Top 10 ELD apps for drivers for Android and iOS

ELD apps for drivers

What is ELD?

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) apps, also known as electronic logbook apps, help commercial drivers record and display their Hours of Service (HOS) and record of duty status (RODS). ELD apps are used in BYOD (bring your device)-based ELD systems. Here are some ELD apps for drivers.

Today, many trucking apps make a driver’s work more accessible and comfortable. For example, they can help choose the most convenient route, book a parking space, and find out where it is cheaper to refuel.

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) have become essential tools for transportation businesses of all sizes. The ability to effectively manage hours of service while maintaining regulatory compliance has become critical to operational efficiency. 

Professional drivers usually devise their own methods of completing tasks. Because they spend most of their time in their cab, drivers’ ability to stay informed and comfortable is greatly influenced by how well they prepare before leaving. Luckily, mobile technology is changing that. 

Whether you run a large trucking fleet or are an owner-operator. Choosing the right ELD is crucial, given the numerous options available. This guide will examine the top ten ELD driver App Development Companies that every trucker should have. 

How do Mobile Apps(Android and iOS) help drivers?

In recent decades, drivers have used smartphones and tablets as much as special technical equipment in cargo transportation. Truckers are so attached to these devices because of the numerous useful mobile applications that allow them to save money, find the shortest route, and improve their comfort. 

They allow the truck driver to determine where the cheapest petrol station is quickly, what the weather will be like in the coming hours and days, whether there are traffic jams on the route, and how to best avoid them. 

We offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with several of the best apps for truckers. These apps will make trucking easier, increase your satisfaction, and help you save money. They will be helpful to every truck driver, both novices and those with solid experience. 

Top 10 ELD apps for drivers for Android and iOS:

1 – Motive Driver (formerly KeepTruckin)

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The Motive Driver app (previously known as KeepTruckin) is the best truck-driving app, acting as a liaison between drivers, dispatchers, and management in the main office. It allows the trucker to communicate with the dispatcher quickly and easily and transmit the coordinates of his current location. The program’s functionality lets you track the driver on the road and always know where he is. This is extremely useful and significant for all parties involved in the cargo transportation industry: 

  • The driver gains confidence in their safety.
  • The manager gains confidence that the trucker is following the route.
  • The client gains a demonstration of the company’s transparency and accountability. 

This program will help determine who is at fault if a Motive Driver is involved in a traffic accident. Other useful functions include warnings about potential violations, document management, generating vehicle inspection reports, an internal messenger, and so on. Furthermore, it serves as a helpful truck driver timesheet app.

Motive Driver is now one of the best trucking apps on the market and the highest-rated ELD (Electronic Logging Device) system. Over 40,000 businesses and 500,000 drivers use it.

Download from – App Store

2 – Drivewyze

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DriveWyze is a weigh station bypass app that saves professional drivers and fleets time and money. The app sends bypass requests to weigh stations, and professional drivers can bypass at least half the time. The app enables drivers to spend less time in queue waiting for inspection.

Download from – Google Play Store

3 – FleetSafer

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The FleetSafer app is best for truck drivers constantly distracted by calls and messages while driving. On the one hand, why clog up a smartphone’s memory with an extra app when you can ignore those who call and write? On the other hand, only a few truckers have the strength and self-control to never respond to phone signals while driving. To avoid distractions while driving, install this app. 

According to the App Development Company, FleetSafer is a risk management tool. It forces the driver to focus on the road, preventing him from getting into a traffic accident due to inattention. The app uses GPS to detect when a trucker is driving and hides all incoming calls, notifications, emails, and messages.

At the same time, FleetSafer has very flexible settings, so in an emergency, the driver can still use the phone to contact the police, an ambulance, or rescuers. The app lets users list priority subscribers who can always contact the driver. True, calls will only be received through the headset.

Download from – Google Play Store

4 – Keeptruckin

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KeepTruckin’s purpose is built right into its name. The app helps professional drivers comply with the ELD mandate. The app keeps track of your log and notifies you of any errors or violations. It also tracks and records driver routes and fuel tax reporting information. 

Download from – Google Play Store

5 – iExit

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The iExit application, explicitly created for truck drivers, is similar in functionality to Google Maps. It provides the most useful and user-friendly information and is consistently ranked as one of the best apps for truck drivers.

Entering iExit at any highway intersection displays all nearby petrol stations, truck parking,   toll booths, medical institutions, banks, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. 

The app also shows the locations of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots, playgrounds, and other amenities on the map. 

Download from – Google Play Store

6 – The weather channel

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The weather forecast is essential for any driver, particularly a trucker. If the driver is warned about an impending storm, ice, snowstorm, or another adverse event, they can take precautions to deliver the cargo safely.

The Weather Channel (TWC) app is one of the top trucking apps. It provides the truck driver with current information on the air temperature, humidity level, wind speed, UV index, road visibility, and sunrise/sunset times. Forecasts are available for the next hour, 36 hours, and ten days. 

TWC also offers interactive weather maps that show the most recent Doppler radar data and current and upcoming weather events, such as snow or rain. The information is presented in an easy-to-read format.

The driver can set up the app to send notifications in advance of severe weather events such as storm winds, snowstorms,  tornadoes, and impending thunderstorms.

Download from – Google Play Store

7 – Waze

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Waze is one of the best truck navigation apps. It can be considered a valuable guide, companion, and even a trucker’s right hand. Its primary function is determining the best route while considering numerous factors, such as highway congestion and accidents. 

Data on the current state of road traffic is updated online, allowing truck drivers to make informed decisions. In addition, Waze alerts the driver to the location of police stations, traffic jams, and potential hazards on the route.

Another useful feature is calculating the estimated arrival time at the destination, updated periodically. This allows the trucker to quickly determine whether he is running late or in a hurry

Download from – Google Play Store

8 – Bans For Trucks

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Bans For Trucks is the top-rated truck app among users. The program updates the driver on the temporary and environmental restrictions on truck traffic along the chosen route. The information block contains critical details such as the time and location of the restriction, as well as the types of transport and transported cargo. The application’s database includes motorways from 40 European and Asian countries.

The Bans For Trucks app has a route planner. It enables a trucker to quickly calculate when he needs to leave to arrive at a destination at a specific time or when he will arrive at the correct location if he starts at a particular time. The system will present several alternative routes for users to choose from.

Download from – Google Play Store

9 – Circuit Route Planner

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The Circuit Route Planner app lets truck drivers plan their routes. It has received over 5 million downloads from the Play Store alone, making it one of the most popular apps in the Android ecosystem. The circuit enables truckers to quickly locate addresses, change routes on the fly, and avoid shipment delays. Truckers can use circuitscircuit to avoid congested highways and busy roads, allowing them to arrive at their destination more quickly.

This app is useful if you must make multiple deliveries in a large city or are still looking for an unmarked address. As truckers are aware, some drop-off locations are difficult to locate.

The best thing about a circuit is that it optimizes your route. Enter all the stops you want to make, and the app will significantly reduce your shipping time. Finally, you will be able to make more deliveries in less time.  

Download from – Google Play Store

10 – GasBuddy


The GasBuddy app is top-rated among truckers and is regarded as one of the best trucking apps. This is not surprising because it indicates where the petrol stations with the lowest fuel prices are. Its benefit is the inclusion of a special filter that allows you to search for low-cost petrol stations for a specific fuel type. For example, if you specifically require diesel fuel, only petrol stations that stock it will appear in your search results when you use the filter. This feature is missing from many other similar applications. 

The information block for the petrol station closest to the driver includes the following information: 

  • distance
  • fuel cost
  • date of last update
  • and customer reviews. 

Fuel prices in this application are typically updated every few hours, so their relevance is unquestionable.

This app offers savings in more ways than just finding the lowest fuel price. Installing it on their mobile device allows the driver to receive a free GasBuddy card, which will discount each gallon. But this isn’t all. GasBuddy also provides drivers with cash back on their fuel purchases. That is true; You can only get it at petrol stations where GasBuddy has signed a cooperation agreement.

Download from – Google Play Store


Technology can help professional drivers stay connected, productive, safe, and informed. Truckers can use the applications we have collected in this article to improve their working comfort and gain additional convenience on the route.

There are trucking apps for Android and iPhone and quite a few for truckers. Installing everything on a mobile device at a time is not advisable. It would help if you only used truck driver applications that you believe will be most beneficial to you. Whether you want to avoid bad weather on your route, legally bypass inspection stops, or comply with the ELD mandate, there is an app for that. Check out Python automation project ideas for beginners.