Easy ways to convert images to text using OCR technology

Easy ways to convert images to text using OCR technology

Optical character recognition is a brilliant technology. More people are aware of it than realize how old it is. OCR wasn’t very good when it first came out. Currently, you can translate text from an image quickly thanks to technological advancements and a wealth of system resources. 

Although it is a very common technology today, it wasn’t until recently that it was made available for purchase. OCR is a relatively obscure technology. Optical character recognition, which recognizes the text from inside the image and converts it into editable text, is regarded as a pattern recognition AI-powered technology. 

The online OCR tool can assist you if you want to make digital textual data editable. In this article, we will discuss some easy ways to convert images to text using OCR technology. Before diving into the ways, let’s clarify the definition of OCR.

What is OCR (optical character recognition) technology?

Using artificial intelligence, OCR software enables computers to decipher the text in physical documents and translate it into codes. The area of artificial intelligence known as “machine learning” is concerned with teaching computers to recognize objects that are not digital in nature. Machine learning is used in OCR to identify alphabetic characters. 

Utilizing OCR technology, you can edit the text from scanned, handwritten digital documents so that you can highlight particular words and make the necessary changes or rephrase the text to suit your needs.

What is the image-to-text converting technique?

As we discussed previously, OCR technology is used to extract text from images and turn them into editable digital files. An online OCR technique that aids you in extracting text from the images. Optical character recognition is a free online tool that converts the characters in an image into digitally defined characters.

The most obvious and widely used OCR application is image-to-text converters, which are still in use today. They are mostly employed to quickly edit paper documents by turning them into digital versions.

Easy ways: Convert images to text 

OCR technology is a cutting-edge approach for image-to-text conversion that enables you to view a picture and recognize the text on the picture. The majority of the documents we use on a daily basis are digital, and the text they contain cannot be searched or edited. OCR is useful in all of these circumstances. Let’s discuss the easiest ways to convert images to text using OCR technology.

Using some online tools

Users can convert images to text using a wide variety of online tools. Some of these tools are more effective and feature-rich than others. But using them also necessitates purchasing a paid plan. However, there are a lot of image-to-text converters on Google that provide good results without requiring a paid subscription. 

The user can perform a variety of actions to submit the image using the jpg to text converter. The majority of OCR tools have an easy-to-use interface that includes an input box, an upload button, a captcha field, and a confirm button.

Using Google Docs

If you’re looking to convert an image to text, there are a few different ways you can do it with Google Docs. You can upload the images you want to textify and use OCR technology to extract text from images using Google Docs’ desktop application. 

A quick and simple way to edit your images or make them more accessible for text-based searches is to convert them to text using Google Docs. There are two ways to convert images to text using Google Docs. Use the built-in OCR tool found in the “Tools” menu as your first option. 

Secondly, launch Google Drive and sign in. Once you’ve signed in, select “New” and then “File Upload” to upload an image for text extraction. After you have finished uploading the image, right-click it and select, These are both phenomenal methods that can help you in this case.

Using the Mobile App

Mobile apps are widely available online, just like there are many online OCR tools. These types of apps are available in both Android and iOS versions. Some apps work offline, and some work online.

Converting images to text from an OCR mobile app is the easiest method for you if you are a mobile user. OCR processes the image by reading it and automatically extracting the text, numbers, etc. OCR mobile apps also have a user-friendly and attractive interface like OCR online tools. These are some popular mobile apps:

Google Lens is an excellent text-extracting app from Google that uses artificial intelligence.

Microsoft Lens is the ideal replacement. One of the best and easiest image-to-text apps is this one.

CamScanner is a versatile OCR app that can be used for a variety of tasks, including document scanning and image conversion to PDF

PDF Scanner app is a common document scanner that offers some in-app purchases for extra features, but its OCR technology can be downloaded for free.

Using the OCR Chrome Extension

As we know, Chrome extensions are always a helpful method in any type of online niche. The question is, can we use the Chrome extension for converting images into text? then the answer is yes. OCR Chrome extensions are available on Google Chrome from different brands. 

Extracting text from images in Google Chrome is now a simple process, and we believe they do a great job of aiding you in solving this issue. The automatic insertion of text into web images is a feature that many OCR web extensions offer. 

Install the extension, and all the images you search will be selectable without having to go through a laborious process. When it comes to changing images into text, all you have to do is copy the image while holding down the left mouse button.


OCR is a fantastic and practical technology with many uses. An example of OCR in action is the image-to-text converter. It is used to extract text from images and convert them into editable formats on home and office equipment. These techniques for text extraction from images will undoubtedly assist in resolving your issue.

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