How to Install Chrome Extensions on Android Devices

chrome extensions for android

Install Chrome Extensions on Android Device with Yandex

Google Chrome one of the best and popular browsers available on this planet. There are some other good browsers out there like Bing, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.

Google chrome is one of my favourite web browsers but it has some problems like it consumes more battery and resources. If you are using a low-end specs PC/ notebook then you may face lags and tab freezing problems frequently.

There are plenty of useful chrome extensions out there on the chrome store which is very useful for our different tasks. By using these chrome extensions we don’t need to install heavily dedicated software on our computer.

That’s a very good thing about extensions. Extensions are also available for Mozilla Firefox and other browsers.

But what about the chrome extensions for Android? There are no extensions installation feature on android devices so how to install chrome extensions on Android.

Below we will see some steps on how you can install google chrome extensions on Android easily and use them for more productive work as per your requirements.

So let’s see how to do that

Steps Install Chrome Extensions on Android

Step 1 – Open the google play store on your android smartphone and download the Yandex browser. Now install the application on your phone.

Step 2 – Now in the address bar of your new browser open and search.

Step 3 – Now look for the chrome extensions you want to install and click on add to chrome.


There are some limitations of adding chrome extensions in web browsers of Android devices. Yandex browser doesn’t support all the google chrome extensions. 

If you don’t find the exact extension you want then look for the alternative that. With the help of the Yandex browser, you can use chrome extensions on Android easily. Try it today and if you find this article useful then let us know after installing the chrome extension on your Android device.