Background Eraser App – Review

Background Eraser App

Many times we need to edit our photos and selfies, sometimes the photos are captured with an annoying background. So how to remove or erase the objects from the background of the image. Now you can do it using free cut and paste apps. In this article we are sharing our experience with one of the best cut and paste photo apps which is Background Eraser. There are lots of unique and interesting editing features you can use to polish and edit your photos and selfies. Sometimes we need to edit photos and remove the background from those images or replace the background of an image, in that case background eraser apps are so useful to remove background and change the background of an image.

You can edit your photos professionally with the Background editor. Background eraser is an app for cutting pictures and making the background transparent. Sometimes we need a transparent background for our images, so we can make the background transparent with this background eraser app. It is a popular cut and paste photo app for Android and iOS, you can choose as per your device.

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You can cut the image and paste it on a background, it can be a tourist place where you can’t go but for the time being you want a photo at that place. Then you can paste your photo on a location photo, share your photos on social handles and gain more followers and exposure. Below are the features of the Background Eraser app, let’s have a look at them.

Key highlights of Background Eraser

  • Manual Erase: for finger rub (traditional) background removal
  • Lasso Erase: for area selection background erase
  • Auto erase: Erase similar pixels automatically.
  • Restore: for finger rub background retrieval
  • Undo, Redo & Zoom: for accurate result
  • Save & Share: save on SD-Card & Share on Social Media
  • You can add text to your picture
  • You can add stickers (emoji icons) to your photo
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