Top 12 Best Cut and Paste Photos Apps for Android and iOS

best cut and paste photo apps for android and ios
Are you searching for the best cut and paste app? Here below they are. If you are in the field of photo editing or you are a person who loves to click the pictures and do creativity with them by cutting and pasting things by using different tools. But all people don’t use expensive software like Photoshop, Filmora, etc to edit photos. So for smartphone users, we have listed some best cut-paste apps you can download and edit the photos.
These photo editor cut paste apps are very useful to those people who love to paste their face on celebrities or any bodybuilder’s photo. If you are one of them then you must download these photo cut paste apps. You can edit photos like a professional using these cut and paste apps. These cut-paste apps are available for both the platforms Android and iOS.

12 Best Cut Paste Photo Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

Looking for the best cut paste apps? Here is the list of best cut and paste photos apps for Android and iPhone. You must try these photos to remove background from your image or change the faces.


1 – Cut Paste Photos – Photo Editor Cut Paste App

Cut Paste Photos - Photo Editor Cut Paste App


It is a very functional photo-editing application that allows users to make all the changes with the photos. If you want your photo with a celebrity then you do that using this cut paste photo app. Give them permission to access the images from your device to this cut-paste photos app and start editing. The most useful tool is the background removal tool.

You can select the subjects in the photo by several methods or with the help of AI(artificial intelligence). The AI system of the app automatically recognizes the borders and erases all the unnecessary things from the image very sharply. You can also do editing manually by using the magnifying glass tool for more precision and sharp editing of the subjects in the image.

This application also provides all the other basic tools which you get in other applications.

Download Cut Paste Photos App for – Android


2 – Photo Layers – Superimpose and Background Eraser App

This app is perfect for making beautiful photomontages. It comes with a powerful feature by using that you will be able to erase the unwanted area or make it transparent. The app allows you to combine up to 11 images at the same time in order to create a photo montage. You can also change the image’s color tone and make it more attractive. So download this best photo cut paste app for Android and iOS.

Download Photo Layers for – Android and iOS


3 – Cupace

cupace cut paste and photo editor app


It is one of the best face cut paste app for Android. It is a very simple photo editor app to cut and paste face in a photo. You can create funny face photos, swap your face with the celebrities body or with your favorite bodybuilder(look like a bodybuilder) as well as you can also create memes with this app. Simply draw a line at the border of the face and cut it from the photo and paste it on the other photo. All the edited photos will be saved into your phone gallery. You can reuse the face on other photos as well there is no need to cut it again and again from the original photo. You can also add stylish text to your photos in the form of some kind of quote, a tagline, or your name. Create photos and share them on different social media platforms.

Download Cupace photo editor for – Android


4 – Auto Photo Cut Paste

auto photo cut paste app


Auto photo cut paste is an all-new generation cut paste photo editor app for android and ios by which you can cut any part or subject from the image. The app automatically cuts the part you choose with the auto selection tool and paste it on another image or background. Auto photo cut paste app provides you a fast and efficient way to create amazing custom images. Simply touch the area of the photo you want to erase and auto cut paste will automatically detect the area through its color detection AI technology and will erase it. Now you can paste the image on any other picture or at the existing one. The app comes with many professional photo editing tools like you get in photoshop like – auto-erase, manually erase, background removal, restore, undo-redo, zoom in and out, etc.

Download Auto Photo Cut Paste App for – Android


5 – Cut Paste Photo Seamless Edit

cut paste photo seamless edit


This is another most popular cut-paste photo editing app. The functionality of the app is simply not so extraordinary but the tools and features are enough to make any changes to your photos. One of the best features of this app is that it allows you to quickly replace faces from the photos. You can also use the auto-cut feature for more accuracy. But sometimes the cuts remain visible in the image, but don’t worry to solve this problem try to replace the background with the transparent texture. Within few clicks, you can easily cut and paste any picture you want. The main drawback of this app is that it comes with advertisements. So ads could be annoying for some people.

Download Cut Paste Photo Seamless Edit App for – Android


6 – Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop

cut paste photo pro


This unique cut and paste photos app allow you to cut from multiple photos into a single one and merge them together. The app offers some amazing features like – scale, flip, duplicate photos, rotate photos, and other photo editing tools. Click photos with your phone camera and edit them. The premium subscription of the cut paste photos pro app is also available that gives you access to some premium features. But the pricing could be expensive for the general public so we recommend using the free version of the Cut Paste Photos pro edit chop app. The application offers you a free 3 days trial period to access the full content and features including emojis, stickers, cutting tools, unlimited cuts, and an ad-free experience.

Download Cut Paste Photo Pro app for – Android and iOS


7 – Cut and Paste Photo Blender

cut and paste photo blender app


Do you want to replace the background of a photo? If yes then you must download the cut and paste photo blender app. You can also cut out the face of one person and paste another face. If you are already using another cut and paste app for photo editing. Most probably you know how tricky is it to cut out something from the picture perfectly and accurately. You can cut out the subjects and objects or face from any photo and paste it into another photo. The application comes with an attractive user interface that allows you simply to draw the borders on the object you want to cut or paste and then the application will determine it automatically and will do the rest of the work.

Download Cut and Paste Photo Blender App for – iOS


8 – PicsArt Photo and Video Editor

picsart photo and video editor


PicsArt is one of the most popular photos and video editing apps for Android and iOS. There are more than 150 millions plus users all over the world who are using the PicsArt for video editing and photo editing. It is one of my favorite photo and video editing app I personally use for my projects. It offers many useful features like a photo editor, video editor, removes the background from any image., remove the unwanted objects from the image, add fun text, apply different beautiful filters, and many more. It could be a prime choice as an easy cut and paste photo editor task. Simply choose the object and then cut and paste it into other photos.

Download PicsArt Photo and Video Editor for – Android and iOS


9 – Cut Out – Photo Background Changer and Cut Paste Image

Cut Out - Photo Background Changer and Cut Paste Image


Sometimes we see a perfect background and we have our existing photos with the boring background. So why not replace that boring background with that appealing background. So to do that you will have to download the CutOut photo background editor app. This app offers you the tools to remove the background of any image or crop the subject from an image very easily and sharply.  You can also use the automatic method of background removal which will automatically remove the background using AI. You can also cut the objects from an image and paste them somewhere else over another photo. Users can add stickers and filters to give it a more personalized touch.

Download Cut Cut photo background editor for – Android

10 – Photo Cut Out Editor

photo cut out editor app

Photo cut-out editor is another best cut-paste app for iOS devices. This app makes your photo editing task easier than before on your iOS device. The app lets you cut out and compose photos very easily and effectively. With the photo cut-out editor app you can select objects and subjects from an image, change the background of a photo and add effects to your photos within seconds. You get 7 different cut-out tools in the application. Manual and auto selection tools are also available. Get more than 180+ background templates, 40+ filters, and 300+ predefined effects. You must download this cut-paste photo and background editor app.

Download Photo Cut Out Editor app for – iOS


11 – Photo Editor and Background Eraser App – MagiCut

photo editor and background eraser app


It is a newly launched photo editor and BG eraser app for Android. MagiCut is a powerful photo editor and background eraser app for Android that lets you synthesize the background of your photos anywhere anytime. It helps you to edit photos professionally. There is plenty of editing and photo composing features like – selfie face app, use 3d cartoon effects, remove the sky from the image, magic brush, photo collage maker, remove unwanted objects from the image, edit photos professionally, adjust the photos professionally, edit the text on the image and many more. 

Download – Photo Editor and Background Eraser App for – Android


12 – Change Dress and Clothe Color App

Change Dress and Clothe Color App

We always want to wear different premium clothes to click our photos. But it is not possible to buy expensive clothes just for clicking some photographs. But don’t worry change dress and clothes color apps are there to solve this problem. Many times we click photos but the face and the dress doesn’t seem to be matching with each other than instead of cutting the dress or face simply use this app to change your dress and make your photo more appealing. Different fashioned beautiful dresses are available in the app dress library you can choose from and adjust, resize, crop it to fit with your photo.

Download Change Dress and Clothe Color App for – Android


So this was the list of best cut-paste photo apps you can download for your Android or iOS device. Try and download the cut paste and face cut apps. Give a professional touch to your photos. Use cut paste app free download.

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