Tips to Make Your Smart TV as Secure as Possible

 how to keep your smart tv secure

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How to Ensure that Your Smart TV Remains Secure


Media and its delivery methods have evolved over time and the inclusion of technology into the entertainment sector has only further improved it.

Drama, which is perhaps one of the oldest forms of entertainment, had been in existence since the 5th century in Athens, Greece. It was however not regarded in the media industry until 1895.

To bring pre-recorded media to life, the Lumiere brothers designed the Cinematographer that served as a camera, filmmaker, and projector to display content as moving pictures to a paying audience. Before this invention, all forms of drama and musicals to being presented had to be done live at theaters by the performers.

The Evolution of the Movie Delivery Systems

The movie delivery system gradually got better – with the introduction of VHS tapes, CDs, DVD players, and online streaming platforms. Technology has even made it so that movies are now available for download on websites, applications for Smart TVs are there, and can be accessed by an unlimited number of people.

Moving pictures were the trend to broadcast movies to an audience for over 30 years until the first electronic television was invented in 1927 by a young man named Philo Taylor. The television was in black and white format and it afforded the owners the luxury of watching content from the comfort of their homes.

More improvements were made on the television by several laboratories, and RCA laboratories succeeded in developing the first fully electronic colored television. The improvement didn’t completely take off and become popular till the mid-1960s.

What the “Good Old” Television Sets Have Become Today

Television has also greatly improved from the big box colored set with the antenna that it used to be. By 2006, we had a lot of affordable flat screens, and shortly after, the Curved TV sets and 3D HD display televisions were introduced.

The biggest development has no doubt been the invention of smart TVs. A smart TV is a television that can connect to the internet, allow the users to access media services, stream and download content, browse the internet, and even shop for things. Although televisions are mainly used for broadcast purposes, the addition of internet-related services has been largely successful.

The smart TV has several handy features that allow the user to access channels via voice control, record episodes of their favorite shows in their absence, as well as interact with an assistant that allows for easier navigation processes.

Despite the smart TV being an excellent choice, as it is affordable and offers huge convenience, the following are dangers which Smart TV users could fall victim to:

Security & Privacy Risks facing Smart TV Users


smart tv security tips and safety measures

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There are many smart TV security risks that can be avoided if you follow the following points so that you can keep your Smart TV secure always.


  • Outdated Software – smart TV companies are constantly trying to improve the technology added to televisions. Rather than release many new updates to the technology in the current televisions, the upgrades are usually added to later versions of Television. As a result, smart TVs quickly become outdated in comparison to the later versions which come with upgraded tech and defense measures.


  • Malware – also known as malicious software, is a risk that every internet user faces. It is one of the most common forms of cyberattack, as many reports show that at any given time, millions of websites are infected with malware. 

Malware has many forms, but it aims to download itself on your device, interrupt its mode of operations and destroy the information contained on it.


  • Tracking – all owners of smart Televisions run the risk of being tracked. Given that the device is connected to the internet, the TV company could be tracking your viewing and browser history to further help them provide you with more of the same content. This may lead to the exposure of some practices or viewing history that some are not willing to share with others. 


  • Hacking – webcam hacking is not a new thing, and daily, more people are falling victim to this privacy violation attack. Webcam hack could be for any number of reasons, sometimes, it is done to spy on a person’s activities for blackmail purposes later. Other times, it could be employed by criminals to scout your residence for any valuables worth stealing in your absence. 


How Users can Secure their Smart TV

To avoid the above risks, the following are measures you can implement:

  • Disable Hardware Features – a survey in the United States reveals that 10% of people have witnessed a webcam hack crime. To prevent your security from getting compromised, you can disable the TV’s camera and microphone when not in use. This prevents hackers from spying on your activities. Another option would be to put tape over the microphone and camera whenever it is not in use.


  • Prevent Tracking – although the TV companies insist that tracking of user history will only be used in the recommendation of more of the same content, it can be disabled. In some Televisions, the user is asked for permission to monitor such content, while it comes enabled in others. To turn this off, visit settings, and disable the feature.


  • VPNs online privacy is really important, and every user should feel safe while using the internet on their smart TVs. Installing a VPN on the router will secure your connection through encryption ensuring that cybercriminals have no access to your network.


  • Updates – although much isn’t invested in this category, production companies often create upgrades for the smart TV’s services, which would contain extra security measures to secure the device. Be sure to update your TV as soon as possible to ensure safety.



Having a smart TV in your home is a wise choice, and it is becoming even more popular. Reports published by Statista reveal that there have been over 200 million units of smart TVs sold by 2019, and that number could rise to 260 million.

Implementing the above points can protect you and your smart TV from compromise, allowing you to enjoy your investment.

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