so popular among users, especially younger users.

4 – TikTok

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TikTok is a social media platform that is primarily used to make a variety of short-form videos, from genres like dance, comedy, and education, that have a duration from 15 seconds to one minute (three minutes for some users). It’s an app that allows users to create and share their own videos with the world.

One of the unique features of TikTok is the “For You” page, which curates a personalized feed of videos for each user based on their interests and behavior on the app. This feature helps to surface content that the user is more likely to enjoy, and keeps them engaged on the platform for longer.

Another unique feature of TikTok is its use of “filters,” which are special effects that can be applied to videos. These filters can change the color of the video, add animations, or even manipulate the speed of the video.

TikTok is another popular short video platform that has been in trend for almost 2 years. But in India recently the Indian government took some steps and banned some Chinese-origin applications. TikTok was one of them banned in India.

TikTok also has a feature called “Duet,” which allows users to collaborate on videos with other users by filming themselves in split-screen. This feature encourages creativity and interaction among users.

TikTok also offers different face filter masks to users. You can also find the masks to gender swap, which are so popular these days. The main downside of the TikTok app is that it can only give you a more masculine look and not do the opposite.

Additionally, TikTok have also introduced “React” feature that allows users to record videos reacting to other users’ videos. This feature helps to foster a sense of community and encourage engagement between users.

You can do lots of other things on this social media and short video platform. It is popular among teenagers and children as well because of its popularity. Shot videos are best to do marketing your brand on the cheap.

TikTok’s unique features and ease of use have helped it to grow in popularity, especially among younger generations.

5 – Face Changer and Photo Booth App

[appbox googleplay screenshot id=com.revosoft.faceswapbooth]

Face changer photo booth is another best gender swap apps. You can create funny pictures on your smartphone. If you want to swap faces, then you can do it within seconds. Swap your face with a female face, animal face, and many other face filters you can apply.

It is an interesting face-swap app for Android. iOS’s users will get it as soon as we see the notification on their official website. You can also twist the gender in the pictures.

6 – Face Story – AI Photo Editor

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It is one of the most entertaining AI face editing apps with all the trending face filters and effects. You will find the effects such as cartoon, background erasers, Genderswap, aging booths, art filters, sketches, babies and more.

Face story is a very versatile and entertaining gender swap app. This AI face and photo editor app come with lots of editing tools. It is the best gender swap app for iOS devices. You can turn yourself into a beautiful drawing, get older or younger, and create loads of artistic effects such as sketches and many more.

This application also provides you with a daily horoscope, which is a unique feature of this gender-swap photo app. Another unique feature of this application is that it not only shows you the horoscope, but it also does celebrity comparisons. So you can find out whom you look like the most. You must give it a try.

7 – Face Swap Booth App – Face Changer

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A “face swap” app is a type of mobile application that allows users to take a photo or video of themselves and swap faces with someone or something else in the image. This type of app typically uses advanced image processing techniques to analyze the faces in the photo and then swap them with another face. Some apps allow you to swap faces with a pre-existing image or video, while others allow you to use the camera on your device in real-time to swap faces with someone else in the scene.

A “Face swap booth” app is a variant of these kind of apps. It’s typically a photo booth app that has a face swap feature. Users take their picture, then they are able to swap faces with a predefined character or another person.

If you are looking for a face swap and gender swap app which is compatible with both Android and iOS, then the face swap booth app is just for you. You can edit every single detail of your face with this application and change your gender with this app. Remove wrinkles from old-looking faces.

You can mix different individual elements from different pictures. Swap your faces between more than 1 photo within a few seconds with advanced and automatic editing tools. The application works with face recognition technology. Because of this, the photo results look very natural. Adjust skin tones and do other changes to your photo face.

8 – Face Changer Gender Transformation Apps

[appbox googleplay screenshot id=com.face.gender.changer.faceapp]

Gender swap apps are trending these days, people are sharing their interesting photos on different social media platforms. Want to see how you will look like had you been a member of the opposite gender? Then upload your photos to this face changer gender swap app, and it will show you the results. Make your photo looks good with its pro editing features and filters. You can also make prank your friends into believing you are dating someone. But in reality, it is just your gender-swapped photo. The girl photo is just the female gender version of your own photo. Unfortunately, this application is available for Android users for the time being. Hope it will be available for iOS devices soon. You must try this gender face swap app.

9 – Jiggy

[appbox googleplay screenshot id=com.botika.jiggy]

Jiggy is basically a video generator app that takes a different approach when it comes to its gender-swapping feature. The app automatically swaps the gender of a photo by its algorithmic calculations. The results of the photos after swapping the genders were pretty impressive.

You can swap your face with a female face very easily. Jiggy crops your head and puts it on the body of someone else. You can get the results in GIF form or video form. It is another best gender-swapping app for Android and iPhone. You must give it a try.

10 – Cupace

[appbox googleplay screenshot id=com.picmax.cupace&hl=en]

Cupace is basically a cut-and-paste photo editor app, and it can be used as a face swap and gender swap application. You can change your gender in photos and make collages, change the background of photos and many more.

The unique feature of this application is that you can swap the genders of group photos. Yes, you hear it right. Change the photo gender of a group photo. But because of the many faces in a group photo, the algorithm of the app gets sometimes confused, and we don’t get the perfect results.


It’s worth noting that these apps can be used for a variety of purposes, such as entertainment, experimentation, and education. But they can also be used to propagate harmful stereotypes and biases related to gender, and they should be used with caution and awareness of the potential implications. Additionally, it’s important to respect people’s gender identity and their right to self-presentation. They should not be used to mock or make fun of someone’s identity.

Is there an app to swap faces?

Yes, there are apps that allow you to swap faces with others in a photo or video. These apps typically use facial recognition technology and machine learning algorithms to identify and track the facial features of the individuals in the image or video and then swap their faces to create a new image or video.

How to swap faces?

Swapping faces in a photo or video typically requires the use of specialized software or mobile apps.