8 Best X-ray Camera Apps for Android and iPhone

8 Best Xray Camera App for Android and iPhone

Are you searching for X-ray camera apps for your Android or iPhone? These type of apps generally comes under the entertainment apps category. So don’t assume these X-ray apps will work like a realistic X-ray machine.

These apps are just for fun and entertainment and for knowledge to see the structures of bones in our bodies. These apps are not for professional X-ray result outputs and commercial use. These apps are just for entertainment and informational purposes for kids to teach them about human bones and body parts.

So let’s have a look at some X-ray Camera Apps for Android and iOS

Best Camera Apps for Android and iPhone

1 – X-Ray Camera – X-Ray Vision SCA

It is one of the top-rated X-ray apps for iPhones and iPads available on the App store for free. If you want to prank your friends or trick your friends, then download this X-ray app on your iPhone and take some free fake X-ray photos with this X-ray scanner app.

This app easily scans your hand with a simulated x-ray using your phone camera. Remember that it is not a real X-ray machine, it’s just a prank app just for entertainment and fun purposes.

The user interface of this app is so simple and easy to use. And it is free to download the app for iPhones and iPads as well.

2 – Nomao Camera

Nomao Camera is a very popular Xray camera scanner app for Android devices. There are more than 5 lacks of downloads from the Google Play Store. The downloads are obviously not so much, but 5 lacks as a number of downloads for an application gives a good idea and overview about the app.

It is a fun-to-use camera, you can click the photos with this x-ray camera app and try different filters. One of the filters is the X-Ray filter. It is basically a camera app with Xray filter, that’s why it is also an Xray camera app. It is free to download from Google Play Store.

3 – Medical X-Ray Interpretation W

It is another X-Ray camera app for Android. The chest radiograph is a commonly requested examination and it is probably the hardest plain film to interpret correctly. Basically, it is an app for medical students to study X-rays and different bone problems with proper diagrams.

All the X-rays are accompanied by a simple line diagram. One important thing about this application is that this app may share your location and app activity with third parties. As they have mentioned clearly in their app description. You can download it and read more about developers on Google Play Store.

4 – X-Ray Scanner Body

This app is for entertainment purposes, don’t compare it with actual x-ray results. It is just for the fun app, and it shows some preinstalled models’ x-ray results. Such as a boy model x-ray, a girl etc. Download and enjoy this funny-to-use free joke scanner app, and make friends or your relatives believe in you.

You can also amaze your friends and give them a surprise or make a prank them by showing their fake body scan preview with this app. They will think that you can see inside their body. It will be a very funny activity.

5 – Fake X-Ray Vision Camera

It is another fake x-ray camera vision app for Android devices developed by RedStaff Apps. There are more than 5 lacks of downloads from the Google Play Store. The average rating by the users is 2.3 which is not a great rating for an application, but there are very few x-ray camera apps available that are actually good. But I don’t think anyone will take these apps seriously.

So we don’t think a rating will make any impact on such types of entertainment apps. The output of the x-ray is cartoonish and clearly seems to be fake. When you scan a person, it shows the software-optimized graphics of the x-ray of the bones of a human body. Overall, it is best to have some fun activities with your friends or family.

6 – X-Ray Full Body Prank

Total body x-ray is a joke simulator game app, it turns your phone camera into a fake x-ray machine. Basically, it is an X-ray simulator game for iPad and iPhones. Simply launch the app and choose the part of the body you want to scan, doesn’t matter your hand or another part of the body. Point your phone camera to the body you want to scan and tap on the scan button on the app. Make fun and play with your friends and family.

It is an interesting entertainment app and obviously will not provide true X-Ray results. Our overall experience with this X-Ray full-body prank app was perfect and we made fun of some of our team members :).

7 – Xray Ghost Scanner Prank

As the name of the app suggests that it is a prank app. So clearly it is an entertainment app developed for fun purposes. X-ray ghost scanner prank is to use your mobile camera and other sensors to detect sources of ghosts. Of course, it is a fake thing, no phone can detect a ghost.

And please tell in comments that you believe in Ghosts. We all would like to know about ghost beliefs. You can prank your friends by using this application that some ghosts are there in a particular location or room. Just to make fun with them. This app will also produce some prerecorded ghost voices and other background noises to give a realistic feel of ghosts around you. In reality, no ghosts will be there, we all know about it.

But we found the main drawback of this application regarding the permissions that this app asks for, such as personal information and financial information. It is okay to give some personal information access to the app, such as your name or age, but financial information access. It feels risky to use these types of applications.

So to be honest, just because this app may share your financial information with third parties, so we don’t recommend you use this app. If you really want to protect your privacy.

8 – Full Audrey Body Scanner

It is another body scanner and x-ray prank scanner and camera app for Android smartphones and tablets. There is more than 1 lack download of this application from the Google Play Store and the overall average rating by the users is 4.1.

A 4.1 rating for an application is really impressive, it gives an idea about the popularity and accuracy and user’s experience. Don’t think that this app will scan your body as an MRI scanner or X-ray machine. It is just an entertainment application to scan your body.

The results shown after scanning are preinstalled in the app library with the help of VFX and using other graphics.

This app will automatically show you the body part’s name, that’s why it is the best app to teach small students and siblings about human body parts in a fun way. And teaching with fun and real examples gives unforgettable information to the listener.

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