7 Free Anime Drwaing Apps for Android and iPhone

anime drawing apps

Animes are so popular these days. Manga and anime spread from Japan to all over the world. We can say Japan is the origin country of animes and animes are so popular in Japan and South Korea and other Asian nations. There are plenty of anime drawing apps in the market you can download to draw animes using your smartphone. Anime drawing apps offer a wide range of tools and features that make it easier to create your anime. In this article, we listed some anime drawing apps for Android and iOS you can download and create your own animes.

One of the best advantages of using anime drawing apps is they are easy to use and available for Android and iPhones. If you are an artist, then your smartphone or tablet to create anime masterpieces and share them on different social media platforms.

So let’s see those apps to draw anime on Android and iPhone. Our team of researchers personally downloaded all these apps and draw some animes and these apps work very fine.

You can create your own anime cartoons and your favorite scenes and anime characters from different anime movies or TV shows using these applications.

What is the difference between Anime and Manga

Generally, anime and manga are often used synonymously, but they are different concepts. Let’s see the difference between Anime and Manga:

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Manga is a kind of cartoon, comic, or animation related. It comes from 2 kanji words “man” and “ga“. Which means improvised and images respectively. However, outside of Japan, the word manga has been used to specifically describe comics. Manga is basically a written medium.


Anime is an animated medium, it could be in the form of movies and TV shows. Much anime are adapted from existing manga series. Anime tends to be a more plot-driven storytelling medium than Western cartoons.

1 – Krita


Krita is a popular and fully featured digital painting and anime drawing app for Android. You can create illustrations, comics, animations, storyboards, or concepts using the Krita app.

This app provides many innovative features so that you can make your anime drawings or painting more interesting, creative and unique. There are almost all commonly used and some rare brush engines for sketching and painting.

Krita app also supports animation, comic creation, Python scripting, project management and storyboarding. It also provides a multitude of colors, a variety of tools, filters and many more.

Overall this tool application is best to create animes, paintings and many other digital projects.

2 – ibis Paint

ibis paint

iBis Paint is a popular anime and cartoon creation app for Android which has more than 100K downloads and an average rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store. There are more than 15000 paint brushes, 15K+ materials, 80+ filters, 46+ screen tones, 27 blending modes, 1000+ fonts, recording drawing processes, stroke stabilization features, ruler features and many others. Also, the user interface of the app is easy to use.

This app is a complete solution to create unique and creative animes, manga and drawings. I personally like this app because of its features, but this app is paid, so if you don’t have professional usage, then I would recommend you to go with some other free anime drawing apps. Because in free, there are so many good apps to create anime.

3 – Clip Studio Pro

clip studio pro

Clip Studio Pro is another professional animation-making, illustration-creating app for Android. You can express yourself by drawing masterful illustrations, creating an animation or comic story, or animating your character.

This app is for professional artists who can level up their skills and creativity using its professional tools. This is also a paid app, but for the first 3 months, you can use it for free, which is the unique thing about this app. No app in the market gives you a 3 months trial period.

Many professional anime and cartoon creators use this app, basically, it’s a professional app for professional use. If you are working on a comic or anime show, or you are a YouTube creator, then you must try this app once.

The brushstrokes drawn are very natural and no one will identify that they are drawn with an app. There are thousands of brushed, automatic AI coloring features, 3D import, line thickness and shape adjustments, and line stabilization features for more perfection. This app is a perfect choice for professional creators.

4 – MediBang Paint – Drawing


MediBang paint and drawing app developed by MediBang INC. This app is so popular and has more than 10 Million downloads and an average rating of 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store, which give us an idea of how popular this app is.

It is another professional anime and drawing app for Android. You can create spectacular digital comics and draw your favorite anime characters. There is a variety of paint brushes, line options, fonts for the speech bubbles, backgrounds, etc.

This app also allows you to store your creations on the cloud storage so that you don’t lose any data and can access it from anywhere, anytime.

If you want to create your own comic, then you can create your own comic and illustrations using your smartphone. The interface of the app is easy to use and offers and optimal experience on the mobile devices. Choose from hundreds of shades, textures, backgrounds, balloon dialogues, etc.

5 – Adobe Fresco

adobe fresco

Adobe Fresto is a fantastic anime and drawing app developed by Adobe Systems. Basically, it is the mobile version of the Photoshop app with lots of features. It is similar to other illustration apps available in the market. As we all know how powerful and smooth apps adobe develops for editing purposes, you can create different kinds of animes and manga using Adobe Fresto.

The nice thing about this app is that it has lifelike brushes and the ability to edit vector graphics. The cons are that some brushes are not available for Chrome and you can’t create new brushes for it. Overall, the app performance is so good and you can create awesome anime characters and drawings using the Adobe Fresco app.

6 – Jump Paint


Jump Paint is another best anime drawing apps for Android. This app is free and designed to learn illustration easily and create any type of digital drawing. You can create your own manga stories and adventures and other anime things. This app also lets you participate in contests, and publish your work online

There are more than 12 million downloads of this app from the Google Play Store. This app is a collaboration between the dreams of Shōnen Jump and MediBang. The app is perfectly designed for artists so that they can draw their characters using the functions of the MediaBang paint app. Practice with your favorite manga by using past and present Jump serialized pieces.

7 – Draw Anime and Manga

draw anime and manga

Draw Anime and Manga is a popular anime drawing and illustration app for Android. There are more than 1 million downloads of this app and an average rating of 4.1 stars. This data shows that the app is enough popular and works fine, that’s why so many peoples have downloaded it.

There are more than 100 drawings of anime characters and manga you can choose from. This app is basically for people who want to learn how to draw anime. You can see the tutorials in the app and practice yourself with some popular anime or manga characters.

To use this app you don’t need an internet connection, it allows you to start from scratch. You can easily draw male or female anime characters from scratch using this app. With simple lines and shapes and gradually adding lines until the final figure is obtained. We highly recommend this app for users who are beginners and don’t know how to draw anime or manga.