How to Download Instagram Reels Audio

Download Instagram Reel Audio

Instagram reels are so popular these days and every individual and brands are using IG reels for their marketing. Because short video content is very effective to convey your thoughts and actions in a short video where retention time is high as compared to long form videos. There are various factors that makes your reel super engaging such as music used in the reel, quality of the video and editing. Video editing is I will say the most important factor to make your reel viral. But music also plays an important role in a good engaging reel, if people can relate or connect with the Instagram reel music then they will watch it till the last and will share it also.

But choosing a great trending music for Instagram reel is hard, but not that hard. To find the trending music or any other music you want to use from an existing Instagram reel is now easy. You can download Instagram Instagram reels audio within few clicks and use on your own IG reels.

As we know that there is no option to download reel or reel music from Instagram directly, only you can save audios on Instagram for later use.

But there are some alternate ways to download Instagram reel audio using some third party applications and Instagram reel music downloading websites. So let’s see how to download Instagram music audio mp3.

3 Ways to download Instagram reels audio as mp3

Below are the ways to download Instagram reel audio from Instagram. So let’s see how to download reel music.

1 – Using Online Reel Downloader

There are various online reel downloading websites you can use to download Instagram reel music and the whole reel also and extract music from it later on your video editor. Let’s see how to download IG reel audio.

Step 1

Open the Instagram app and open the reel section and play any Instagram reel, if you like some music and want to download it. Then simply click on the 3 dots on the screen and copy the link of the reel.

Step 2

Now visit any Instagram reel downloader website and paste the reel link you copied in the step 1 to the search bar of the website. And click on search button.

Step 3

You will see the download button or download audio button click on that and your reel music will be downloaded.

This method is my personal favorite method to download Instagram reel audio. There are various websites on the internet you can use to download Instagram music as mp3 such as, etc.

All the websites works very fine, but advertisements on these websites can annoy you. To avoid ads use ad blocker if you are visiting the websites on a computer.

Method 2 – Convert reels to audio by changing the file extension

We know that reel is a video format and generally the current extension of reel is .mp4. What will happen if we change the .mp4 extension into .mp3! Obviously .mp3 is a audio file format so the reel will convert into audio. So let’s see how to do that, but this method is only possible on Android or Windows PC.

Step 1

Go to Instagram and open the reels section and choose any reel video whose audio you want to download

Step 2

Click on the 3 dot menu and copy the link of the reel

Step 3

Visit or Insaver app paste the link of reel and download the reel.

Step 4

After downloading the reel video, go to your file manager and long press on the downloaded video

Step 5

Click on the rename option and change the extension from .mp4 to .mp3

This will turn your video into an audio. Isn’t it simple and cool method to download Instagram reel audio.

Method 3 – Extract Reel audio with Video editor

This method is also straightforward and easy to perform. You can use this method to extract audio from any video, doesn’t matter its a reel or other type of video. You can extract audio from any video file using your video editor. So let’s see how to do that.

Step 1

Download the Instagram reel from which you want to extract the audio

Step 2

Open any video editor like – VN, CapCut, Premiere Pro, InShot etc whatever you have

Step 3

Import the reel you downloaded and want to extract audio from to the editor

Step 4

You will see the option of extract audio in VN app and click on that your music will extracted from the video and you can change the video by your own video and create the new reel.


Hope all these methods we discussed about were so useful and easy to understand for you. If you find any kind of problem regarding Instagram reel music download then you can comment down your problem and we will sorted out asap. But I don’t think these steps are hard to perform and you will face any problem in downloading Instagram reel audio as mp3.

Do share this article with your content creator friends who are also looking for a great music for their reel audio or want to use the trending Instagram audios.