How to send automatic text messages

Text messages are the traditional way to communicate and market. Messages are used still in 2023 for marketing purposes, even though we have other options for advertising and marking. Text messages are still effective these days and will be in the future too.

According to a survey, the conversion rate is around 40% via text message channels. Text messages also have a 209% higher response rate than an email pitch or a phone call.

To get more leads for your business via text messages, marketers find different ways to scale their outreach pitch and send targeted text messages to convert them into leads.

But it is not possible to send manual messages, so in that case, automatic messages are used for marketing. Sending automatic messages lets you reach more leads with highly tailored messages, and scale your impact on customers without requiring additional resources.

Automatic text messages are messages that are sent automatically in response to events. Auto messages allow marketers to send messages to groups of leads or create multistep journeys. The marketing team can also use automatic texts to take over repetitive tasks, it will save their time and effort.

i.e. If you are a customer service team member then you can automate FAQ responses and the sales team might automate post-demo follow-ups.

Automatic texts are very easy to set up and it takes very little time and effort for admin and also you get time to engage leads. In this article, we will learn how to set up Automatic messages.

How to send automatic text messages

Automatic text messages are generally used by companies, businesses and organizations, it could be any type of firm where you will need to send a text message to hundreds and thousands of people. In that case, bulk SMS services are used by organizations to send automatic messages.

Automatic text is generally associated with business texting platforms, which provide software that controls the automation. There are various business texting platforms that offer features to help you send mass text messages, integrate with other business platforms, secure message and contacts data also other professional settings.

You can easily automate some basic text messages on your personal phone number, but your options are geared toward your private life.

i.e. personal phone automation triggers can include your location or morning wake-up alarm.

Now let’s see how to set up automatic messages through both business platforms on your personal phone.

Send Automatic text messages via the business platform

There are 3 parts in which an automated text is sent through a business texting platform – trigger, action, and SMS template.

A trigger is a condition when your SMS platform monitors incoming messages for, a keyword or a certain time of the day you set already.

Action is when your platform takes when the trigger is activated like you are sending a survey via message or a simple text message, add or remove a contract.

An SMS template is a reusable text message.

The process of setting up automatic text messages should be easy, it depends on platform to platform, but it should look like something below:

1 – Navigate to automation in your texting platform and select the option to create a new automation

2 – Now choose the trigger – Select the trigger from the platform list. Trigger is the option that will kick off the automated text

3 – Choose the action – Now decide which action you would like the platform to take automatically. In this case, you will select the option to send a message.

4 – Now choose the SMS template – To send the automatic text message, you will need to create or select an SMS template. Add custom fields to the SMS template so that your platform can insert reach customers’ details automatically upon sending.

5 – Test the automation – Everything is set, now it’s time to test the automation. Text your business line with your personal phone and ensure that you are getting the right response.

The process for automating other tasks is similar, as we explained in the above steps. Once you have learned how to set up automated text messages, additional automation will be a breeze.

Automating texts from your personal phone

Personal phone numbers don’t offer as many automation options. You can also create a basic workflow with iPhone and Android devices. Here is how to do that:


On iOS devices, you get Apple’s personal automation tools. Follow the below steps to set up automated texts on your iPhone’s shortcut app:

1 – First open the Shortcuts app and tap on “Automation” in the middle option on the bottom bar.

2 – Now tap on the plus sign in the top right of your screen, then choose the “create personal automation” option

3 – Choose the specific trigger. You can send texts at a certain time, in accordance with the wind-down or alarm option, based on where your device is located. After receiving the text or email, click on the “Next” option in the top right corner.

4 – Choose “Send message” from “Next action suggestions”.

5 – Tap and fill in “Message” and “Recipients” then tap on the “Next” option

6 – Review the automation and tap on the “Done” button in the top right corner.

This tool is basically used on iOS devices for automating personal messages.


If you are an Android user, then there are various methods to send automated text messages on Android smartphones. Let’s have a look:

1 – Check out your Android texting app’s features – Generally on Android smartphones by different manufacturers you get the option of built-in auto-response functionality. Pulse SMS is one of the platforms that you can use to send automatic messages on Android.

2 – Set up the SMS auto reply app – This tool gives you a step-by-step automation overview once you download it on your phone. You can create auto-replies for certain lists and choose a schedule, which includes running on weekends or when Bluetooth connects with your vehicle.

3 – Use the Textra app – Textra is another automatic text message app for Android, with this tool you can schedule text messages or create triggered texts based on variables like location and time also.

There are hundreds of applications to send automatic text messages on Android you can download from the Google Play Store.