10 Apps to Play Music From SD Card

Apps to play music from SD card

We all have our favourite song list stored in a micro SD card or Pen drive for future use or as a memory. Once there was a time when people used to store lots of songs in their memory cards. But because of the Internet penetration, today’s generation is not downloading songs they simply open Spotify, YouTube, or any other music streaming app and enjoy their favourite music.

But suppose that you are in an area where internet connectivity is not good, or you have limited internet data, or you are on the way travelling or camping at night with your group or something else like that.

So in that case, if we will have songs stored on our SD card, it will help us a lot to save our internet data and have no buffering problem while listening to the songs.

I always carry an SD card with all my favorite songs stored in it. There are many music player apps that help you to play music from an SD card directly.

In this article, we listed some apps to play music from an SD card. Some music players come with basic features, but the music players listed below come with some advanced features. So let’s have a look at those music players that allow you to play music from an SD card.

Understanding SD Cards and Their Benefits

SD card is a compact storage device that comes in different sizes such as 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, and so on. But not all smartphones support all sizes. Every smartphone has its own limit for supporting a micro SD card.

There are different types of SD cards available in the market – micro SD cards, and SD cards(commonly used in cameras). Every card comes with a class higher the class of the card more the read and write speed of that card will have. So always check the class and version of the SD card before purchasing it.

The main advantage of using an SD card is that in case your smartphone gets formatted accidentally, or you want to format your phone, then you can transfer all your internal storage data into your SD card. So that you don’t lose your data, because resetting your phone erases all the data stored into it.

Exploring the Limitations of Default Music Players

We all know that music has become an integral part of our lives. We listen to music every day, it gives us relief and enjoyment. Every smartphone comes with a default music player. The default music player doesn’t provide a lot of features.

Top Apps for Playing Music From SD Card

Here are some applications to play music from your SD card.

1 – n7player Music Player

The number 1 music player in our list of n7player. n7player music player is an interesting and feature-rich audio player, giving you an innovative way to browse and play your music files from your SD card as well stored on your internal storage. This music player provides us with some advanced features with a user-friendly interface.

You can quickly access currently playing songs, which gives you full control in a handy way. The app is easy to use and it is a perfect music player for beginners, but the features are not common.

This player offers an innovative way to listen to your favourite music anywhere directly from your SD card. You also get a tag editor tool in this app so that you can tag songs with some criteria.

You can also correct the information contained in your audio files. To do this, the built-in album feature of the app will help you. It is now easier to filter and sort the songs by name, download date, size, etc.

My favourite feature of this app is that I can customize the interface by myself to give it a cool look. You can also personalize every little detail from the theme to the widget of your lock screen.


Create your own favourite songs playlist

Sort the songs by name, size, download date

10 band equalizer

Dozens of equalizer presets

Stream music to other gadgets through Chromecast/ AirPlay/DLNA

Supports file formats – mp3, mkv, flac, aac etc

2 – VLC

I’m sure that there will be no person who is reading this article who didn’t hear about VLC media player. It is a very popular video and audio player used worldwide.

You can play music from your SD card or from your internal storage. Browse from different folders in a few taps to open any soundtrack.

There are different equalizers and filters you can choose from. Adjust settings to make the music sound more appealing to your ears.

Also, while listening to the songs you can use the widget of the app which makes the experience more convenient. You can control different settings using the app widget.

There is a special setting to listen to music in earbuds, neckbands or headphones.

Not only audio files, you can play video files using the VLC app. It supports almost all kinds of audio and video formats. You can play the videos in subtitles and in different languages in which the file is decoded.


Personalized equalizer

Supports almost all kinds of audio and video formats

Play audio and video

Play the video in the background

Supports subtitles, Teletext, gesture control, intuitive adjustments and closed captions

3 – Music Player

Music player is another simple but feature-rich music player with a powerful equalizer. This music player is packed with all the necessary and some advanced features than other music players. This app has more than 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store and an overall average rating is 4.5 stars.

This music player app perfectly manages all the songs you have stored on your SD card. So that you can browse songs divided into different categories – playlist, folder, Artist, Album and Genre.

You can also manage the soundtracks manually. As you can create your own playlist thus, you can also group your favourite music according to your mood or activity. One more cool feature is added to the queue, it will play songs in the required order.

This music app comes with 5 band equalizer with a powerful bass system and a virtualizer with reverb. Which makes the sound quality great.

The unique feature of this app is the built-in voice assistant. You can play any music track by voice command, which makes this app super convenient and easy to use.

You can also turn your songs into ringtones… the app gives you the functionality of cutting the songs. So that, you don’t need to download a ringtone maker app.


Cut songs

5 band equalizer

Built-in voice assistant

Supports more than 40 languages

4 – Evermusic Offline Music Player

This is a super amazing music player for iOS devices(iPhones and iPad). So let’s talk about its cool features and other things.

This music player for iOS devices supports different file formats such as Mp3, AAC, M4A, WAV, AIFF, and M4R. Most probably you didn’t hear about these audio formats, because generally, we use mp3 formats for audio.

So in case if you have downloaded or stored songs in any file format into your SD card or internal storage, you will not face any issues while listening to the songs.

If you have uploaded songs to your cloud storage, then you can also listen to them. Because this app also collaborates with all the major cloud service providers such as – Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Mega and so on.

The whole music library will be synchronized between the cloud storage and the device automatically. Also, you can listen to the songs offline by enabling the audio player cache on.

You can also establish a connection between your computer by using SMB, WebDAV, and DLNA protocol. By using this feature, you can play music in high quality or import soundtracks on your computer.

Also, the app comes with a built-in equalizer with different presets. You can also adjust the parameters by yourself manually. Users can also group the songs by creating their own playlist, sorting and managing the songs, add tags to the songs.

This app also gives you the functionality of streaming music to Apple TV and Google Chromecast. If you use Apple CarPlay and you are in the driver’s seat, then this app will adopt the app interface.


Supports Mp3, AAC, M4A, WAV, AIFF, M4R audio formats

Sync cloud storage and play music stored in it

Supports SMB, WebDAV and DLNA protocols

Stream music to Apple TV and Chromecast device

Supports Apple CarPlay

5 – VOX – MP3 and FLAC Music Player

It is a perfect alternative to the default app you get on your iOS devices. We recommend you download and try this music player once, which is VOX. It is a mp3 and FLAC music player for iOS devices.

This app supports file formats – mp3, FLAC, APE, ALAC etc. The sound quality is also good with different audio formats.

You can listen to any music file from your SD card, as well as from other third-party apps. Also, you can combine tracks from various sources into one playlist. Create a queue and play your favourite songs in a sequence.

Another best feature of this app is that you can sync. across multiple devices, so that you always will have access to your soundtracks regardless of the gadget you use.

Also, this app works as an online radio where you will find more than 30,000 radio stations from all over the world.


Supports file formats such as – mp3, FLAC, APE, ALAC etc

Synchronize soundtracks with different devices

Works as an online radio with more than 30,000 radio stations

6 – BlackPlayer Free Music Player

This is one of my favourite music players, because of the theme of the app, as I’m a black lover. This music player comes with some cool features and it is a perfect tool to play music from your micro SD card.

This music player supports audio file formats like – mp3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, and M4A. Also, you get a 5-band equalizer, bass boost, 3d surround virtualizer and also an amplifier.

You can edit tags for the songs to navigate them easily also you can attach the album covers.

If you want the lyrics of songs, then you can activate .IRC file synchronization. By enabling this feature, you can view and edit the lyrics.

If you are a person who likes personalization, then you are going to love this music player app. You can choose from a variety of themes, fonts, colours and animations. This app comes with a sleep timer.


Compatible with Android Auto and Wear OS

Supports file formats – mp3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, M4A

View and edit lyrics

Personalize the interface of the app

7 – Music Player

Music Player is another app to listen to music with gorgeous music effects. There are more than 100 Million downloads and a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store. The app is developed by Leopard V7.

There are many attractive and cool-looking themes you can choose from. It is a 2 in 1 music and video player.

You get a powerful sound equalizer, search for your favourite music files or videos, and customize the background skin and a lot of themes. The app supports almost all audio file formats.

You can browse music by albums, genre, playlist, folders and artists. Also, you can edit the tags of the songs.

With its advanced equalizer, you can make the song sound professional. There are more than 20 presets for the most popular genres (normal, classic, dance, hip-hop, jazz etc). You will find the perfect preset for sure as per your taste.

The most interesting and cool feature is theme changing option – you can change the background of any music playing with this player very easily. The background looks very cool.

You can also trim the songs to make them your ringtone. So that, you don’t need to download a third-party ringtone maker app.


20+ sound presets

10+ music backgrounds

Edit music tags and other details

View the lyrics of any song

Edit songs and make ringtones

8 – Boom – Bass Booster and Equalizer

Want to listen to music with amazing sound effects? If yes, then the Boom app could be the best choice for you to listen to your favourite music.

With the Boom app, your music will be transferred from your SD card into a marvellous 3D surround sound. There are 16 built-in equalizers, bass boosters and handcrafted presets that will definitely enhance your music experience.

If you gain better sound quality adjust the equalizer manually by adjusting the bass, jazz etc. Not only from your SD cards you can stream music from other apps such as – Spotify, TIDAL or from cloud services.

Also, this app works as an online radio with more than 40,000 radio stations and podcasts.


Works as an online radio station with more than 40,000 radio stations and podcast channels

3D surround sound

10+ sound effects

Play music from SD card, cloud storage, Spotify and TIDAL

9 – Music Player

This is another cool music player you can download from Google Play Store. The name is simple, but the features are cool.

This app supports different audio file formats such as – mp3, WAV, FLAC, RAW, AAC etc. You can play songs by folder, artists, genres and albums. You can also change the tags and other details of the songs, also you can change the album art.

Create your own playlist of your favourite songs. This app also works as a sound recorder, so you don’t need to download a sound recorder additionally.

Discover awesome 3D sound effects to enjoy your favourite songs. Also, access different equalizers with presets. The additional feature is that you can play or skip the next/previous tracks without tapping on your phone screen.

Simply shake your mobile device to control the music. Also, you can put a widget on your lock screen to access the features and control the app with a sleep timer.


Supports audio file formats – FLAC, WAV, mp3, Midi, RAW, AAC etc

3D sound and bass

Choose from different equalizer presets

Shake phone music control

10 – Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp is a popular music player for Android devices which has more than 50 Million downloads and an average rating of 4.3 stars on the Google Play Store. This app is developed by Poweramp Software Design company.

This app supports almost all audio file formats, including Hi-Res formats. You can customize the equalizer with pre-built presets and create your own custom presets. This app downloads album art automatically.

The user interface of the app is user-friendly and easy to understand. Overall, it is a feature-rich music player that can play music from an SD card. But this app is a paid app and we saw some crashes on some low-end mobile devices which has an older version of Android. But on mid-range and high-end Android smartphones, this app works very fine.


Pre-built and custom equalizer presets

Supports Hi-resolution audio files

Automatic album art download

Advanced audio settings for seamless playback

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