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In our daily life, we interact with different file formats and we need to change the format of those files for different purposes. There are many formats for your files that we can convert PDF to, Word, PPT, JPG, Excel, PNG, PDF/A. These types of formats are unique from each other, categorized for their specific needs and functions. The primary purpose of these formats is essential for work, business, school, or personal agenda. If you work in the corporate field, then you must know how difficult it becomes to change the file formats. But don’t worry, no need to use different file formats changing software for different use. PDFBear is the perfect tool to do these kinds of stuff from now. In this article, we have reviewed PDFBear and you will know how its powerful file format features are useful.

To better manage your files or documents in an orderly manner and be precise, you may convert your PDF files into their specific format. With PDFBear, an online platform with tools available for your PDFs, you can turn your files into different formats using the conversion tool. Here, you will see the different types of formats you can convert from PDF files.

Converting PDF to JPG

JPG is a type of format for digital images. You may use JPG for printing and editing purposes, which you can hardly do in a PDF format. JPGs are primarily encountered in digital cameras and such. Also, you can easily view JPGs on the internet since it is commonly used mainly on social media and other online platforms.

With PDFBear, you may convert PDF to JPG easily. To convert your PDF to JPG or JPEG, you only have to select the files from your device. PDFBear will then convert the process and give out the highest possible quality for your images. Once the conversion process is done, your JPG or JPEG file will be available for download.

Converting PDF to Word

If you are a content writer and write content regularly, sometimes you will need to convert your DOC files into many other formats. DOC and DOCX, on the other hand, are types of formats used for word processing. It is commonly used by many for documentation, SEOs, and content writers. These types of structures make editing and copying easier compared to a PDF format. They may also contain images, hyperlinks, alignments, and so on.

PDFBear is partnered with the Solid Network, so your PDF files will have all the texts, lists, header, footer, tables, table of contents, hyperlinks, and such when you convert them into DOC or DOCX. Also, printed and scanned documents can be reconstructed and turned into a Word file.

To convert your PDF files into DOC or DOCX, you only have to select the file from your device. PDFBear will do the scanning and will proceed to the conversion process. Your Word document will be ready in no time and will be available for download once it’s done.

Converting PDF to Excel

Excel formats are composed of rows and columns, involving formulas to calculate and analyze data. This type of structure is valuable in different fields of work such as business, research, statistics, etc. This helps you create and gather information in ways that are not applicable when in a PDF format.

In converting your PDF files into Excel, Solid Documents also supports PDFBear in this tool to make your files accurate and efficient. To convert your PDF into Excel, you only have to follow simple steps. By just selecting the file that you want to be converted, PDFBear will then scan your documents and turn them into Excel format. The file will be available for download once it’s done.

Converting PDF to PDF/A

PDF/A formats preserve your documents in coming years, even when everything changes. Converting PDF into PDF/A makes it accessible, protected, and secured at any time. All of your data in your PDF will be embedded permanently. Luckily, PDFBear has a tool to help you convert your PDF files into a PDF/A format.

To convert your PDF into a PDF/A, you only have to select or drag and drop the files to PDFBear’s conversion box. Then, your documents will be scanned, and the conversion process will start. Once done, your PDF/A formatted file will be available for download. With your PDF/A on your device, you do not have to worry about your information that you save for the coming future.

Converting PDF to PPT

Powerpoints may contain images, texts, sounds, multimedia, and so on. This format is made for presentations in business, school, work, etc. With PDFBear, you can convert your PDFs into a PPT to better edit your presentations. PDFBear’s easy conversion process turns your PDF into PPTs by only selecting the file or dragging and dropping them into the conversion box. PDFBear will scan your PDF and convert them into PPT and will be available for download.


With the help of PDFBear, you may convert all your PDFs into their specific format to help you edit or alter them depending on their needs. Given the best quality, they provide while they guarantee your files’ safety and security.

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