9 Actionable Instagram Growth Strategies to Increase followers Fast in 2022

Instagram growth strategy

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays and everyone wants to have more followers on Instagram fast. So, how to get those followers on Instagram in an organic way. In recent years, it became very tough to gain Instagram followers because Instagram has changed its algorithm a lot.

There are many basic but important ways to increase your Instagram followers organically. But keep one thing in your mind, you will not get a boost in your Instagram followers in a single day. You have to keep patience and be continuous in posting good quality content or posts on your profile.

Today’s generation is the digital generation. Generally, everybody uses social media. In social media, Instagram is the most used social platform. Instagram has over 105 million downloads. Nowadays, everybody wants to become famous on Instagram. So what do you need to become famous and get followers?

By using these tactics I gained Instagram followers from 40 to, 2791 within 2 months. You can also increase your Instagram followers organically by implementing these tactics and seeing the result. Let’s see those tactics which I implemented, except for paid ads.

Top 8 Instagram account growth tactics which actually work

1. Target your audience

You need to understand your audience. Over 90% of the 150 million people on Instagram are under the age of 35, which makes it an attractive platform for many apparels, entertainment, and media brands focused on the 18- to 34-year-old age bracket. Now that Instagram has begun testing ads, it’s a good time to dig deeper into its audience.

Firstly, choose a particular niche and keep creating content around that particular niche and provide some value to the audience through your content.

2. Post the best photos and videos

Post your best photos and videos with relevant captions and some meaningful content related to that post. Post your photo in which you look confident and comfortable. I show many people who post photos in uncomfortable positions that can lose their followers. You need the best camera and the best location for photography. After that, edit your photo. If you look uncomfortable in photos, don’t post those photos.

Post those photos in which you look confident and comfortable. Post your photo and video at a specific time. Always post your post between 8 am to 11 am. Because most of us use Instagram at that time. If you post at night, your post will be older for them and your followers can’t see your post. If posts are fresh, your posts become top of your users.

3. Using hashtags(#)

Hashtags are basically the keywords that define what your post is about. Hashtags increase your reach to the people who don’t follow you. Using proper hashtags will help you to reach a broader audience all over the world organically. Hashtags help to grow your Instagram reach organically. Get more likes and comments by using relevant hashtags.

Also, create a personal brand hashtag related to your account name or brand name, whatever you want. Use that hashtag in each and every post you shared on your Instagram profile.

First, learn what is Hashtag

The hashtag is a label that is used on every social media. Hashtags are used on any specific topic. So people can search for that topic.

How to create a hashtag

It’s very easy to create hashtags, in this generation everybody uses hashtags.

How hashtag helps you

When you post any photo and you write a hashtag in the post and when people search for that hashtag so your post comes. There are many websites from where you can find hashtags related to your post, just copy-paste and use them for your posts.

One of my fav websites is perfect-hashtags.com

4 – Paid promotion

The best way to get more Instagram followers is to promote your Instagram account. If you promote yourself on Instagram, your account picture shows in any random Instagrammer. And you also create a panel that shows everybody’s story.

But paid promotion on Instagram costs you some amount of money and you need to have decent knowledge about Facebook and Instagram ads otherwise you will not reach the right audience and your ads will not be much effective.

So before running Instagram ads, learn how to run Instagram ads effectively and then implement the strategy and target the right audience through ads. Otherwise, you will waste your money running Instagram ads if your ads are not targeting the right audience.

5 – Story

The story also plays an important role in reaching new people organically on Instagram. Always post something related to your niche in your story. The story plays a significant role in engagement.

Post polls and choices to get more engagement on your story. When you give people a task, generally they take interest in it and boom. It’s the secret to story engagement. Post something related to choose from 2 things, polls or ask anything type stories on a regular basis.

You need to make a perfect Instagram story to attract more people. If your story is good, then everybody will be attracted to your account. If people show your story, it can attract many people. So also focus on your story.

6. Make your account public

Public accounts get more followers than private ones. If your photo isn’t shown to the public, how can you attract people to your account? When people can’t show your photo, it is very hard to attract people. So make your account public.

Note: In-play store or app store, many apps claim that they give you thousands of followers in one click. They all are fake and spam. So be aware of them.

You also can purchase fake followers for likes, comments and shares. But I think this wrong way to get followers. I prefer you to do hard work on your account and get real followers instead of fake followers.

I hope you understand everything and get more followers. Always do hard work for yourself, so you get more followers. I hope you get many followers with my information.

7. Follow for follow

This is one of the best techniques to increase Instagram followers psychologically. So how to do this? Many people use this technique in starting, even I also follow this technique to grow my followers. Roughly, I increased my followers from 70 to almost 800 within 20 days.

Only you have to find the low followers’ Instagram accounts and like, and comment on their posts rapidly up to 10 or 12. After that they will see that someone is interested in their content they will do the same, and sometimes they follow you or DM you for follow. It is a great technique to grow followers on Instagram in a short period of time.

Find the Instagram accounts related to your niche or some common people having fewer followers and visit their accounts and get engaged with their posts. Do like, share or comment on their posts. After some time, you will see that they will do the same back. Then you can message them that they can follow each other to grow together.

You will see a boost in your followers if you apply this technique. But make sure to do it naturally and do it with a limit daily, otherwise, Instagram will block your action for 3 or more days.

8. Use your analytics

Most users ignore this Instagram feature, but I want to say that it is the most useful and beneficial tool for an Instagrammer. It shows how your followers are engaging with your content. And the most important thing is that the analytics data shows is the perfect time to post your content on Instagram. After analyzing the data from here, you can decide what to do for the next posts and when to post them for better engagement.

To use analytics data features on your Instagram account, firstly you will need to convert your normal account into a business account. So how to do that?

Go to your profile and in the settings of your account change the status from normal to a business account. After this, you can see data of engagement on your posts like reach(through hashtags, other pages), likes, comments and new followers through that post.

So, how to see that analytics data on your Instagram post? Follow the below steps

  • In the Instagram app, tap on your profile photo
  • Tap on the Instagram Insights (bar chart) icon
  • Scroll down to the “Posts” section and tap on “See more”

9 – Instagram reels

As we all know that Instagram is trying to beat the famous social short video platform which is TikTok. That’s why Instagram’s algorithm is promoting the reels more than the photo and other video content. So make sure to focus on reel creation.

If you are avoiding Instagram Reels, then you are missing the biggest opportunity of growing your Instagram account. So focus on reel creation, otherwise, your account is not going to grow. Reels are the trend, which is a short form of video.

After following these steps, see the trend of engagement with your post by analyzing the data. See which post is performing better in comparison to others and find out the reason why. See the best-performed posts and implement the strategy in other posts and in your future posts to get more engagement and followers.


So there were some basic tips on how you can increase your Instagram followers organically and grow your business or personal Instagram account. All the above methods are tested, and the results were very interesting and positive. I personally implemented these tactics (travel Instagram account) to grow my account from 40 to 2144 followers within 2 months.