10 Alternate Games like 2048 But Bigger


The 2048 is a popular and addictive game, most probably you also played this game. Do you also like playing the game 2048 and searching for some other alternatives to this game? If yes, then you have landed on the right page.

This game was launched in the year 2014 and it became so popular. It is a single-player sliding tile puzzle video game that ways published freely on GitHub in 2014 for free.

In this game, you have to move the number tiles with a number, or you can combine the tiles that have the same number to create a single tile with a bigger number.

Once you create the tile with a 2048 number, you win the game. But this game is endless. You can continue the game by creating larger numbers. Isn’t the 2048 game interesting?

I’m also a big fan of this game, and I still play it when I get free time. The game comes with a minimalistic design and normal graphics because it is a very old game and at that time the game development was not up to the mark. But overall, the graphics of the game are satisfactory.

There are lots of possibilities in this game you can explore. I played all the possible variations and clones and come up with the best 2048 alternative games you can play.

Let’s check out those 2048 game alternatives.

Alternative Games like 2048

If you are a fan of the 2048 game and want to try some more games like 2048, below are some alternatives to the 2048 game.

1 – 1024

1024 is one of the best alternatives to the 2048 game. This game was developed by rmaalouf and is free to play. In this game, you have to use your arrow keys to move and merge the number tiles with the same number until you get the 1024 number tile.

The only thing I don’t like about this game is the annoying advertisements in between the game. And no one wants ad interference.

2 – Threes

The threes game is like a 2048 puzzle game. This game was released earlier than 2048 and the pricing of this game is $1.99 which is not a big amount. This game can be played on iOS, Android, Xbox One and Windows phones.

As compared to the 2048 game, the rules are a little different for this game. At the start of the game, you can combine 1 and 2 number tiles to create a new tile with the number 3. But in the next, you can just combine the two tiles that are both with 3 to make the number 6, and then a 6 can only be paired with another number 6 tile to create the number 12, and so on. This is the difference in the rule for this game.

In this game, there is no sign that indicates that you won the game. This game is like a loop and you can play the game all the time until the board fills up.

Another difference between game 204 and Threes is that this game doesn’t have any advertisement but the game 2048 contains an ad on the footer area of the game and sometimes it gets clicked accidentally.

3 – Dotsup

Dotstup is a puzzler game which would make you think out of the box. The game doesn’t follow the traditional 4*4 box layout and presents you with a unique layout. Instead of the number tiles, you get dices with dots that can be merged to form a tile of the sum of the previous tiles. Your aim is to achieve the goal in the least amount of time. If you achieve that target, you will win the game. If you ever played the game 2048 then you will definitely love this game.

The interface of the game is cool looking with different color dices. It is available for Android and you can download it from the Google Play Store for free.

Download from – Google Play Store

4 – Shoot n Merge

Shoot n Merge is a bubble shooter merge game where you shoot numbers at a lowering grid. It uses both mechanics to offer an interesting gaming concept. You have to shoot the tiles with numbers which stick to the grid on the top.

If the adjacent number tile match in value, then it merges and creates a tile of the greater value. Your aim in the game is to create a tie 2048 before the grid lowers to the bottom.

The interesting mechanic in the game which makes it more funny is that it merges the tiles in two directions. If your tiles match, it will merge all the tiles automatically that gives you a significant advantage. Overall, this game is so interesting and enjoyable.

The interface of the app is simple, with square number tiles. You get the play and pause button in the top left corner of the game screen.

Download from – Google Play Store / App Store

5 – Hexic 2048

Hexic 2948 is a popular puzzle game like 2048 but bigger than 2048. This was developed by SmartPlayland and you can download it for free. In this game you have to combine the tiles with the same number to get 2048. As the name of the game suggests that it is played on a hexagonal board.

It provides you with several different grid styles and modes to use. There are 3 different modes – classic, survival and X-tile. In addition, you can also determine which hexagonal girl to play on 2*2*2, 3*3*3, 4*4*4 or 5*5*5.

The difficulty level of the game depends on what style and mode you select. X-tile mode is the hardest mode in this game, classic is the easiest mode and survival is the medium mode.

6 – 243

243 is an open-source, attractive free puzzle game. This game is similar to 2048, the goal of the player is to make tile number 243 to win the game. When 3 tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one with a value of the sum of the 3 i.e. 3+3+3 gives you 9, then 9+9+9 gives you 27… 81+81+81 gives you 243 number.

The interface of the game is simple, the game also supports a couple of other awesome features like – automatic game saving, instant game theme change, leaderboard, etc.

The players can also unlock other features and new game levels upon making the 243 number tile.

7 – Chain Fruit 2048 Puzzle Game

If you are searching for fruit puzzle games like 2048 but bigger. There are more than 10K + downloads from Google Play Store. This game is developed by Infinite Joy Ltd. It is an addictive and relaxing game that comes with improved graphics and colorful fruits.

This game is endless and involves shooting and merging fruits into juicy watermelons to earn points.

How to play

Swipe on screen to choose where the fruit falls

Shoot and hit the same fruit

Group together fruits and merge them into a juicy watermelon

Try and win more points in this endless fun experience

You can also merge the fruits into the final goal – watermelon.

Download from – Google Play Store

8 – Impossible Nine – 2048 Puzzle

This game is exactly based on the same method of playing 2048 puzzle game with some minor changes. The only difference between impossible nine and 2048 game is that you have to join the tiles to create a total sum of 9 in any one tile.

You have to join 3 or more same number tiles to get the next number while earning as high score as you can. More the score you will earn, the chances of winning are high.

i.e. if you join 3 tiles with number 1, the sum will be 2 and same for the other number tiles. The sum will always be the next number.

Only you have to tap and place the tiles in the right place to let them combine. If the path is blocked you will not be able to get the tiles to your desired location. There are 3 modes in the game, regular, daily challenges and zabaron mode. Regular mode is the easiest one, daily challenges is little difficult and zabaron is the hardest mode.

Download from – Google Play Store

9 – 2248

This game is developed by Bigdog games and there are more than 5 Million downloads from the Google Play Store. 2248 is a simple interface number based puzzle game where you have to connect the same numbers to get the sum of them. You can connect the numbers in 8 directions. Which means you can have a larger possibility of getting higher sums. The aim of the game is to get as the highest sum of the numbers as you can.

This game is very simple to play, you can also use the hints or power ups in the game by watching free online videos and tutorials.

There is a small clothing icon in the left bottom of the screen, which can be used to switch between the given themes and backgrounds of the game if you wish to.

Download from – Google Play Store / App Store

10 – 2 for 2 – Connect the Numbers

It is another number connecting games where you have to reach as highest sum as possible to win the game. The sum of the numbers will always be the pair of the selected numbers. You can join 2 or more same numbers to get the new digit.

i.e. you connect 2 – 2 – 2 – 2 to get a sum of 8 or 4 – 4 – 4 – 4 to get a sum of 16.

Overall, the concept of the game is to connect all the numbers in a single row/ line. You can connect the numbers in 4 directions. There are different board sizes such as 3*3, 4*4 and modes like Time and moves that you can play. Also, if you accidentally moved a number undo option is also there which can be used few times.

There are some challenges as per the difficulty to get some extra credits in the game.

Download from – Google Play Store / App Store