How to use to download Instagram Stories is one of the popular Instagram story downloader websites which is available for free to use. Using this tool website to download IG stories is very simple. We will see the step-by-step process on how to download Instagram stories using story saver net.

You can download Instagram stories, Highlights and Instagram videos online easily with one simple click. If you are searching for the best Instagram story downloader website then you must visit the website and within a few clicks, you will be able to download Instagram stories, highlights and Instagram posts as well as download Instagram Reels.

How to download stories?

Download Instagram stories or story highlights using story saver net.

  1. Simply enter the Instagram username of the target account and click on the download button.
  2. Select current live story or highlights of the Instagram profile
  3. Click on the “Save As button” and save the Instagram story or highlight it on your PC, Phone or Mac

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How to download stories from Instagram?

Downloading Instagram stories is so simple. Only you have to enter the Instagram username in the search bar of the website and click search.

You will see the current live Instagram stories shared by that particular Instagram account.

Click on the download button and the Instagram story downloading process will start. The quality of the Instagram stories is good. But the Instagram account must be public if the target Instagram account is private, then you can’t download Instagram stories using the website.

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How to download Instagram Stories on iPhone

You can only download Instagram stories on your iPhone using 3rd party downloader apps or Safari web browser. Due to your device’s features, downloading can only work on iOS 13 or higher versions. Visit and access the download link with a simple click.

How to download Instagram Stories on Android

You can download your Instagram stories on your Android device using the most stable web browser, Chrome, simply by visiting Just follow the necessary steps and save the stories you want to download to your device in seconds. Additionally, you can also use Insta Pro to download stories on your Android phone.

How to download stories on a Windows or Mac Laptop

The first step is to visit website using the recommended up-to-date Google Chrome browser. You can then download stories or highlights by following the steps. You can open downloaded video files using VLC Player.

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