11 Realistic Female Voice Changer Apps in 2024


Want to sound like a female? If yes then why not try some female voice changer apps? There are many female voice apps available online and also in the application form for Android and iOS. If you are searching for such voice changer apps then in this article we listed some of the apps as per our experience with them.

Other than these apps there are other hundreds of apps out there, we will update the list regularly.

Female voice changer apps could be useful for making a prank call to your friends if you want to make a prank call, record audio, or even create fictional characters, voice-changer apps are best to do that. You get a variety of voice-changing options you can try. Changing a male to a female voice is so easy using these voice changer apps.

Our team of application testers personally tested these apps and created this list of male-to-female voice changer apps which are free to download and some of the apps come with premium features. So let’s see those voice changer apps.

1 – Voice Changer – Best Female Voice Changer for Android

Voice Changer - Best Female Voice Changer for Android

It is one of the best voice changer apps with more than 50 different filters and even more soundboard effects. Female voice changers include standard woman voice, charming woman, girl and baby girl voice. There are many other fun options available including Chipmunk, Angry Giant and Devil.

To use this app, record yourself and choose any of the female or other voices from the app’s voice library. The paid version is also available with some premium features and more voice varieties that you can apply in real time while using other apps or games. It also works as a voice changer in the game.

You also get sliders to customize the voice, which is very useful, it is not quite sound female enough. You can choose one of the background sound effects like traffic sound, train sound rain, etc. to make things more realistic.

You can import your own recorded sounds and songs for free for later use or to share on other social media platforms. Also, users can edit or modify the voice with filters, this feature is very useful if you already recorded something before downloading the application.

If you don’t want to record yourself directly, then you can use the text-to-speech option of the app. You have to type the message and choose a female or other voice to narrate it.

With the free version, you will see advertisements which could be so annoying to you, but with the paid version you will get the ads free and smooth experience with lots of other interesting voices and features.

Download – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=voicechanger.voiceeffects.soundeffects.voiceavatar

2 – Girls Voice Changer – Best iOS Female Voice Changer

Girls Voice Changer - Best iOS Female Voice Changer

If you are searching for the best girl voice changer for your iPhone, then this app could be the best choice for you. There are lots of sound effects and female voice options you can use.

Standard female voice options are available easily, like a baby doll, or an old woman. You can also change the pitch of your voice and do other customizations. You also get many other fun filters such as ghosts, monsters and alien voices.

The only drawback of this app is that you can’t change your voice in real-time, only you can record your voice. But you can listen to the recorded voice before sending it to anyone or sharing it on a social media platform. So that you can make sure that your voice clip is perfect or not.

You can also apply effects to existing audio files stored on your device. The app is so fast in audio processing, that you can play back your voice instantly after recording and apply filters and effects in a flash. This app comes with built-in sharing options, so you don’t need to find the saved file and then share it.

This girl voice changer app is free and the paid version also comes with 1 week, 12-month, or lifetime premium plan option. You must download and try this girl voice changer app on your iPhone.

Download – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/girls-voice-changer/id871168086

3 – iMyFone MagicMic – Best female voice changer app

iMyFone MagicMic - Best female voice changer app

It is one of my favorite male to female voice changer apps and is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. iMyFone is a powerful and effective voice changer tool that can morph your voice from male to female and female to male voice. Also, there are many other voice filters and sound effects.

You get two options, the first one is to fire up the application a choose one of the female filters. These are the preset voices that you can apply to your voice in real-time.

If you want a generic woman sound or celebrity, then you can also do it. The celebrity voice options include some popular voices – Taylor Swift, rapper LISA, Hillary Clinton, Anne Hathaway, etc.

If you want to make a fool of someone then you can use this app, this app works a good job and you can change the pitch also so that you sound more realistic like a female. Or you can use the equalizer sliders to adjust the pitch and other settings of the voice manually, you can upload your audio clip and clone the voice in the clip.

The best thing I like about this app is that you can record your voice with these effects like after existing audio and you can use it with other applications. If you are playing a game or using a social media app, then you can use this female voice changer during an online game or messaging app.

Some voice effects are free but there are more than 500 voice filters and voice effects you can unlock with the paid version.

Download – https://imyfone.pxf.io/XYK4qo?subId=mspoweruser.com/female-voice-changer/

4 – Magic Call – Best female voice changer during calls

Magic Call - Best female voice changer during calls

If you are searching for a girl voice changer during a call, then the MagicCall voice changer app is best for you. This app can change your voice to female in real-time, you can also make prank calls or while playing online games you can change the voice. This app also comes with a recorder to save clips for later use send them to your friends or share the audio clips on social media.

There are women and girl voice filters, there are lots of different scary or cartoon voices to choose from. Simply tap on any icon to switch the voices. You can also customize your voice using the sliders like changing the pitch and other qualities of your voice.

There is another unique feature which is the background sound feature that lets you apply looping ambience or songs to clips or real time. Sound effects like traffic, people market crowd, etc are some kind of voice effects you can add for a more realistic feel.

Download for – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bng.magiccall

5 – Media.iO – Best female voice changer online

Media.iO - Best female voice changer online

If you are looking for a female voice changer online then media.io is the best tool for that. You can use this website on a desktop or mobile browser. You don’t need to download any app or software to use this female voice changer.

Simply visit the media.io website and go to the voicechanger.media.io page and upload any recorded audio and change it in real time within a few seconds.

There are lots of cool voice filters that you can apply to your audio file with just 1 click, like female anime characters to something more authentic. Also, you can change the pitch and other parameters of yourself to create a customized female or girl voice.

This voice changer website also uses AI to make the voice more realistic. It doesn’t matter if you are a deep-sounding man or woman, this website creates a convincing female voice that is unique to you.

It supports almost every audio file format – MP3, WAV, m4a, OGG, MOV, VOB, MTS, AU, etc. You can edit it fully to change the timeline and combine the clips. Isn’t it good to have full customization control on your voice?

When you finish the voice-changing work on media.io then download or share the link, and everything gets deleted after 24 hours for data privacy reasons which is a good thing.

Media.IO is a basic but very good voice changer and it is free with basic features, if you want some more advanced voice editing and voice changing features then go for a paid plan to get full access to editing and custom voices.

Download – https://voicechanger.media.io/

6 – ElevenLabs – Best AI female voice changer platform

ElevenLabs - Best AI female voice changer platform

It is a newly launched AI-based voice changer online that can create realistic female voices using three key methods. It uses AI so that you don’t need to use your real voice, and the results are quite decent.

The speech synthesis technology uses AI to generate authentic human speech from text scripts, only you need to do is choose a female voice from the options, enter your text script, listen and change any settings to your liking and get your finished audio file.

You can later send the audio file to your friends, and family or on social media. Here you also get a voice design area, you can create your female voice from scratch by adjusting parameters such as age, pace, pitch, country, accent, etc.

The best thing about AI is that the results are always unique to you, even if another user applied the same settings.

ElevenLabs is available for free to use with 3 custom voice slots and 10,000 text characters per month. You can purchase the premium membership of the tool which starts from $5/ month for 30,000 characters and more custom options.

Download – https://elevenlabs.io/speech-synthesis

7 – VoiceMod – Female voice changer for PC

VoiceMod - Female voice changer for PC

Mobile apps are convenient and easy to use, but PC apps and software are much more advanced and effective. VoiceMod is one of the best female voice changers for PC, where you get pre-configured filters and the use of AI to clone the female or girl voices.

Simply choose any existing audio file of any female celebrity in the list or any recorded voice and it will create a new voice filter you can use. This voice changer for PC works in real-time, which means you are using any other program or game that uses your mic will get your new female voice as if it is you. You have to speak normally and the listener will hear the changed voice of you.

To use this feature, check the “hear myself” option while wearing headphones. Choose a microphone for voice input on all other programs.

There are 90+ voices you can choose from, most of the voices are female. The soundboard lets you play clips and effects alongside speech, also you can create your custom female voice in the VoiceLab.

But to customize or create your own female voice, you need to buy the paid plan of VoiceLab. The free version provides you with 6 voices, 5 sound slots and limited customization options.

Download – https://www.voicemod.net/

8 – GarageBand – Best female voice changer for music

GarageBand - Best female voice changer for music

If you are a music lover then GarageBand is the best female voice changer for musicians. Or if you want to create female vocals for music tracks which is a very difficult process but with GarageBand this process is not that hard. This app is available for iOS.

This app works as a comprehensive music creation suite that lets you record tracks and morph a male voice into a female voice. 

You can also convert pre-recorded vocals on the timeline. This app works very perfectly for shorter soundbites and electronic music. This app includes a wide range of instruments that you can play digitally by tapping the devices, as well as a huge sound library of beats, loops and samples. You can find some other pre-recorded female voices also.

This app provides also some other features that are not just limited to music-related, you can also create podcasts or video voiceovers.

GarageBand is an easy-to-use tool for beginners that makes the tasks so easy, now you can do the tasks that were done by DJs and audio engineers. This app is available for iPhones and iPads.

Download – https://www.apple.com/ios/garageband/

9 – Live Voice Changer – Best Bluetooth and loudspeaker support

Live Voice Changer - Best Bluetooth and loudspeaker support

If you are searching for a live voice changer then this app could be a perfect choice for you. This app works on iPhone and iPad and with Apple watch also. It is an automatic male to female voice changer with 12 band equalizer that provides total control over pitch and other voice settings. You get almost full customization control on your voice.

It also provides a boast record and live mic feature, which means you can swap the voices instantly simply by tapping on the voice change icon. If you are an online game player then you can change your voice in real-time while playing the games or using any other social media applications.

There are 10 voice presets and 15 sound effects. You can also save your custom voice based on your equalizer settings.

The unique feature of this app is that you can connect it with your Bluetooth speakers as well as with wired stereo systems. This app also gives you a loudspeaker option for pranks, driving, or live events while applying any of the voice effects in real time. There are lots of options and features to use.

You can test the app with unlimited 30-second recordings or pay $6.99 for the premium options. The paid version unlocks the full recording option and live mic feature.

Download – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/live-voice-changer-prankcall/id1283337558

10 – Clownfish – Best female voice changer for desktop

Clownfish - Best female voice changer for desktop

Clownfish is a popular voice changer for Windows and macOS. It is a free-to-use voice changer. If you download and install this voice changer software on your computer, and allow it as the main mic input within any application. This software changes your voice in real-time like you are playing a game, streaming, chatting, or during live broadcasts. To create recordings, simply use your favorite recorder and select the Clownfish mic input.

Clownfish come with female pitch and baby pitch settings. For a more unique experience, you can also tweak the pitch and other settings yourself and have the settings for future use. The results are so realistic a female voice.

This is VST-compliant software, it lets users add even more female voice filters and audio/sound effects from third-party apps.

It also comes with a soundboard for playing different sound effects and background music in real-time. Which adds extra ambiance to online games, or you can listen to songs with friends while chatting online.

Download – https://clownfish-translator.com/voicechanger/

11 – LingoJam

LingoJam is an online pitch changer tool website that is used for changing voice. The interface of this tool is very clean and simple and easy to use. You have 2 options to change the voice the first one is to record a clip and change it and the other option is to load a clip you already have and then change it. There are different types of voice options you can choose from such as higher pitch, low pitch, strictly higher pitch and many more. You can choose as per your requirement in the voice output.

This tool helps you modify your voice to a higher-pitched voice online. You don’t need to download any application or software to use this online audio changer. The most important thing is that this is all free. So what you are waiting for is visit the website and change your voice.

Visit the website – https://lingojam.com/MaletoFemaleVoiceChanger