10 Birthing Games for Adults to Play

Giving birth to a baby is the most beautiful feeling for a mother in his life. Some women feel nervous, unsure and even scared during that phase. Fortunately, there are some pregnancy simulator games to help you prepare for your pregnancy. These birth games for adults are available for Android and iOS both. Pregnancy games help you to prepare mentally and physically by learning the activities you have to perform after being a mother. In this article, we have listed some best pregnancy games for adults you can download from Google Play Store and App Store.

Technology is spreading in every field day by day. Thanks to technology and game developers, women can now simulate how they may be giving birth.

But birth simulator games contain a scene that may be scary for the women to see. So be mentally prepared to see that particular scene. These games are developed to prepare you for the very special moment of your life.

So, let’s check those birth games for adults.

Birth simulator games for Adults

If you are a newly married woman, going to get married, or simply just a woman who wants to prepare for pregnancy, you must play these baby simulation games for adults to learn some important things.

Birth games are actually simulator games of how actually giving birth is. It is very true that giving birth is something special. But for some women, it could be stressful. So check the below-listed birth simulator games for adults.

1 – Virtual Mother Twins Baby

Virtual Mother as the name of the game suggests that it is a baby birth simulator game. In this game, you own a big house where your big family lives. In this play game, you will play a multitasking mom who takes care of the twins and your house.

You, as a mom, must do the household jobs such as dishwashing, mopping the floor, cooking for dinner, shopping and gardening. All you have to take care of is your twins and house.

Being a busy housewife, you still have an important role as a mom. You have to play with your twins, stroll them to get to know the neighborhood, and also watch over them while you cook food. If you happen to be pregnant with twins while playing this, then you will be ready when they are born.

This game is so interesting and it is a 3D game, so the graphics are also appealing. It feels like you are in a real-life big house. This game is available for Android.

2 – Mommy Pregnancy Baby Care

A pregnant woman needs to build up some responsibility, and this game teaches you all the responsibilities of a pregnant woman. This birth simulator game allows you to act as a newborn babysitter and a pregnant woman. You will get the experience of how to take care of newborn babies and also a pregnant mom in more than 10 mini-game parts.

You will also get experience on how doctors or nurses take care of pregnant women. As a doctor, you have to measure the tummy regularly, check the body temperature and even check the vital organ. This game comes in a cute and funny way, so you are going to love this game and you will learn a lot of important things.

The best part of this game is when you take care of a newborn baby. The newborn itself is adorable and you can give him a shower, feed him and also put some baby powder to make him smell good. It is all up to your taste in fashion when it comes to dressing the baby.

Newborn is a little bit cranky, especially when he/she needs a diaper change. So you have to change it so he/she will be as good as new again. After changing the diaper, you have to play with them to make them calm down.

3 – Idle 9 Months

9 Months is another best birth simulator game for Android and iPhone. This app allows users to keep track of the entire pregnancy period from the fetus up to the newborn. This is an interesting game that allows you to raise a baby step by step with an integrated graphic image.

The only thing players need to do is click on the button to stimulate the baby’s growth. When your baby is born, you can also choose the gender in the birth simulator game.

You can also add the name of the baby, take care of the newborn baby for each stage, change nappies, etc. This app gives you the complete cycle of the baby’s born and regular practices after a baby is born.

The interface of the app is cool looking and it looks realistic and is also user-friendly. At the bottom of the app screen, you will find the options like – family, store, mother care, baby, and health.

4 – Give Birth Baby Games

Give birth is another birth game for adults. In this game you will have to take care of a pregnant woman Doris. You will play the role of a doctor in this game who has to carry out different tasks and follow some rules.

This app is lightweight so you don’t need to have a lot of RAM and space in your phone.

In the starting phase of the game, you have to check the blood pressure, body temperature and other common readings of the Doris.

When the baby is born in the game, you will have to check its weight and height. After that, you have to change the dress of the baby. There are different tops, t-shirts, dresses and other accessories you can choose for the baby.

The graphics of the game are impressive and colorful with animations. Also, the background music in the game is perfect and you will enjoy the game.

5 – Baby and Mom 3D – Pregnancy Simulator

Baby and Mom 3D is another best pregnancy simulator game for adults. You can start preparing for the birth of your baby, ahead of time. This baby birth game tells you the different steps and phases of a baby inside a woman. It shows you the increment in the size of the baby inside the mother and the energy she needed to feed her and her baby also.

This app gives you the opportunity to experience all the stages before the birth of children. Users will need to take care of the expectant mother and her baby in the simulator, by fulfilling a number of instructions and completing the tasks, and following recommendations.

While playing the game, you can learn useful and important material that concerns the conduct of pregnancy and childbirth naturally.

You also have to arrange the life of the mother and her baby, think about where they will live and prepare the home with everything they will need. Also, you will have to take regular care of the baby and mother in the game. This game will give you practical experience and it will be very useful for your future baby and wife.

The interface and graphics are in 3d so you are going to love the gaming experience.

6 – Birth Center Tycoon

Birth Center Tycoon is a real birth center manager with modern birth facilities you get in a hospital. You can create your own healthcare system by adding a medical facility, employees and departments and help patients as well.

Users can supervise the characters of the fascinating story, give him/ her tasks and supervise their execution.

Make different departments and give life to babies, and recruit staff to deliver babies. Set tasks for the staff and other workers to successfully meet the deadline.

You will earn rewards to advance further in the game. Users receive rewards by successfully completing the tasks and how many babies’ life is saved by you in the game.

Oversee each ward in your center and make your medical facility perfect by all accepted standards.

7 – Virtual Mother Twins Baby Simulator

Virtual mother new baby twins is a baby care simulator game for Android. This game is developed by N Age Gamers. This game doesn’t include the steps of delivery and directly goes straight to the baby care process. In this game, you have twins and you have to take care of them properly.

It is a double-effort game expected from the mother and the player. There is a baby girl and a boy and we will start with the BBQ party.

The family in the game had a new arrival of twins and now all have to show an effort of taking care of the two babies. The graphics of the game are HD and 3D with great details.

You have to follow a daily family routine and take care of all at the same time – newborn twins, and older children. Babies will grow in your presence and it will give you the real experience of a family with twins.

Overall, the game is so interesting and there are lots of things you will learn in the game and can implement those tips in your real life.

8 – Pregnant Momy and Newborn Baby

Pregnant Momy and a newborn baby is basically a baby and pregnant caring game for iOS. There are lots of activities in the game to perform, you won’t be stressed by completing those tasks. In this game, your role is of a doctor who has to give treatment to a pregnant woman.

The job of the doctor includes measuring the belly of the pregnant woman and checking her temperature, heart rate and blood pressure also.

You as a doctor have to help pregnant moms and prepare them for delivering a baby in a scheduled period. After doing the above-mentioned treatment and taking other measurements and readings, you will check how the baby’s going through the screen. The treatment includes the heartbeat of the baby as well as his size.

We all know that a pregnant woman needs nutrition also and this is also your job to provide moms with healthy nutritious food. Also make sure mommy is taking medicines timely, reading books and even playing some relaxing and good music. And when the time of delivery comes, you have to help her. Don’t be nervous because it’s just a game. This baby birth game is available for iOS only.

9 – Pregnant Mother Simulator

Pregnant mother simulator is a virtual pregnancy game that will give you the experience of real-life pregnancy. This game is so real, there is a real scene of a doctor operating a USG examination on a pregnant woman. You will also experience how to be a pregnant woman.

You will be playing as a pregnant woman, you must go through every semester of your pregnancy period. Each semester has different types of rules and treatments. It is one of the best pregnancy games for adults for Android and iPhone.

i.e. you are not allowed to use stairs in your first semester to avoid miscarriage. You will find some more activities in this mini-pregnancy game.

This game will give you experience of how to be a mother of a newborn. Also, you need to take care of your baby to the hospital for a routine checkup. This app will teach you how to be well-prepared for your big day. This game is available for Android and iOS both.

10 – Pregnant Hospital Maternity Do

Want to experience ow owning a hospital? If yes, then this game gives you the experience of owning a hospital where you have to take care of pregnant women as a doctor. Your role is as a doctor in this game who must treat pregnancy cases properly.

Not only do you have to take care of the pregnant woman, but you also have to help the mommies deliver a healthy baby. This game is so interesting and the graphics of the game are colorful and bright.

It is a 2D game, but the graphics are quite clean and simple. The game is a little rushed, but the tasks are simple and relaxing. You can play this game with your kids, it’s so easy. The game is available for Android only and contains some advertisements.

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