Want to change your male voice into a female voice? If yes, then you must check out the below-listed male-to-female voice changer apps for Android and iPhone. These applications can be used for many fun purposes, such as making a prank call to your known ones and talking with a changed voice.

Are you tired of having a monotonous and dull voice? Do you want to experiment with a new voice and have some fun? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Introducing the Voice Changer, a powerful tool that can transform your voice from male to female in just a few clicks. With this tool, you can experiment with different voices, create unique recordings, and have a blast while doing so.

There are several voice changer apps that can change a male voice to a female voice. Some examples include:

To be honest, these types of applications are just developed for entertainment purposes, not for professional use. So don’t expect too much from these male to female voice changer apps. My teammates and I tried these voice changer apps and they work fine, you can use these apps to change your voice during making a prank call, or send some prank or girl voice messages to your known ones to have some fun with them on social media.

It’s worth noting that the quality and reliability of these apps might vary and some may have additional features and functionalities. Some may need additional purchases to gain the specific function.

He (your friend) will think that he is talking to a girl and he will definitely try to be your boyfriend or would like to be your friend of you. Isn’t it cool and funny? So what you are waiting for, is to download any of the male to female voice changer apps and have some fun.

We created a list of some best and most realistic male-to-female voice changer apps that actually work. Our team of app testers personally tested all the apps listed below, so you can choose any of them and use them.

Key Features of the Voice Changer

  • Easy to Use: The Voice Changer is simple and user-friendly. All you have to do is record your voice and select the desired voice effect. The tool will do the rest for you.
  • High-Quality Output: The Voice Changer uses advanced algorithms to produce high-quality voice outputs that sound natural and convincing.
  • Wide Range of Effects: From a deep male voice to a high-pitched female voice, the Voice Changer offers a wide range of effects to choose from.
  • Compatible with Various Devices: The Voice Changer can be used on both Windows and Mac devices, making it accessible to a large audience.

How to Use the Voice Changer

Using the Voice Changer is incredibly easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

  1. Download and install the Voice Changer on your device.
  2. Open the tool and click on the “Record” button to record your voice.
  3. Select the desired voice effect from the available options.
  4. Preview the transformed voice and make any necessary adjustments.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can save the output and use it as desired.

Best Male to female voice changer apps for Android and iPhone

1 – Girl Voice Changer

girls voice changer

Girls Voice Changer is an interesting Android app to change the voice. These types of applications are commonly used by content creators. If you are a YouTuber or video creator on any other platform like Instagram Reels, TikTok videos etc. Then you can use this application to change your voice into a girl. Sometimes we need the voices of girls to match them with the female character in our animation videos. Then this application could be a good choice.

If you are searching for an app that can convert your boy voice into a girly voice, then this girl voice changer could be a perfect choice for you. Girl voice changer is a popular voice changer app for Android and iPhone. Girl voice changer is an exciting voice changer app that is highly portable and easy to use for new users very comfortably. You don’t need to be a techie to use this application. The application is free to download from the Google Play Store/ App Store, and it will take only 8 MB of your storage space. You can adjust the pitch very easily and make your rough voice smooth as well. That’s why it is one of the most famous male voice-to-female voice changer apps. If you are looking for the best pitch adjustment and voice changer app, then Girl Voice Changer could be a great choice. The application runs very smoothly because of its smaller size, which consumes less space and RAM. As a result, the efficiency of the app improves.


Different types of voice effects are available

Best for YouTube content creators who run voice-over channels

Small in size so it will not consume a lot of your phone storage and RAM


Annoying advertisements

The application is not smooth and sometime crashes during heavy usage

2 – Voice FX

voice fx

VoiceFx is an old voice changer app that is in the market for the last 2 years. We discovered this application 2 years ago on the Google Play Store. Most probably you will be thinking that this app is old but to be honest this application still matches all the features of the latest voice changer applications available in the market. And the output of the voice was satisfactory, we can’t say the best quality but yes it is usable. What you can expect with a free application. Where premium/paid apps

Voice FX is one of the popular girl voice changer apps for Android. It gives you lots of options and features to make changes to your voice output. It is more than a male-to-female voice changer app; there are many unique features you will not get anywhere. You can convert your voice into a robot or animal also. Yes, you hear it right, you can change your voice into the fictional cartoon voice of your favorite characters. You can efficiently film a video with added effects or develop a mini-game where you need different voices for the game characters. Once there was a time when the trend of converting famous music into chipmunk voices was at its peak. But with the Voice FX app, you can convert your favorite songs into chipmunk songs quickly with a few clicks.

3 – Super Voice Changer and Editor

super voice changer

Super voice changer is another voice changer application with more than 5 Million downloads on the Google Play Store. Hope you can analyze the popularity of this application. The number of downloads gives us a brief idea about the working preciseness of any application. This Voice changer and voice editor app comes with different voice effects you can use for your different voice-over effects. You can use this app as a girl voice changer app. This voice changer-voice editor app also can be used for auto-tuning apps. If you are looking for a multipurpose app that can convert the male voice into a female and an auto-tune app, you must download this fantastic application.

Autotune is the unique feature this application offers, and it is a feature that every singer uses to make their voices perfectly tuned. You can record your music or have some fun by using different voice effects when you are bored. The interface of the app is so attractive and easy to use. So if you are looking for the best girl voice changer, then this application is for you. Many people looking to build their career in singing or background music artists must use this app to autotune their voices for better singing performances.

4 – Voice Changer

voice changer 2

Basically, this app works as a robotic voice changer. If you are searching for an android application to turn your voice into a robotic voice. Voice Changer is one of the famous males to female voice changer apps. The app has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. We recommend this app highly because it works very fine, and it is the oldest voice changer app for Android in the market with its excellent voice processing accuracy. The result of the voice output was really impressive. The sleek design of this voice changer app makes it very easy to use for all.

There is a lot to do from changing the male voice to the female voice; you can check more than 50 options. You can also share your voice creations with your friends and family via Bluetooth or social media.

5 – Magic Call App

magic call app 1

Magic Call is a popular call voice changer to convert male voice into female voice in real-time during a call. It is one of the top-rated call voice changer apps for Android. Magic Call is a real-time voice changer app for Android. You can use this app for changing your voice during a call. If you are looking for a call voice changer app, then Magic Call is the perfect choice for that purpose. Magic Call is an ideal choice for a male-to-female voice modification. The primary purpose of this app is to change voice in real-time calls. You can use it with domestic and international calls as well, and it works very fine. You can also use this app to make prank calls.

Open the app and dial any number. You can also convert your voice into a cartoon, animal, female, or girl. It is the best call voice changer app for Android.

6 – Voice Changer and Sound Recorder

voice changer and sound recorder

Voice changer and sound recorder is a multipurpose entertainment app for Android. That lets you change your voice as well as record it. It comes with an inbuilt audio recording feature. It is a multifunction voice changer app, you can record and change your voice using this app instantly. Suppose you own an iPhone and are searching for a voice changer app for your iPhone. Then the voice changer and recorder app are just for you. The voice changer and sound recorder app are available for iOS devices. You can download it from the App Store. It is the perfect choice for people who love girl voice changer apps. It is a live call voice changer app, which means it changes your voice from male to female while you are on a phone call.

You can also add different background voices to your voice during a call, such as – traffic background voice, public place voice, echo etc. If you don’t want to talk with someone on a phone call, then you can use background voices as per your need to get off the call.

7 – Voice Changer – Voice Editor and Autotune

voice changer voice editor

Super Voice Editor is a fun application for those searching for a voice changer app, male to female. You can record the audio and edit it and can use it in real-time. Sounds interesting, right? The Super-Voice Editor lets you add different effects to your voice while you are on a phone call. This means it also works as a call voice changer app. You can try different effects on your voice during the call like traffic, birthday, etc. Wonder woman or dexter sounds can be chosen from the app’s sound library. Super voice editor is the best voice-changing app for kids, mainly because they find all the sounds a kid wants. This app was developed by Soul Apps studio, and it is effortless for you now to sound like your dream faces on big or small screens. You can try the sounds of Bollywood stars and your favorite serial stars. The app also comes with 2 other features, which are an MP3 cutter and a Ringtone maker. This girl voice changer app is interesting. It would be best if you gave it a try.

8 – Voice Changer with Effects

voice changer with effects

Voice changer with effects is another popular girl voice changer which is a convenient app; that’s why we are recommending it to try. The downloads of this girl voice changer app are more than 50 million on the Google Play Store. So, you can imagine the popularity of this male-to-female voice changer app. You can import your audio clip to this app and customize and convert it into a new voice you like. There are different voice effects you can use in your audio. There are more than 40 options to choose from, such as – Helium, Zombie, Chipmunk, Alien, etc. If you want to change your ringtone with a few lines of a song, then you can edit the audio clip with this app and set your new ringtone. This app also works as a ringtone maker app.

9 – Voice changer – Voice recorder and auto-tune app

voice changer auto tuner

It is a multi-function girl voice changer app and an auto-tune app for Android. The application is developed by Ponica Media. The app processes your male voice into a female or girl voice automatically within a few seconds. This voice changer app allows you to add different sound effects and auto-tune it. It is a very useful voice-changer app that can be used for entertainment purposes. It is one of the perfect girl voice changer apps and auto-tunes apps.

If you want a girl voice changer, then you won’t face any problems. You can use this application as a voice changer app during a call with someone. You can prank your friends, family, or loved ones using this app’s girl voice-changing feature. Our overall experience was average with this application. There are plenty of prank-call apps out there in the market if you don’t want to use this app.

10 – Voice Changer – Audio Effects

voice changer audio effects

There are many girl voice changer apps available on the internet and dedicated stores for Android and iOS. But which one to choose? Because not all voice-changing apps work very well. Don’t worry, the Voice Changer – Audio Effects is another highly recommended voice changer application for Android users.

Convert your male voice into a female voice instantly. You can convert your voice into a girl as well as you can also modify it. This app also works as a call voice changer app, which means you can use this app while talking to your friends on phone calls. The Voice Changer – Audio Effects also offers you a lot of other features. You can try different voice effects such as – robotic, and animals. These voices can be used as an alternative to female voices if you are bored. You can try different voices and convert them.


In conclusion, the Voice Changer is a fun and powerful tool that can add a new dimension to your recordings. Whether you want to experiment with different voices, create unique recordings, or simply have a blast, the Voice Changer is the tool for you. So, why wait? Try it today!

Do the voice changer app works?

Voice changer apps can work to some extent in changing the pitch and tone of a person’s voice. However, the quality of the voice-changing effect can vary widely depending on the specific app, the device being used, and the individual’s voice.

Some voice changer apps use basic algorithms to shift the pitch of a person’s voice, which can result in a less natural-sounding change. Other apps use more advanced techniques, such as format shifting or spectral warping, which can result in a more natural-sounding change.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that some apps may only change the pitch of the voice, while others can also add effects such as echoing, robotic, or whispering to the voice.

Overall, while voice changer apps can be fun to play around with, their ability to convincingly change a person’s voice may be limited.

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