12 Avatar Maker Apps for Android and iOS

Want to create your own cartoon avatar, Cartoon, or animated avatar? The trend of avatar creation through applications has become very popular these days on the internet. Cartoon, amine, and avatar maker apps are available in the market on Android as well as on iOS platforms. These avatar-making apps help you to create your own representation on all social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and so on.

Create an Avatar whatever you want with your creativity

Hey guys, here in this article I will show you a list of apps that can help you to create your own avatar So, let’s see the avatar apps everyone is using these days. You can run these apps on any of the platforms, whether it is an Android or IOS device. Sometimes you have seen cartoon characters with real person photos, you can also make such avatars. Below is the list where I have given you such an app. By using one of them, you can create your own character or avatar in a few minutes with these trending avatar maker apps.

So let’s create an avatar 🙂

Avatar Maker Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

Let’s have a look at those handpicked character creator apps that you can download free for your Android or iOS smartphone.

1 – Anime Avatar Creator – Create your own Avatar


Wanna create your own anime avatar so this can be the best anime avatar maker app for you. Whatever character or Amine avatar you want to create. Use your creativity and create cool anime avatars using this app. This cool application has many other amazing features you can use. You will get a big collection of templates here to make an avatar and with different facial expressions with detailing.

Here you will get all types of emotions on the faces of the avatars with different shapes of mouth, eyes, and eyebrows. You can choose a color for the eye and hair. To make the avatar cool and good looking you can also change the background of the avatar. You must try this avatar making app once.

2 – Zmoji – Avatar and Cartoon Maker


Zmoji is a popular avatar make app for iPhones developed by Mobile Flame. You can create avatars as well as emojis using this app. If you want to turn your photo into an avatar or emoji, then you can do that very easily using the Zmoji app. Only you have to upload or click your photo and this app will turn it into an awesome-looking cartoonish avatar and emoji.

Isn’t it cool to have your own face on the emojis? You can surprise your friends by sending your own face emojis to them. So what are you waiting for, be the first in your friend circle to send your favorite emojis and GIFs with your own avatar to your friends.

Free and paid versions are available for this app and it will cost you $99.99 for a 1-year subscription. So if you want an avatar or emoji app for professional use then you can purchase the premium version of the app, otherwise for general purposes free version is enough.

3 – Vlinder Avatar Maker and Dress Up App

avatr maker app

As the name of the app gives us a brief idea that it is a two-in-one app. Avatar maker app and dress up app. You can create and customize your unique avatars, change your hairstyle, and clothing, and use also other types of accessories from the app Dressup library to make your avatar more interesting. You can customize your avatar fully as per your creativity and need. This application provides a wide range of customization options for users such as colors, changing backgrounds and designs.

The controls and interface of the app is easy to use. If you are looking for an app that provides you creative options to express yourself in an avatar, then the Vlinder Avatar Maker app could be the best choice for you.

4 – Avatar Creator Doll Maker

avatar creator doll maker

Dollicon app is another best avatar creator app for Android devices to create cute and stylish cool looking avatar of yourself. This app is specially developed for girls to turn their photos into cute-looking doll avatar. You can customize every single detail of your avatar in this app, such as changing the hairstyle and outfits as well.

Download the avatar created with this app offline to your phone and use it on different social media platforms, gaming platforms, Instagram stories, and websites wherever you want. Personally, I loved this application because of the latest and new features this app is providing to customize the avatar. Literally, you can change every single detail of the avatar from eyes, eyebrows, ears, etc.

From my side, I will give 9 out of 10 to this avatar creator application.

5 – CloneAI – AI Video Generator

clone AI

CloneAI is the latest artificial intelligence-based AI avatar maker and video generator. You can create avatars using AI as well as avatar videos for your different social media. If you want to transform your prerecorded videos into visually stunning masterpieces, then this app is perfect to do such type of editing task. Simply you have to upload your video and pick any AI style from the app library and CloneAI app will turn your simple videos into awesome artwork.

You can also use some cool transition effects in your videos to make them more cool looking. This is one of the best AI avatar maker apps I’m already using for some time for my social media works, such as for creating awesome Instagram Reels. Because we all know how popular and important Instagram Reels are these days to grow your Instagram account. So I recommend you to use this app for creative Instagram Reels.

6 – BitMoji


BitMoji is one of the most downloaded and popular avatar maker app for Android and iOS. This app is in the market for many years and is trusted and used by millions of people all around the world. There are more than 100 million downloads of this app, so you can imagine the popularity and usage of this app. The user interface of the Bitmoji app is clean and modern looking. You can change the clothes, hairstyle, shoes and hat of the avatar you will be creating with this app. There are lots of physical customization options to give a unique and attractive look to your avatar. Also, you get different types of stickers to use to make your avatar more cool looking. It all depends on your creativity and how you utilize the features given in an avatar maker app.

7 – MojiPop


MpjiPop is another best avatar maker app developed by Eureka Studios. If you want to add a different texture and humor to your personality. You can create funny stickers and send them to your friends on different social media platforms while chatting. Isn’t it cool to have some different kinds of own customized stickers than the regular stickers and emojis you get on by default on social media platforms and on some stylish keyboard apps.

There are more than 1 Million downloads and an average rating of 4.2 stars of this avatar creator app from the Google Play Store, which shows the popularity of this application. Basically, this app is for chat enthusiasts people who want to experience something different while chatting. They can create their own set of customized stickers and send them to the receivers while chatting.

8 – Mirror Avatar Stickers Creator

mirror avatar stickers creator

Mirror avatar creator and sticker maker app is another popular avatar and sticker maker app for Android. There are more than 10 million downloads of this app from the Google Play Store, which gives us an idea of the user base of this app.

It is an advanced 3D avatar maker app and it can be used to create memes, AR stickers and emoji stickers. If you are a meme creator and looking for something that can differentiate your memes from other meme pages, then why not use this app to create a unique meme page character and make your memes viral!

Or be a group chat expert by creating your own set of stickers to send to your friends or family group to make them a surprise. So be different while chatting with others by creating avatars and unique stickers.

Creating an avatar using the Mirror Avatar and sticker creator app is simple, and there are lots of customization options to make your avatar look unique.

9 – Avatar Factory

avatar factory

Avatar Factory is a cool avatar maker app for iPhones and iPad. You can edit your anime avatar photos using this app. There are lots of features such as head portrait photos, and cool stickers you can use.

You can edit your existing avatar to make them more unique. Using this tool you can convert your photos into different-looking scenes such as college looking, dancer, singer, etc. There are many options you can choose from which type of character you want to look at. So create your own avatar and share it with your friends or on social media to stand out with your social media friends. Give a unique look to your social media profile, which means more profile visits and more followers.

10 – Anime Avatar Maker

anime maker avatar

The trend and popularity of anime are increasing day by day. People are using anime avatars instead of their own pictures on different social media platforms. So if you are searching for a similar app that can create an anime-like avatar, then this anime avatar maker app could be the perfect app.

This avatar-maker app can turn your face into a unique-looking anime character that you can share it with your friends or family. You can change the hairstyle, eyes, mouth and others of your anime character. Also, you can change the facial expressions of your anime avatar character such as cute, angry, smart, or scary.

11 – Avatar Ersteller – Anime

This avatar maker app is also another good anime maker application. Here you will get more than 10K character options to create your own one. You can customize anything with your eyes, lips, hair, clothes, and other properties. From here you can also share your character directly to social media on any of the social media platforms.

Can set an avatar to the wallpaper of your phone directly from here. To make it more attractive and catchy, flexible color options are provided in this application.

12 – Mirror Emoji Maker

mirror emoji maker

All smartphones come with emojis even if it is from Android or iOS all come with emojis. You can use them, but I say to try this emoji maker app to create your own emoji. Share your thoughts in an impressive way with your friends or closer ones. This application helps you to create any type of emoji you want as we can say that custom emoji. With your creativity and ideas, try this app and create your own emojis in this app.

Available for – Android

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