10 PC Games For 4 GB RAM Computers

PC Games for 4 GB RAM PC

Are you a PC Game lover? But don’t have a high-end PC to play high-end PC games. Don’t worry, there are so many awesome games in the market for 4 GB RAM configuration computers. These games are under 1 GB and some PC games are under 500 MB, so they don’t need so many resources to run.

Once there was a time when PC games were not so powerful and with high-end graphics. But these days, games are revolutionized for both mobile phones and PCs. These days, we need a high-end PC to play games. But in this article, we listed some PC games for 4 GB RAM computers, so you can play these games without any struggle on your low-end old PC. Because not everyone has a high-end laptop or PC.

Games that can be played on a 4 GB RAM PC

Below are some games which you can play on your 4 GB RAM computer without any lag or struggle. These games consume fewer resources on your computer. But make sure that you have a processor that supports your GPU, otherwise, the entire system will crash.

1 – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft is a very popular game, it was launched in 2011, but still, millions of fans and players are all over the world. It is a lightweight PC game that smoothly can be played on a 4 GB RAM computer. It comes in 2 editions – Java and Bedrock.

The Bedrock edition is specifically optimized for low-end hardware PC, this edition is compatible with 4 GB RAM. When you purchase the Minecraft bedrock edition, you get a license to play both editions (Java and Bedrock).

The system requirements to play Minecraft are straightforward and it runs smoothly on low-end computers. You can play this game at your own pace, which makes Minecraft a good choice. Players can build their own world, or you can join your friends in your projects to build something new. It is a multiplayer game.

Minimum System requirements

Operating system – Windows 8

RAM – 4 GB

CPU – Intel Celeron J4105/ AMD FX- 4100

GPU – Intel 4000/ AMD Radeon R5

2 – The Walking Dead

It is a zombie-based game developed for low-end computers that has 4 GB RAM only. If you love violent games, then this could be a perfect choice for you. So are you ready for The Walking Dead, where you are always just one zombie chomp away from being an undead lunch? It is like a stroll in the park, the park is full of rotting corpses with a taste of brains.

Minimum system requirements

Operating system – Windows XP

Processor – 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent

Memory – 3 GB RAM

Graphics – ATI or Nvidia card with 512 MB RAM(not supported on Intel integrated graphics)

DirectX – Direct X 9.0c

Sound – Direct X 9.0c sound device

Hard disk space – 2 GB

3 – Zero Sievert

Zero Sievert is a 2D low-end graphic game that was released by CABO Studio at the end of the year 2022. It is a top-down shooter game, in which the character goes through a ravaged wasteland – looting the gears for the mission and killing enemies as you go.

This game is like Contra, which was very popular in the 2000 era. What I love about this game is that you feel like a one-man army and you have to kill all the enemies. The game is lightweight so doesn’t need high-end specifications on your computer.

The graphics of the game are basic and not everyone would like it. But if you are happy with Runescape style graphics, then you will enjoy this game.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System – Windows 8 and above

RAM – 4 GB

CPU – Dual core 1.7 GHz

GPU – NVIDIA GTX 260/ATI Radeon 4070 HD

4 – BioShock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is a first-person-shooting-based game with role-playing elements. Infinite adapts the formula of BioShock with powers, weapons and upgrades often functioning similar to those in the earlier game, albeit named differently. If you love FPS games then you are going to love this game for sure. The graphics are decent enough to enjoy the game

Bioshock Infinite is the upgraded version of the Bioshock game in terms of graphics and gameplay. Characters are more detailed and lifelike, the texture is much better and the lightning is more realistic.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System – Windows 8 and above

Processor – Quad Core Processor

Memory – 4 GB RAM

Graphics – DirectX 11 compatible, AMD Radeon HD 6950 / NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560

Storage – 30 GB available space

5 – Far Cry 3

Far Cry is an open-world first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and was released in the year 2012. This game was so popular and it was ranked as the number 1 game of the year. The gameplay starts on a rocky Island, a tropical chain of islands that are controlled by merciless pirates and you have to fight with them.

The main character of the game is Jason Brody, an American person stuck on such an island after a dreadful holiday. You have to survive on that island, it is the overall conclusion of the mission of the game.

The graphics of the game are decent as per the size and this game was launched a way back ago, when PC games were not so popular and doesn’t come with professional graphics.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System – Windows 8 and above

RAM – 4 GB

CPU – Intel Core 2 dual R6700 or AMD Athlon 6000+

GPU – 512 MB of RAM

6 – The Witcher 2

It is a fantasy-based action game where you have to play the role of Geralt of Rivia who is the main character and kill the monsters in the game. The gameplay is gripping and there is a large arsenal of different types of weapons you can choose from. Players can also set bombs and traps to kill the monsters. You can master stealth modes to sneak past enemies or become a proper warrior who can slay most monsters.

This game comes with decent graphics and runs with 2 GB RAM. You can get this game just for $5 to $10 which is a decent amount for a game that runs on a low-end PC with 4 GB RAM or less.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System – Windows 7 or above

RAM – 2 GB

CPU – dual-core 2.5 GHz

GPU – 512 MB card is enough

7 – Oxygen Not Included

It is a space simulator game where you have to find that scarcities of warmth, oxygen and sustenance are constant threats to your space colony’s survival. As a player, you have to guide your colonists through the perils of subterranean asteroid living and watch as their population grows until they are not simply surviving but thriving. If you love space games, then you are going to love this game also.

This game is all about testing the multitasking skills of a player. You have an underground asteroid base and you have to handle everything using the power supply to plumbing.

This game is developed by Klei Entertainment and there were 1.5 million copies sold of this game worldwide. So you can imagine how popular this game became after its launch for low-end PC.

Minimum System Requirement

Operating System – Windows 8 and above

Processor – Dual-core 2 GHz

Memory – 4 GB RAM

Graphics – Intel HD 4600 (AMD or NVIDIA equivalent)

Direct X – Version 11

Storage – 2 GB space must

8 – Ever Quest

Well, there are lots of online RPG games out there, but Ever Quest is one of the most popular games “Original MMORPG”. This fantasy-based game was launched in 1999/2000 and it has been updated with 30 expansions and hundreds of updates.

It is a free-to-play game, so what you are waiting for is to download it today. It was released a while ago, so its graphics are not so top-notch, but as per the game era to which it belongs the graphics are pretty good.

If you love single-player mode games, then this game could not be a good choice for you. This game runs smoothly with a 3 GB RAM computer and a basic dual-core CPU. The graphics of the game feels outdated but good enough and it will rewind your 90s or 2000s days.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System – Windows 8 and above

RAM – 4 GB

CPU – Dual-core (Core 2 Duo E400 or AMD Athlon 4040e)

GPU – NVIDIA 8800 / AMD Radeon 3600 XT

9 – Half Life 2

It is an amazing Valve classic shooting survival game. The game comes with horror graphics, but don’t worry any need to get scared. I played this game a lot when I was a kid. Half-Life 2 has great storytelling, a mix of puzzles and shooting. It is one of the best shooting survival games ever

The hardware requirements to play this game is very low – 4 GB RAM is more than enough to play this game and integrated graphics are okay.

This game was launched in 2004 and the graphics are enough considering this game was launched almost 2 decades ago.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System – Windows 8 and above

RAM – 512 MB minimum

CPU – 1.7 GHz

GPU – Pretty much away

Storage – 2 GB is more than enough

10 – Slay the Spire

If you love card games then you are going to love this game is a mix of deck building, dungeon crawls and strategy.

You can pick from the 4 characters and you then attempt to climb multiple floors – each floor bringing a series of enemies and bosses. When the enemies will attack you, the game switches to a card-based game which allows you to build and use those cards to fight with the enemies.

The progression system in the game is clean, the new cards introduce abilities like level-up in the game.

This game is difficult to explain, you can see the tutorials on YouTube on how to play this game. I’m sure card-lover people are going to love this game.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System – Windows 8 and above

RAM – 2 GB minimum

CPU – Dual-core 1.5 GHz

GPU – 1 GB Card

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