Top 15 Live Chat Room Apps for Android and iOS

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Chatting with peoples live is the real feeling of chatting. But there are hundreds of spammy applications are available on the Google Play Store and app store in the name of Live Chatting Applications. But which one is genuine because on most of the platforms you will find bot accounts and which is totally unaccepted.

Don’t worry our team of researchers found some interesting live chat apps which are genuine and have only real human users. So you will always chat with real people. These applications are generally social media platforms but with some different functionalities and working mechanisms as well as features.

Random chat applications may be a terrific option for meeting new people and bringing a lot of excitement into your life if you are seeking new pals. Talking to people you don’t know may give you a unique experience and potential therapeutic benefits. You may speak to strangers and add excitement to your life by downloading one of the top random chat applications available on the market today.

Live Chat Room Apps for Android and iPhone


If you are concerned about being monitored online, using the Viber app is a safe bet and highly recommended. You are free to have conversations with anybody you choose, and you do not need to be concerned about the government monitoring your conversations.

The application takes advantage of a very robust encryption method. The software allows users to make voice and video chats with only one swipe. The ability to save files, notes and links in the app’s Notes area is a beneficial function.


If you are searching for an alternative to WhatsApp then this is the app. Signal was launched as a competitor of WhatsApp, and this app gives all the features and functionalities WhatsApp provides us. If you are worried about your data being in the hands of Facebook because Meta(Facebook) is the parent company of WhatsApp and we see many times that hackers leak the META data server’s data. The signal is an internet chat service that is both scalable and secure. For secure communication, it comes highly recommended by a variety of security professionals, including Edward Snowden and Bruce Schneier, amongst others. One of the most robust open-source and peer-reviewed encryption methods is supported by the app, which was built by a firm with its headquarters in California.

It does not provide any information on its users to any government authorities. You may talk to one another without worrying about the safety of your conversations, thanks to the encryption that is used. Voice and video recording can also be possible by using this application.


Billions of people use WhatsApp, making it the most popular messaging program. Users can exchange films, photos, and emoticons with one another. There are some cool features available in Facebook’s app, which the company developed themselves.

In addition, companies may publish and advertise online catalogues to customers and prospects. There have been allegations that Facebook and other government agencies have been monitoring users’ communications, which means the transmission may not be completely safe.


Telegram is a free internet chat application that is owned by a corporation with its headquarters in Germany. It supports the most advanced encryption technology, which prevents eavesdropping and protects the privacy of your discussion. It is equipped with a robust video and picture editing tool, emoticons, and themes that may be customized.

It is one of the most lightning-fast options for sending messages online. It allows users to share a limitless amount of files and media. The information is synchronized across all the various devices. It enables you to begin a chat on one device while simultaneously maintaining a connection with another.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger software is a free download and allows users to communicate with their connections on Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and Portal. Using the Live video chat tool, you and your friends can view videos, movies, and television programs together. Users can convey their feelings through selfie stickers, message effects, and augmented reality effects.

It is free software for chatting with people online. Using the software, you can accomplish much more than just speaking with one another. In contrast to many other messaging apps, it has support for both online shopping and digital payment methods. However, Facebook does collect data for online ad retargeting, so the app’s privacy features are somewhat limited.


A firm located in Tokyo is the owner of the free messaging software known as Line. The Line Out function allows users to make free calls to other Line Out users. The ability for customers to communicate with licensed medical experts via Line Health Care is a standout feature. It is compatible with digital payments for services provided online. Additionally, the app enables the streaming of live video and the sharing of original video material.


WeChat is one of the most widely used online chat applications. It has more than a billion active connections. Users can interact with one another by exchanging text, audio, and video communications. Users in China can make digital payments using Yuan using this service.

There are reports going around that the Chinese government monitors users’ conversations in Internet chat rooms. However, there is no hard evidence to suggest that the government is conducting surveillance. There is a possibility that communications made via WeChat are not secure.


The most widely used free program for video chatting is Skype. The software is compatible with various devices, such as the internet, tablets, smartphones, high-definition televisions (HDTVs), Xbox, and even Alexa. Getting people involved in a meeting you’re hosting takes one click.

One of the most valuable tools for collaborating with a team is Skype. The free messaging software does not impose any time constraints on the length of conversations. The software is fantastic for individual communication and corporate team collaboration.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts app is a straightforward web-based audio chat service. It permits chatting both one-on-one and in groups. Google uses a safe server to keep all of your conversations there. People may add others by typing in their email addresses or phone numbers. Google Chat is increasingly becoming more popular as a replacement for Google Hangouts. By the middle of the year 2022, Google intends to stop supporting the app.


KakaoTalk is a free messaging program that was created by a firm based in South Korea. It is capable of chatting with individuals as well as with groups. You can connect with one another through the app using emoticons, photographs, and videos.

It includes various fun functions, such as video conversations, picture sharing, and emoticons. However, you should not communicate sensitive information since it does not support robust encryption and does not have enough privacy measures.


Slack is a free tool that offers audio and video conversations and is mainly used for productivity. Emojis, voice calls, and text messages are all viable modes of communication with other people. The application enables you to build neat working areas.

It is a free program that allows users to communicate with one another through voice and video. You must subscribe to a subscription plan if you wish to communicate with several users at once via a group setting.


Snapchat is an app for mobile devices that encourages creative expression. A comparable number of followers may be gained via innovative material on TikTok. Creators of creative material have the opportunity to get monetary compensation for the success of their work

People who want to hang out with their online buddies may use Snapchat, an excellent online chat. The software is supported by advertisements, some of which may be annoying to specific users. The application does not support an encrypted connection.


Free to use both online and on Windows, Discord is a chat program. The software allows for voice and group chat and is owned by a firm with its headquarters in California. Users can construct invitation-only chat channels for more discreet exchanges. Screen sharing and game streaming are two more features that are supported.

This is the finest software for young people and teens to connect with one other and have fun doing it together. It is a helpful app for socializing with one’s acquaintances. The application does not offer a secure connection, which is one of the app’s drawbacks.


Threema is a safe messaging program used in one-on-one and group conversations. In addition to not collecting data or displaying advertisements, it complies entirely with the European legislation governing data privacy, including GDPR. The program, which is owned by a business located in Switzerland, protects connections via the use of open-source NaCl encryption. The application’s source code may be seen and evaluated at any time. It is a highly recommended program if you want to avoid worrying about the government or other organizations monitoring your connection while maintaining its security.

Google Chat

Google Chat is a free voice chat application that you may use. Users can work together online by using the webchat software. Chatting is available to users via the direct use of Gmail or by installing an application. AI bots provide advice on engaging with other people and automating various jobs. Voice communication is the only kind that is supported. The video calling feature is not available in the free app.

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