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Dress Up games

Dress Up games are basically traditional paper doll games. These games are generally free to play, but you can also purchase some premium games from the Google Play Store or App Store if you want more features and functionalities. In these games, you dress up the girl’s character and create more characters.

Generally, these dress-up games are developed for teenagers and adult girls who love to play with Barbie dolls but in a new manner. In traditional dressing games, we get a physical Barbie doll and some items of clothing with her to get her dressed. But with these dress-up games for adults, you can change an unlimited number of dresses for your character and show your fashion creativity and sense.

If you are searching for a dress-up game for your smartphone or tablet then don’t worry we created a list of some best dress-up games in the market which could be the perfect choice for you to entertain yourself. The size of these games is not so big and these are not resource-hungry, so any smartphone that has basic hardware components can easily run this game smoothly.

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What are Dress Up Games?

If you are already familiar with mobile games before, then you most probably already heard about simulator games. Similar means you are working on a machine with the help of an application. Such as if you want to enjoy the driving experience with reality then you can try some vehicle simulator games such as Bus simulators, plane simulators etc. There are plenty of simulator games available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Dress-up games are simulator games you can test dresses on characters virtually in the game. Below are some dress-up games for Android and iPhone you can download and enjoy.

Best Dress-Up Games for Android and iPhone

Here are some tried and tested personally downloaded dress-up games, and the views are as per our testing with the apps. Hope our team of application testers enjoyed these games, on which they have given their own reviews. Not every app could be the perfect app because every game or application has its own speciality or feature.

1 – Covet Fashion

Covet fashion is one of the already popular dress-up games, specially developed for kids. There are different types of adult dresses you can change on your character in the application. Covet fashion is a perfect

This is a free-to-play game with diversified dresses that suits your taste for your character. In the game how attractive and interesting fashion you can make on your characters using the fashionable dresses and other kits. Consider yourself as a model artist or fashion designer who has to do fashion experiments with the character in the game.

As per we play this game we can say it’s a decent enough game if you are looking for a free dress-up game for your smartphone (Android or iOS) then you can download and hands-on this game. You are going to love this game for sure.

The most interesting this about this application is that you get brand clothes and other accessories for your fashionable character. All the brands are available in the real world, you if you want to a try something from your favourite brand like Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal Paris etc, but in the real life these brands are so expensive, so we can’t buy those things. But in this game, we get all the things for free, and we can see the preview of our characters and how that fashion item will look on us as well.

This game doesn’t function as simple as the dress-up game where you can easily dress up a model with constraints. That is because this game provides theme challenges that you can win in-game and get some virtual currency games to purchase new fashion items and others.

2 – Dress Up Azalea

Dress Up Azalea is another best dress-up game you can play on your Android smartphone. The interface of this application is cartoonish. In this game, you get a cartoon character named Azalea she is a beautiful character and you have to dress her up. Azalea loves everything sweet and magical and she has long hair. So that you can try different hairstyles on her. Azalea according to the description, loves everything sweet such as flowers, kittens, sparkly, fabric and others. The end goal of this game is to make Azalea happy by dressing her perfectly.

You can also change the expressions of your game character Azalea and make her smile more appealing and match with the hairstyle perfectly. The game is pretty extensive that allows you to customize clothing options with 3 colour palettes.

You have to dress up Azalea, you may find this game simpler than its alternatives, but it is funny to play.

3 – Lady Popular Fashion Arena

It is a girl’s lovable fashion and dress-up game. Fashion fantasy is a unique adult dress-up game specially developed for small girls. If you are a girl and love Barbie dolls, then you are going to love this game. There are hundreds of dresses and fashion items in the game you can fit on your character.

It is another best game for shopaholics and fusionists is Lady Popular – fashion arena, You can choose any of the characters in the game as per your preference. So what you are waiting for is to download this game and try some new outfits, fashion accessories, shoes and fashionable bags. Rock in your gorgeous outfits, feature in advertisements and experience a lot of fame and fun playing this game.

4 – Fashion Fantasy

Fashion Fantasy is a popular dress-up game for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you can create your own style and compete with other players in the game. Show your creativity and fashion sense abilities and win the game. Stand out different from other fashion players and win some exciting gifts and vouchers in the game.

You can customize the character and little things of the character as well. From the colour of skin, eyes, hair and facial features, make-up items, shoes and accessories. You can change anything of the character and make them cooler looking and more interesting.

It is the only dressing game where you can create your dream flat or apartment with unique items. You can also have a pet in the game.

5 – Dress Up Games

If you are a fashion or virtual doll styling fan, then you are going to love this free dress-up game. This game comes with lots of exciting features and premium fashion products and dresses you can wear on the virtual doll in the game. It is an ultimate makeover app with lots of clothes and other fashion accessories.

You have to style up gorgeous models on 6 different occasions in the game. Here is the 6 occasions – prom night, wedding, international beauty pageant, pop and shopping run.

The models of the game look so realistic, and we talked with many of the players and their reviews were satisfactory. A lot of clothes varieties are available in the game, you can change the hairstyle of the models, skin tone and make many other changes. You are going to love this game and currently this dress-up game is available for Android only.

The main disadvantage of this game is the annoying advertisements. And I know no one wants to watch ads again and again.

6 – Dress Up and Makeup Girl Games

It is another popular dress-up and makeup app for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPad as well. There are more than 20 games in this single game. You can try hundreds of makeup items, clothes, hairstyles and other things in the game. If you are interested in makeup and fashion or want to make your career in the fashion or makeup industry, then you must play this game.

It offers professional makeup tools and clothing that will help you to become a professional makeup artist. You can do the makeup for models, mermaids, ballerinas, gymnasts, hero girls, weddings, pop stars and others. Download this amazing game from the App store for your iPhone and iPad.

A few features of this game are – 3 girls of different skin colours, 3 levels of spa, makeup and dress-up modes. At the spa, you can apply face masks and shapes for the eyebrows of the models in the game.

So how to play the game, firstly choose the game you want to play, there is a total of 20 options to choose from. Then select any girl model by tapping on her name. Now apply the spa treatments using tweezing her eyebrows, and applying face masks and you can also use the face humidifier to give a softer touch to her skin. Choose from different hairstyles and make your models more gorgeous.

7 – Dress Up Fashion Stylish Game

This dress-up and fashion style game is developed by Games2win which is a decent game development company. Download this amazing fashion and dress-up game and impress the world and others by showing your fashion skills. There are hundreds of other players in this game and you can share your skills with them as well. Maybe you meet any fashion designer, or you can start your own business by contacting some good creators in the game.

There are 3 modes in this game. One of my favourite modes in this game is Style diary mode – in which you can choose the event and create the perfect makeover. Style your model and get fame in the fashion industry.

You can also get some rewards whenever you submit your makeover models to the events, and the more votes and views to your style will increase the chances of your winnings.

8 – Style Me Girl

Style me the girl is another best dress-up game for Android and iOS. If you love dolls and love to play with them, then you must try this game. Style me the girl as the name of the game suggested that this game is a doll dress-up-based game in which you can change the hairstyle, skin tone colour, change the clothes of the doll in the game and try many other items.

This game also provides challenges to the players, such as competitive events where you have to show your dolls. The more attractive and stylish your doll character will be, the more the chances of your winnings will be there. So what you are waiting for participate in the new challenges in the game and win exciting fashion items in the game.

If you don’t know anything, then don’t worry, you will receive instructions on how to operate and play the game. To be honest, this game is basic and so easy to play. Simply click on the makeup item, dress, or any other fashion accessory and it will be applied to your doll character.

This game is available on App Store and on Amazon as well. There are hundreds of tutorials you can watch on YouTube and learn fashion tips and tricks and apply them in the game.

9 – Pretty Ballerina

Pretty Ballerina is another popular dress-up game for Android and iOS devices. This game is developed by Coco Play By Table company and they develop basically character-based games for Android and iOS platforms. In this game, you have to dress up as a character in the game whose name is Ballerina and to be honest she is so pretty :).

There are 3 stages in the game in the 1st stage you can create the dance that your dancer will perform in the game, and the 2nd stage is in which you can dress her according to the performance and the presentation itself at the end.

But make sure to keep the dance simple, otherwise, your character will get hurt if you keep the dance difficult and intense. So what you are waiting for, is download the Pretty Ballerina game on your Android or iOS device and enjoy.

There are more than 10 million downloads of this dress-up game on the Google Play Store and have a rating of 4.1, so you can imagine and get an idea of how popular this game is. Our overall experience with this game was overall good and we enjoyed dressing the Pretty Ballerina Dancer.

10 – Music Idol

This game is also developed by Coco Play By Table and this game is based on music idol and competition theme. There are more than 10 Million downloads on the Google Play Store and have a rating of 3.9 on the Android store. The overall rating of the game is decent, and this game is decent and good to play.

You can picture yourself on a singing stage in the game, you can sing in front of thousands of fans in the game. The fans will be screaming your name from the audience seats. Isn’t it cool to hear your name from the mount of the crowd? You can participate in the mega music idol with Coco and her band, the game.

You have to dress like a star to perform on the stage with an attractive costume and other items.

If you want to be a costume designer for stars and singers, then you can learn a lot from this interesting dress-up game. You know, costume designers earn millions of $ from designing dresses for stars.

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