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GlassesOn – PD Distance Measure App

GlassesOn is another popular pupillary distance app, many apps don’t position themselves as professional tools. But GlassesOn app provides you professional tools which you rarely find on other apps. The developers of the GlassesOn claim that their app can be considered as a medical app and it can be used to measure all the data of your glasses. We will see the reality while testing the application. It is one and only medical grade app for PD measurement and extracting your glasses details.

If you are looking to buy a new pair of lenses and you are not sure about the number of your lenses or glasses. Then GlassesOn app can help you to solve this problem. All you have to do is install the GlassesOn app and get all the data you need within a few minutes.

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This app uses computer vision and AI technology to determine the position of your pupil and eyes. Your face is scanned by the appm, its parameters are adjusted, and you get the information you require for your prescription. You can show the app data report to your eye doctor and it will be easier for him/ her to provide you the perfect lens, frame, or you can use this data to buy a VR headset.

You can also find the measurements not only of the pupil distance, but also the axis, sphere and other details of your eyes. Also find that you have astigmatism and you should have a complete eye exam, With GlassesOn inter-pupillary distance can be measured for free and home. Download the GlassesOn pupillary distance app and measure your pupillary distance and choose the perfect lens or glasses for your eyes. Here are some key features of GlassesOn app which are listed below:

Key features of GlassesOn Pupillary Distance App:

  • FDA, CE and TGA listed
  • Meets the industry guidelines for accuracy (ANSI Z80.17) within
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Unlimited glasses scans with our premium glasses scan
  • Free PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement
  • 0.25D, PD within 2 mm
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