How to Turn off slow mode on YouTube Live Chat

How to turn off slow mode in youtube live chat

YouTube, is the largest video search engine in the world. There are millions of content creators on YouTube earning a good amount of money via different monetization programs such as YouTube partner program, sponsorship, affiliate marketing, paid reviews and unboxing, and super chat as well. SuperChat is one of the best features of YouTube monetization, where subscribers and other viewers pay money to send a special message to the creator during a live session hosted by a YouTuber.

The more the viewers see you live the chances of getting super chat is and some big creators earn hundreds and thousands of dollars in a single live session. But every creator faces a problem during the live session of fast chat messages, and some creators want to turn off slow mode on YouTube Live Chat. So how to do that?

YouTube slow mode is a newly launched feature by YouTube that can be turned on and off to create captions in real time. YouTube offers 3 modes – automatic, manual, or off mode. The slow mode will automatically create captions in real-time, but you will need to turn it off first.

In this article, we will learn how to turn off slow mode on YouTube Live Chat. So let’s get started.

What is YouTube Slow Mode

YouTube slow mode is a default setting for viewing videos on YouTube. The company thinks it is easier to watch in slow mode because it plays a video at 60% of its original speed, because of this loading and playing of the video gets quicker.

This feature is very useful for those viewers who want to watch their favorite videos without a lot of buffering or interruption. Or if you live in an area where internet connection is slow and you don’t want video buffering, it spoils the user experience when a video lags a lot. In this case, it is best to use the slow mode on YouTube.

On the other hand, many viewers find it frustrating because the audio is faster than the video. It is also not great for when you are trying to catch every word of a conversation with subtitles on.

Many viewers enjoy this feature because it allows for videos to be watched at a more comfortable pace.

But maybe you want to turn off the slow feature on YouTube. So, how to turn it off? Let’s see the step-by-step guide.

Turn it off

To turn off the YouTube slow mode, simply go to your account settings and select the option “Playback quality” and select the original

  • YouTube slow mode is the default setting
  • To turn off YouTube slow mode go to your account settings and under the settings section select “Playback quality” and select the button to view the original. It will turn off slow mode on YouTube

Turn slow mode off from the web browser

If you are using a computer to watch YouTube videos and want to turn off YouTube slow mode in the browser. Click on your account icon and select “Playback settings” from the dropdown menu. Scroll down to the bottom of the dropdown until you find a heading titled “Slow mode video playback”. Under this section, you will find an option for “OFF”. Click on it and close it.

Turn slow mode off from the YouTube mobile app

If you are using an Android smartphone or tablet, visit the Play Store and search for the YouTube app, most probably YouTube will be installed already on your device.

To access YouTube videos on an Android device, search for YouTube in the App Store to select an app that offers access to the full video catalog, and adjust playback quality in YouTube TV to your preferences.

Turn slow mode off on YouTube on iOS

  • Open the YouTube app on iOS
  • Tap on three lines in the top left corner of your screen and then tap on the settings. Under general, tap on Playback Quality > Original. This will turn off slow mode on iOS. To return to Auto playback quality, do the same thing but select the “Auto” option instead of “Original”.