How to Convert HEIC to PDF File For Free?

HEIC to PDF converter

Yes, now the process of converting HEIC to PDF is quite simple. To assist you, we have shortlisted some best HEIC file-to-PDF converter software that does not involve huge manual intervention to turn HEIC into PDF.

Did You Know!

Changing HEIC Apple photos to PDF files is to make them viewable on any operating system and device too. This is all because PDF is indicated as the universal format and even the safest format when one is unsure what type of format works best. To convert HEIC to PDF immediately without any quality loss, you simply need to navigate with the online converter that provides the best converter in this regard. 

1 – GIMP

GIMP is indicated as an open-source image editing program that can also work as the best HEIC converter. This means that you can now save HEIC as PDF on Linux, Windows, and macOS. It allows you to import and even view the HEIC image in it and then simply turn HEIC into PDF by using dedicated features.

Moreover, you can fetch different image editing tools including Paint tools, layers, color paletter, image filters, merge, scale, crop, and more. It even allows you to process with different image formats to attain compatible image file conversion.

How to convert HEIC File to PDF with GIMP?

  • Launch GIMP and navigate to the File > Open to load a HEIC Apple photo
  • There are different image editing tools available, use one or more according to your need for enhancing the input image (if required)
  • Then, navigate to the given File > Export As menu and choose their PDF
  • Click on the Export button to turn HEIC into PDF

2 – Pixillion

Pixillion is a well-known source that is loaded with a free HEIC to PDF converter to proceed with conversions on Windows and macOS. It is indicated as a dedicated image converter that allows you to perform a high-quality conversion between images of different formats. 

The upside of this handy tool is that it comes with the ability to process batch file conversion. Before making the conversion, users can make additional adjustments to added images such as flipping, resizing, rotating, and more.

How to convert a HEIC file to PDF with Pixillion?

  • Open this HEIC to PDF converter and click on the Add Files button to add one or more HEIC files
  • Then, choose the image from its main interface that you want to export as a PDF
  • Now, proceed further by using its modification tools according to your preference (if required)
  • Once you have done with all, choose the PDF option from the given Output Format menu and then simply specify the output location path in the provided Output Folder Field
  • At last, hit the Convert button to convert HEIC to PDF

3 – The online converter

Converting HEIC to PDF is no longer an issue as this online HEIC Photo to PDF converter takes less than a minute to export HEIC to PDF document format. Even though, it supports batch file conversion, which means you can convert multiple Apple HEIC files to PDF within no time. The upside about this HEIC converter is that it is 100% free and even provided you with high-quality results.

In addition to saving HEIC as PDF, this online web-based application is loaded with PDF, image, audio, video, e-books, and certain other converters.

How to Convert HEIC to PDF with the online converter?

  • Navigate to the online converter and get its HEIC to PDF converter
  • Then add HEIC photos that you wish to convert into PDF files
  • Now click the Convert button and let this tool performs HEIC conversion
  • Lastly, click on the Download All button to get your newly converted PDFs at once

4 – ImageMagick

Get this handy HEIC to PDF converter utility that allows you to turn HEIC into PDF on Windows, macOS, and iOS. Using this freeware utility, users can make additional modifications to input HEIC Apple photos prior to starting the conversion. You can even fetch different tools including flip, rotate, shear, roll, and more.

In addition to that, it loaded with image viewers to view a wide array of formats as it supports over 200 different image file types. The most appealing reason behind using this program is that it is packed with a multi-window interface that assists to open and edit multiple images simultaneously.

How to convert HEIC to PDF with ImageMagick?

  • Launch this image converter and hit the Open button to load a HEIC file
  • Now, use its given Transform tools in order to modify an image prior to converting (optional)
  • Then, hit the given Print button and choose the Microsoft Print to PDF option and click on the OK button to commence the transformation from HEIC into PDF

5 – Regards Viewer

No matter whether you’re using macOS, windows, or Linux, Regards Viewer works as the best and free HEIC to PDF converter for you. You can now easily view the HEIC Apple photos and convert them to PDF and different other files types such as JPEG, ICO, BMP, and more,

Besides that, you can use its manipulation tools such as flip, rotate, image effects, and more in order to make certain modifications.

How to convert HEIC file to PDF with Regards Viewer?

  • At first, you have to launch this program and start browsing a folder that contains HEIC Apple photos by using its internal file explorer
  • Very next, just choose one image at once and simply manipulate it by using any manipulation tools according to your preference (if required)
  • Finally, use its in-built option to convert or save HEIC as PDF

Finally, your people explored the most convenient ways to convert HEIC to PDF without compromising the quality. Choose one that fits your needs and change HEIC Apple photos to PDF files swiftly. Good Luck!

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