How to Convert Word to PDF (4-Best Ways)

How to Convert Word to PDF (4-Best Ways)

Yes, transforming MS Word into a PDF file is indicated as the best assistance if your work involves sharing the documents with others, either offline or online. This is where the online word-to-PDF converter comes into the picture to export word files as PDFs.

Remember that the document packed in PDF format will be easy to access regardless of the word processor that you’re using. The most apparent reason for using PDFs is that they prevent formatting errors that are mainly common in different other formats. Well, come to the point, here we are shortlisting a couple of the best ways that assist you in converting one or multiple Word files to PDFs.

Why Convert Word to PDF?

There are innumerable reasons behind exporting word documents as PDF files, the most obvious one is incompatibilities between different versions of Microsoft Word. Also, you can find that not everyone consists of an MS Word program, but almost everyone can be able to access PDFs. Well, make an instant visit to the source of to get a free word-to-PDF converter that does not impact the quality while saving word files as PDFs.

Convert HEIC to PDF files

How to Convert Word to PDF on Mac Preview?

First, you need to make right-click on the MS Word document and then choose “Open With” > “Preview”

  • At first, you have to make an instant tap on the MS Word document file and then simply choose the “Open With” > “Preview” option
  • Now, click on the given “File” option that is given in the top menu bar, then all you need to choose is the “Export as PDF” option
  • Finally, on the new window, just add a new PDF name, and then simply changes the file extension name from just .doc to .pdf. Once you have proceeded with it all, make a tap on the save button to turn Word into PDF. Although it is time to take process, but thanks to an online Word to PDF converter that does it all in a matter of seconds

How to Convert Word Document to PDF on Windows?

Remember that MS Office 2007 and the latest versions are capable to save MS Office documents as PDF files. Also, give a try to free word to PDF converter sources that convert both doc and Docx to PDF without impacting the quality. So, what you need to do to convert MS Word documents to PDF on Windows:

  • First, you need to just open the Microsoft Word file within MS Word 2007 and above
  • Well, on the provided office menu, you simply need to select the “Save As”> “PDF or XPS”
  • Then, you ought to add a name for your Adobe PDF document file and then choose a location to save it. Very next, make a tap on the “Publish” button


For Microsoft Office 2010:

It lets you choose the “Save As” option, then simply select the “PDF” as the saving format on the newly appeared window

For Microsoft Office 2013:

There you can attain another helpful option. All you need to move to the “File” > “Export” > “Create PDF/XPS Document”, then you just ought to choose the “PDF (.pdf)” as the output format

If the above-discussed steps seem daunting to follow, then simply stick with a source of a Word to PDF converter online that converts one or multiple Word files to PDFs regardless of MS Word versions.

How to Convert Word to PDF with Ice Cream PDF Converter?

How to Convert Word to PDF with Ice Cream PDF Converter?

  • First, you just require to download as well as install the Icecream PDF converter to your computer or any Windows-specific device
  • Then, you ought to proceed with the software and just choose the “To PDF” option
  • Now, select the “Add File” option that is mentioned on the central interface, it allows you to add the Microsoft Word files from the system storage
  • At last, you need to stick with the settings for a particular file that includes the name, saving folder and even the layout settings, and more. Once you have done with all, press the give “Convert” button

How to Convert Word to PDF online?

It is the super-easy way to proceed with both single or multiple PDF documents to PDF file conversion. Humble thanks to an authorized source of that provided a free Word to PDF converter to save Word as PDF online. The most apparent reason to use this platform is that there’s no manual intervention involved to change Word files to PDF online. 

  • Move to “” and fetch its online Word document to PDF converter from the given search bar box. 
  • Then upload Microsoft Word (doc/Docx) file into the tool section
  • Press convert icon
  • Save your Word file as PDF format by pressing the Download button

Let’s Wind Up:

PDF is always referred to as an industry-standard format just because it remains the same, not at all concerns about what device you’re going to access it. It is always at the top list of expert choices due to its better layout representing.