How to check the number of Photos you have in Google Photos

How to Check the Number of Photos You Have in Google Photos

Google Photos is a popular photo cloud storage app developed by Google. It comes preinstalled with every Android device and you get 15 GB of storage to save photos and videos. It comes with many interesting features like automatic collage, and creating an album and Google automatically sends you reminders and notifications about your memories and shows you photos in a collection.

Do you want to know how many photos there are in your Google Photos library? In this article, we explained the process step by step to check and find how many photos you have in your Google Photos.

Via the Google Dashboard

This is the basic and easiest method to check the number of photos you have in Google Photos. Follow the below steps:

1 – Navigate to your Google dashboard.

2 – Sign in with your Google account using the username and password.

3 – Locate the “Photos” section to view a summary of your Google Photos data.

Mobile Google Dashboard

2 – Via “Delete your Google account” trick

1 – Before you try this method, it is important to note that it involves the account deletion process, so follow the steps very carefully. This method is for knowledge purposes only so I don’t recommend this method.

1 – Navigate to your Google Account Settings.

2 – Select “Data and Privacy”.

Mobile Google Account Homepage Select Data Privacy

3 – Next, scroll down and locate the delete your google account option.

Mobile Google Account Data Privacy Delete Your Google Account 1

4 – Google will ask you for your account password, enter your password and click on continue.

Mobile Use Passkey to Confirm It Is Really You

5 – Now you will see a list of every Google service that will be affected by deleting your google account. Scroll down and look for the “Google Photos” section and you will see the exact number of photos and videos that will be deleted if you delete your Google account.

Mobile Google Account Delete Your Google Account Google Photos Section

Note – I don’t recommend this method, only for tech enthusiasts.

3 – Check Google Photos Count on Android via Gmail

You can also check the Google Photos count using the Gmail app. To proceed with this method, follow the below steps:

1 – Open the Gmail app on your Android device.

2 – Tap on the “Compose” option to start a new email.

Android Gmail Compose

3 – Now tap on the paperclip icon(attachment option) and select the option “attach file”.

Android Gmail Compose Paperclip Icon Attach File

4 – Tap on the menu icon on the top left corner and choose the “Photos” option from the side menu.

Android Recent Open from Select Google Photos

5 – Now you will see the count of photos stored in Google photos

Android Select Photos Find Out How Many Photos in Google Photos 1

Pro tip: Want to combine two photos then try these photo merge apps.

4 – Using Google Drive

Another easy method to check the number of photos in your Google Photos is using Google Drive app. Follow the below steps:

1 – Open the Google Drive app.

Android Google Drive App Icon

2 – On the Google Drive app home page tap on the (+) icon.

Android Google Drive Drive homepage

3 – Tap on the “Upload” icon.

Android Google Drive The Upload Icon

4 – Look for the Google Photos icon and tap on it.

Android Recent Google Photos Icon

5 – Now count the number of photos stored in your Google Photos under the icon.

Android Select Photos Find Out How Many Photos in Google Photos

This method is the same as using the Gmail app method to count photos in Google Photos.

5 – Check Google Photos Count on iPhone

1 – Open the Google Photos app on your iPhone.

iPhone Google Photos App Icon

2 – Use the “Checkmark” icon next to the date icon to select all the photos uploaded on that particular date/day.

3 – Apply this method to collectively choose all the photos stored in your Google Photos.

4 – After selecting all the photos, check the top left corner to find the count of photos saved in the Google Photos App.

iPhone Google Photos Manual Select All Photos

So these are the methods I know through which you can check the number of photos you have in the Google Photos app.

Every Google account provides 15 GB of free cloud storage including Google drive, Google Photos, Gmail and other Google service apps. If you turn on the automatic backup then this space will get filled quickly.