How to Block HULU Ads Simple Methods

how to block hulu ads

Tools for blocking Hulu Ads

Hulu is a very popular video streaming platform in the United States of America. They serve a variety of good content to their users. American audiences love to watch movies and web series on Hulu. In other countries, people also love to watch Hulu content by changing their VPN. Because Hulu service is only available in America and in some limited countries. So if you watch Hulu content location by using VPN. VPN help you to unblock Hulu content from anywhere.

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So let’s return to our main topic, main how to block Hulu ads. The one-way user can avoid ads on Hulu is if he will buy their subscription plan, which cost $69.99 per year. I know not everyone can buy Hulu yearly plan. So don’t worry if you can’t buy a yearly Hulu plan.

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 Here we have found some ways through which you can play your favorite film and TV shows without ads. So read the whole article, and we will give you a secret through which you can block ads on Hulu.

Effective ways to block Hulu Ads

If you love watching Hulu and you also get irritated from watching ads, then don’t worry, we have found the top 5 software that will block ads on Hulu and you can watch ad-free movies and shows.  If you watch Hulu with VPN, it will make your streaming secure and safe. There are various VPNs available in the market at an expensive price. So, you can get the VPN with exclusive features by applying NordVPN 2-Year Deal at an affordable price.

  1. Hulu Ad Skipper – Ad Blocker
  2. Adblock Plus (Replace ads on Hulu  with a blank screen)
  3. Blokada (Partially remove the ads)
  4. Encourage My Speed (Increases the Speed of the ads)
  5. Refresh the page (Decreases the length of the ads)
  6. Hulu premium plane (Paid subscription)
  7. Refresh the page

1 – Hulu Ad Skipper – Ad Blocker

hulu ad skipper chrome extension

It is a Chrome extension to block Hulu ads on your desktop devices, simply download the Hulu ad skipper from the Chrome web store and install it on your PC and activate it. This tool automatically detects the Hulu ads, then mutes and fast forwards through them. If you are searching for the perfect ad blocker, then Hulu ad skipper could be a great choice for you.

The latest update now supports skipping ads in Hulu + live recordings. This Chrome extension is developed by a third-party company, and it is not affiliated with Disney Media and Entertainment.

2 – Adblock Plus (Replace ads with a blank screen)

Adblock Plus is an open-source free plugin that can be used to block Hulu ads. Normally it doesn’t block ads, it only replaces them with a blank screen. So if you don’t have a problem with a blank screen, you can use Adblock Plus. It supports Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.

3 – Blokada(Partially block Hulu ads)

Blokada is a good third-party app that you can use to block ads on Hulu. So you just have to install the Blokada on your phone and start using it. It only blocks some ads and some of the ads you have to watch. I know it’s not the complete solution of ad blocks, but it will save you time definitely.

4 – Encourage My Speed (Increase the speed of ads)

The other software which you can take into use for ad blocking is Encourage My Speed. As the meaning is clear from the name it doesn’t skip ads, it only increases the speed of the ad after that ads will finish fast, and you can enjoy your favourite shows and movies.

5 – Refresh the page(Decrease the length of ads)

Ads block on Hulu can also be done through Refresh the page. It’s a trick through which you cannot avoid the ads on Hulu, but you can shorten the ad. You just have to refresh the website page and the ad will get shortened, it saves your time and you can complete your favourite show in less time.

6 – Hulu Premium plan(Paid Subscription)

The best way to block ads on Hulu is to buy a premium subscription to Hulu for $12.99. After that, watch your favourite web series or movies without any ads. But not everyone can afford the Hulu premium subscription plan, so those people can try to above-discussed methods to block Hulu ads.

7 – Refresh the page

The simplest and easiest way to block Hulu ads is simply to refresh the page. If you need something practical method for blocking the Hulu ads. You don’t need to install any plugin, extension or application to block Hulu ads. Simply refresh the program page and it will skip the ads. In actuality, this method doesn’t remove the Hulu ads, but it shortens the length of the ads.

We all know that Hulu ads are very lengthy. Hulu’s ads’ length is based on the length of the videos we are watching. The maximum length of the ads could be up to 4 minutes, which is a very long time duration for an advertisement. But by refreshing the page, you don’t need to watch the ads. This method is similar to YouTube, where if we see some ads, we refresh the page and the video resumes from the portion where the ad was started.

How to block Hulu ads on Android devices?

On an Android device, you can use a third-party app like AdBlock that will replace an ad with a blank screen. But I don’t think it’s the right solution to avoiding ads, you can buy a premium subscription to Hulu ad blocking for $12.99 a month and can enjoy your content.

Blokada Slim Ad Blocker – No Ads

There are some specific ways to get rid of Hulu ads on Android using some Hulu ad blocker apps. You can download Hulu ads blocker apps from the Google Play Store or App Store. There are more than 1 million downloads of this application, the app was released in the year 2016.

This app blocks each and every Hulu ad while you are streaming the content on your Android device. Advertisements are so annoying sometimes, especially when we have to watch unskippable ads. This app works with Netflix, and YouTube as well as on social media platforms Facebook Messenger etc. So what are you waiting for, download the Blokada Slim ad blocker and enjoy your favorite content without ads?

How to block Hulu ads on a smart TV?

On smart TV, the easiest way to ads block is to buy a subscription to Hulu which cost $6.99 per month, and after that enjoy watching your favourite content without ads.


As above, we discussed how we can block Hulu ads. There is software available that we can use for blocking ads but as we discussed all that software are not effective and there are chances of privacy leak also. So it’s better if we buy the paid subscription to Hulu if we want to block ads on Hulu which cost $6.99 per month and after that you can watch content ads free.

Does AdBlock work on Hulu 2022?

We can say Adblock work partially on Hulu. Like if we use software like Adblock Plus it replaces ads with a blank screen and if we use Blokada then it only blocks some ads on Hulu. So the best way to block ads on Hulu is to buy their subscription plan.

How can I watch Hulu without ads for free?

You can watch Hulu content without ads by using third-party software like Adblock Plus, Blokada. They don’t completely block Hulu ads, but they will reduce the timing of the ads due to which your content will be over in less time.

Is there any way to block Hulu ads?

Blokada is a third-party application software for Android that can block Hulu ads when you are watching Hulu.