Top 10 Apps Like Grain Credit For Android And iPhone In 2022

Apps Like Grain Credit

There are many options available to manage your finances. Desktop software, web-based applications, and even mobile apps. Each app can help you manage your finances and budget. Credit cards are used to deal with the cost of payments during the worst times, both mentally and financially. Most of the time, it’s an option to solve temporary problems. Credit scores aren’t something everybody can boast of. With apps such as Grain, you can get a line of credit without having a credit score. In addition, you get access to exclusive perks, cash-back, interest on deposits, and other benefits that you won’t receive with traditional credit cards. Grain is one of the apps that allows you to get cash and build credit simultaneously. But it’s not the only choice available. We’ve uncovered the best apps like grain credit which will aid you in improving your credit score.

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What’s Grain?

Grain provides an online credit card that lets you build credit based on credit card transactions. However, you get credit lines directly deposited into your bank account instead of giving you an additional credit card.

  1. In real life, it looks like a cash advance. If approved, Grain will provide you with an unsecured credit limit of up to $1,000. The funds can be transferred to your current account using a credit card.
  2. Each month, grain reports your credit limit, balance, and payment history to 3 major credit bureaus. By doing this, you will build credit through timely payments.
  3. Although you’re not required to pay your full amount each month, any remaining balance can be charged a 15 per cent interest rate.
  4. The final word is that grain will help you build credit in a manner that is easy to access and give you access to cash in a short time. If you handle the credit line responsibly, your credit score should improve over time.

10 Best Apps Like Grain Credit On Android And iPhone

Grain is one of the many applications that offer accessible credit-building solutions. App developers continuously work over it and have its approach to the process of building credit or the chance to access cash at any time you need it.

1. Brigit Card

  • Brigit app gives cash advances that range from $250. The app boasts more than three million users, and it just takes two seconds to register.
  • If you decide to make use of Brigit, it’s not a credit check necessary. This can help protect your credit. Additionally, there are no interest fees.
  • The app comes with free and paid plans. The free version provides alerts, budgeting tools, financial insight, and much more.
  • However, if you opt to pay a $9.99 monthly cost, you’ll also get extra benefits. This includes instant transfers, flexible payment as well as a financial helper other benefits.
  • In addition to providing fast money access, this app also includes credit reporting to three main bureaus. It is possible to create a credit-building account for just 1 dollar per month.


  • Avoid fees for overdrafts
  • Free alerts are a great option
  • Credit reporting is integrated into the system.


  • $9.99 cost for certain features
  • Access to a bank account is required.

2. Cash App

  • Cash App is widely known as a platform that gives users an easy method of sending and receiving money. However, you might not be aware it is possible to use Cash App offers an opportunity to obtain loans via the platform. You read it right. You can apply for small-sized loans using the Cash App.
  • After you have taken your loan out, you can use your Cash Card to use the money. It is a Cash Card is a debit card with access to the balance in Cash App balance.
  • The payments you make to these loans will be reported to credit bureaus. If you make regular on-time payments, Cash App could help to improve your credit score.
  • One unique feature of this app is the possibility of using boost with a cash card. The Boost allows you to reduce the cost of purchases at specific stores.


  • Simple to use platform
  • You can save money with Boost


  • Information is scarce
  • Terms and conditions are unclear

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3. Chime

  • Chime Fintech online is a fintech company that provides essential financial management services to its customers. One of the many options that Chime offers Chime is its Chime credit Builder Secured Visa Credit Card.
  • You’ll have to be an existing Chime customer with a Chime Savings Account that functions as an account with a checking account for access to this credit-building option.
  • When you’ve established your Chime Spending Account, you’ve set up the limit of your spending on the Chime Credit Builder Secured Visa Credit Card by transferring funds from one account to another.
  • The money transferred will function in your account as a limit. Chime reduces the amount of credit you have available each time you purchase.
  • If the full amount is due by the end of each month, you may use Chime’s Safer Credit Building feature to ensure your bill is paid on time.
  • It’s essentially an unbeatable system to build credit. However, you will not have any cash loans during the route.


  • No cost
  • No interest
  • Automated payment feature


  • Account for spending necessary
  • No option to get credit without a secured line of credit

4. Earnin

  • Earnin is a lending app that allows you to be paid for the work you do today.
  • The process begins with downloading the application and connecting the app to your account at a bank. After that, Earnin can determine how and when you will be the money.
  • The built-in GPS feature lets Earnin monitor the time you work. If you are working on a specific day, Earnin will debit your account with the cash you earned. When you get your pay, it will pay itself using your payment.


  • Free to use
  • Pay cash early to get payday


  • Only available to full-time employees.
  • The credit-building aspect is not a factor.

5. Jasper Card

  • The Jasper Card is a worthwhile alternative if you’re seeking an opportunity to get an account with a credit limit that isn’t based on high credit scores. It’s available to people with poor credit or credit history.
  • Jasper Card does report to the three major credit bureaus. In addition, you’ll earn 1 per cent cash-back on your purchases. You’ll even be able to make up to 6 per cent cashback by convincing six of your friends to join the card.
  • The most effective use of this credit card is paying on time to build your credit score. If you are interested, think about changing to a rewards-focused card when you get the opportunity.


  • No annual cost
  • There is no security deposit


  • Small rewards
  • Credit requirements are increasing

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6. Line App

  • The Line app was explicitly designed to cater to professionals working. You can access 10 to $1,000 lines of credit with Line to pay for emergencies based on your needs.
  • Using Line under your selected plan ranges between $1.97 and $9.97 each month.
  • If you use Line, the application will assist you in creating an effective budget for your money. Line checks your account for possible overdrafts. If you require a quick credit line to avoid a fee, the Line app can provide the credit with no regular credit check.
  • The current features are beneficial. The current features are helpful. However, Line appears to be just getting off the ground. Many new features are being developed by the app developers London for this application, and it’s likely to be more attractive soon.


  • No interest
  • Credit monitoring includes


  • A monthly fee is required
  • Bank information is required

7. Point Card

  • Point Card is a debit card with rewards and other benefits you are likely to see on credit cards. However, unlike credit cards, Point Card is not a credit card. Point Card comes with no danger of overspending.
  • No credit verification is required if you sign up for this Point Card. Currently, the Point Card Neon offers 5x points on certain subscriptions, 3x points for food delivery, and 1x for everything else.
  • Although there’s no credit check, there is no credit report. There isn’t access to any additional money. However, you will not be tempted to buy more than you can afford.
  • The Point Card is ideal for people who want to stay clear of the temptation of a credit card or payday loan. It’s still possible to earn rewards for your purchases, but this Point Card protects your credit by restricting your credit options.


  • FDIC insured account
  • No credit check


  • $9.99 per month
  • No credit report

8. Potential Financing

  • The company offers an alternative to payday loans that lets you borrow as much as $500 once. While there isn’t a credit screening, the company will determine your ability to repay the loan based on your income.
  • If you get a loan through Possible Finance, you can choose the repayment date for your loan. You can delay repayments if you have problems during the eight-to 12 weeks of repayment.
  • However, the high-interest rates can be a deterrent If you have a different interest-free alternative.
  • Possible Finance will report your repayments to the 3 credit agencies if you can repay the credit. This gives you a chance to earn credit using this platform.


  • No origination fee
  • Four installments of payment


  • Rates of interest that are high
  • Limited customer service

9. Self-Card

  • If you’re determined to build credit and build credit, then you should consider Self Secured Visa Credit Card as a viable alternative. You’ll have to be a member of an existing Self Credit Builder account for at least 3 months before you are eligible for this secure card.
  • A credit-building loan requires the payment of monthly installments. However, you don’t be able to access the loan’s principal at the beginning. The alternative is that self can store the funds in savings accounts.
  • The Self Secured Visa Credit Card allows you to access the locked savings as a credit limit.
  • This means that you don’t need to make an additional initial payment. Instead, you’ll profit from the savings you’re already creating by using yourself.
  • There’s no credit verification required to apply for this card. Regular credit reports could lead to a higher rating on your credit report for people who can pay on time and consistently.


  • No initial security deposit
  • Credit report


  • Rates of interest that are high
  • You need a Self-Credit Builder account

10. Vola

  • Vola gives cash advances up to $300. It takes only a few minutes to start using the app.
  • As a cash advance application, Vola looks at your bank account’s cash flow to assist you in avoiding fees for overdrafts. If Vola detects any possible overdraft problems, you could avail of a cash loan to avoid paying a high cost.
  • Based on the needs of your business, You’ll be charged the monthly cost of $2.99 up to $28.99. But, you won’t be sucked into interest fees, typically in cash advances.
  • Alongside cash advances, Vola provides insight into your spending habits based on your bank account activity. If you’re trying to pay your bills on time, this insight can help you to manage your financial situation.


  • Access to cash quickly
  • Analytics of spending


  • Monthly cost
  • Negative customer reviews


In terms of getting credit and building it, many options can satisfy your needs. Utilizing one of the above applications might be the solution you’ve been seeking. As good credit could open the way to thousands of savings on big credit-worthy purchases, it is worth the effort to work towards building an excellent credit history. Furthermore, the advantages of having access to cash in times of need are clear.