How to save Instagram Reels in gallery with music?

Do you want to download Instagram Reels with music? Have you tried many tricks to save Instagram Reels with music but after downloading the reels we didn’t hear any music in that reel video? It becomes frustrating because you’re given your time efforts and internet data to download the reel with music but didn’t get the results! We will be discussing how to save Instagram Reels in gallery with music.

Don’t worry, in this article, we will be discussing how to save Instagram Reels directly into your gallery with audio. Sometimes we didn’t hear any sound in the reel videos we download using different tools. But we recommend if your purpose is to repost the Instagram Reels, then use your own custom audio or different music than the original reel. Because it will look your reel different and Instagram algorithm has changed recently, reposting content will not be promoted by Instagram organically.

So to make your reels interesting and unique, use different music and edit the reel videos. It will improve the user engagement and indirectly grow your Instagram followers organically. It is the best way to gain Instagram followers organically without spending money on ads or doing paid collaborations.

How to download Instagram Reels with Audio in Gallery?

Here are the steps to download Instagram Reels with audio using Preview application.

  • Firsly open reels tab
  • Press the + button
  • Click on Repost
  • Find the reels on Instagram
  • Tap on the 3 dots
  • Copy the link of the reel
  • Open the preview app and paste the Instagram reel link into the search bar of the preview app

All done!

Repost Apps for Instagram

How to save Instagram Reels in your gallery with music:

  • Click on the reel video you want to download
  • Press the Share button
  • The reels will be automatically downloaded to your gallery with audio

Pros of Preview App

Download high quality Instagram Reels

Save the videos with the original audio

Best app to download reels with audio

Keeps the original cover image

Create captions for the reel or photo in advance

The hashtags, captions and other text details are copied automatically which is very good while reposting on Instagram

Find the best Instagram reel hashtags to get more reach and engagement as well as followers

Schedule the posts for later

Save the Instagram reel videos in the app and post them later

Rearrange the order of your reels drafts.

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