11 Best File Manager Apps for Android and iPhone

File Manager apps

The file manager app is a must app for any operating system installed device. With them, you can browse any kind of files, find your downloads, manage your storage and moves the data, share the data and do many tasks with the files. If looking for the best file manager apps for Android, then here is the list. Browse files, apps, music and other data. The file manager apps are one of the most important apps for our devices. With the help of file manager apps, we access files, download content, manage our storage space, move data from one place to another place and many more.

In this article we are going to list some best file manager apps for Android and iPhone that you can download from Google Play Store and App Store for free and manage your audio, video etc. files. File manager is an important application for any device, it doesn’t matter it contains Android, iOS or any other kind of operating system.

So let’s have a look at some best file manager apps for Android and iOS.

1 – File Manager

file manager app

File manager is a very easy-to-manage and powerful file manager app for Android. This file manager app is easy to use and comes with some interesting features. The user interface of this application is easy to use and users can easily manage storage on their Android device, NAS (network-attached storage) and cloud storage. You can also find how many apps or files you have on your device.

It supports every file management action such as searching files, navigating the directory, copying, pasting and opening the files using shortcut keys, compressing, renaming, decompressing, transferring, bookmarking a specific file and organizing your various file formats including media and APK.

One of the unique and interesting features of this file manager application is you can access your Android device storage from your PC using FTP. You can also access your cloud storage and also remote sharing like NAS and FTP. These features are so useful when you want to sync your offline and online cloud storage.

2 – File Manager and Browser

file manager and browser

File manager and browser is a 2-in-1 application that can be used as a file manager as well as a browser. This application is developed by Tap Media Ltd. If you are bored with the regular file manager of your iOS device, then you must try this file manager and browser app for your iPhone or iPad. It is a free-to-use file manager and virtual USB drive for iPhones and iPad. You can view any type of file format using this app such as images, videos, PDF documents, word documents, Excel documents, ZIP files, and RAR files and it also supports many other types of file formats.

If you want to avail some more features of this application, then you can purchase the premium plan of application. The rating of the application is 4.6 on the app store, which means the overall experience of the users of this app is satisfactory.

3 – iFiles – File Manager and Offline Browser

i.files file manager and offline browser

iFiles is another best file manager app for iPhones and iPad. Using this file manager, you can achieve high-speed file downloads from online websites. When you will download any content from the internet, you will get high speed in downloading and you can browse all types of file formats. This file manager app for iOS use rapid download technology, which is a multi-thread download technology. It uses multiple threads to download the same files.

You will notice the speed in downloading content from the internet. In addition, it will resume the interrupted downloads from the point where they are broken off.

4 – Amaze File Manager

amaze file manager

It is a new file manager app for Android. It is an open-source application that focuses on providing a lighter experience for those who need to do some light file browsing. If you are one of the users who interact with lightweight files, then you must try the Amaze file explorer. The files will open lightning fast. Some interesting features of the Amaze file manager are SMB file sharing, a built-in application manager to uninstall the applications from your Android device, root explorer and many more other interesting features provided by this file manager app for Android. It also supports cloud storage services.

This application is a free-to-use file manager app for Android with optional in-app purchases in case you want to use some premium and additional features.

5 – Astro File Manager and Cleaner

astro file manager app

Astro file manager is one of the oldest and most popular file manager apps for Android. It is one of the 1st choices of Android users when it comes to file manager apps for Android. It supports SD card support, cloud storage support, app management, archive extraction support (ZIP file and RAR file), and file compression. You can also clear the trash files of your device with the built-in cleaner feature. The size of the application is just 8.6 MB, which means it will not consume a lot of space on your smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about phone storage consumption.

The interface of the Astro file manager app is simple and attractive and easy to use. If you want to experience the features before the official launch, then you can also join the beta program of Astro file manager.

6 – CX File Explorer

CX file explorer

CX File explorer is a simple and basic file explorer application for Android. The interface of the application is modern-looking, and it supports many cloud storage services to sink data as well as FTP, SMB etc. On the main dashboard of the app, you will find an SD card, main storage and download folders or easily browse the network devices.

The application also includes an app manager to manage your apps, such as uninstalling the apps and clearing the cache file of the application. It is a basic but powerful file manager app for Android. You must try this application for sure.

7 – Files by Google

files by google

Files by Google is a file manager app for Android developed by Google. Personally, I use this application to manage files on my Android device. This file manager app is easy to use, efficient and fast, and it supports all the Google app’s cross-data sync. Like you can sink data between your Google Drive, google photos and supports other google applications. It is one of the best file manager apps, Files by Google helps you to free up some space by recommending unwanted and trash files.

If you want to experience a clean, nonsense, no-float file manager app on Android, then files by Google is the best file manager app for you. Files by Google are available for almost all Android devices 5.0 and above versions. This app also helps users to free up some space with cleaning recommendations in the notifications.

Find files faster with the search option, and share files offline without using your internet connection. Back up your files and apps to the cloud storage and save your phone space. This app is free to use, and you get a completely ad-free experience for security, we know the app is developed by Google, so we all know the security provided by Google. Google apps are trusted by all.

8 – FX File Manager

fx file explorer

FX File Explorer is a newly launched file manager for Android, and it comes with some very useful and interesting features. It supports various functions for your audio, video and other media files, multi-window support, support for network storage like FTP, as well as support for encrypted archived files. It is an ads-free file manager app for Android. If you are using ES file explorer and looking for an alternative to ES file explorer, then FX file explorer could be the choice.

You also get a text editor with the FX file manager app and its archive support works with popular stuff like GZip, Bzip and 7Zip. You must try the FX file manager app once.

9 – X-Plore File Manager

xplore file manager

X-Plore file manager is another best file manager app for Android that supports various file formats, cloud storage, One-Drive, Mega.co, Dropbox, yandex.disk, mail.ru, Webdav and network storage protocols such as FTP, SMB, DLNA and UPnP. This file manager app also provides some other powerful features which include root support, built-in text editors, USB and OTG support and many other useful features.

This app offers a dual-pane tree view, with 2 folders of your choice shown simultaneously. This feature makes it easy to copy and paste the files and data from one folder to another folder.

10 – Root Explorer

root explorer

Root Explorer is another best file explorer app for Android smartphones. As the name of the app suggests that it is developed for rooted smartphones especially. If you are a tech enthusiast and smartphone explorer, then you must download and use this interesting file manager app for your rooted smartphones.

If you are looking for a file explorer that can show you all the internal files of your Android device, or you use some apps on your smartphones that only work with rooted smartphones. Then you must download the root explorer file manager app for your rooted Android device. This app will show you all the core files of your Android operating system. But this application is a paid file manager application which will cost you $3.99(300 INR only)

You get some premium features with the root file explorer app such as SQL Lite database viewer, text editor, multi-select, execute scripts, remount, permissions, bookmarks and many more.

11 – Solid Explorer

solid explorer

It is a great file manager app that lives up with its name, Solid explorer is one of the best file manager app in its category. Other than regular file manager features, it also offers paid add-ons for cloud storage support. You can also manage your files on Google Drive, One drive, Dropbox, Box, Yandex, Mega etc. very easily. Paid plugins are available for USB, OTG support, cast and more. The app also lets users archive and decompress files, along with the support of various network file sharing protocols.

One of the best feature of this app is that it’s fingerprint and password protection for all the files and folder stored on your phone or SD card. There are many other customization options, including custom themes and icon sets.

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