How to Blur Photos on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms these days. Instagram is releasing new features almost every month, such as new filters and photo and reel editing options. One of the features is the Instagram photo blur feature that you can use to improve the quality of your image and it will look like the photo is clicked with a DSLR camera.

You can blur the background of an image to hide your office, location, or personal details in the image.

There are many photo blur apps, but in this article, we will see how you can blur a picture on Instagram.

Quick answer

To blur a picture on Instagram, navigate to the new post screen and take a photo or choose one from your camera roll. Next, tap “Edit,” scroll right, and select “Tilt Shift.” Then choose “Radial” or “Linear” and use two fingers to pin in or out the picture to mark the boundaries of the blurring effect. Finally, press “Done” and post the image.

So let’s see the guide on how to blur a picture on Instagram.

What is the Tilt switch on Instagram?

Instagram provides many different filters and effects you can apply to your photos. You can also adjust the size of the images, brightness, shadow and other values of a photo before posting them.

Editing plays an important role in better engagement in a photo. Most probably you all are aware of the common edits on Instagram, but very few peoples know about the “Tilt Shift” feature of Instagram.

As the name suggests that this feature applies a tilt effect on your photo. But it’s not the case: Tilt Shift feature enables you to blur some parts of your photos to place the main thing in focus.

This feature provides you the two options, one is “Radial” and “Linear”. The Radial option blurs the corner of your image to focus on a circular central part of the image.

For example: If you apply the “Radial” effect to the picture of a cat, the body of the cat will get blurred and her face will be in the focus.

On the other hand, the “Linear” effect will blur everything in the picture and it will leave focus on the linear part of the photo.

For example: If you want to highlight and focus on a paragraph of a book, you can blur the rest part then that particular section and leave the paragraph of interest in the focus.

So let’s see how to blur a picture on Instagram in detail.

Blue a Picture on Instagram

To blur the photos on Instagram, follow the below steps to blue a picture on Instagram:

1 – Firstly open the Instagram app on your smartphone.

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2 – Tap on the “+” button in the center bottom section of the app to create a new post.


3 – Select “Post” from the options.


4 – Choose the photo from the gallery you want to publish on Instagram.

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5 – Now tap on “Next” button in the top right corner.

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6 – Tap on “Edit” at the bottom right section

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7 – Now scroll from the options towards the right, and you will see the “Tilt Shift” option and then select it.

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8 – Choose the “Radial” or “Linear” option.


9 – Use your two fingers to pin in or pinch out the picture to mark the boundries of the blur effect.


10 – Now click on “Done” button at the bottom.


11 – Click on the next button in the top right corner.

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12 – Write a caption for your image


13 – Click on the Share button to share that photo with your followers and others