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If you are searching for bunker hill security apps? If yes, then here is the list of some best bunker hill security camera apps. In this article, we created a list of the best bunker hill security camera apps for Android and iOS. You can keep watch on your private property or office remotely by connecting the bunker hill security camera app to your iPhone, Android or PC.

Bunker hill security is a company that makes security systems and cameras for home and office usage. Bunker hill is a reputed brand name in the security companies that provides security cameras for homes and offices.

So, how to choose the best security camera or products for your home. Don’t worry, we will help you to choose. Bunker hill was founded with great customer service and reliable products. The company is a reputed name in the security properties and the sales after service are best.

Bunker Hill Security makes surveillance DVRs, outdoor cameras, colour cameras, wireless systems, night vision cameras and alert systems.

Using these bunker hill security camera apps, you can secure your home office or any other place.

We all need security cameras at our home or workspace to protect our privacy from the unknown people who can access our PC etc. in our absence. We can use our old smartphone or TV or DVR as a CCTV camera using bunker hill security camera apps. Simply download and install bunker hill security apps and turn your phone into a CCTV camera and operate it remotely.

Let’s see the list of bunker hill security camera apps to download.

1 – TinyCam Monitor Free IP Camera Viewer

TinyCam Monitor is a free-to-use bunker hill security camera app for Android that you can download from the Google Play Store and App Store. It supports all the IoT devices, doesn’t matters if you are using any cheap Chinese IoT devices at your home. If you are searching for a remote surveillance camera app, then the TinyCam app could be the perfect choice for you. You can add multiple camera devices to this app and monitor every corner of your home.

tiny cam

Tinycam monitor is one of the best bunker hill security camera apps available for Android. This app is best for remote surveillance. With the Tinycam security camera app, you can control the recorded digital videos of your private or public network or the IP cameras, video encoders and DVRs.

If you are looking for the best bunker hill security app to track your pets, home, baby, business, traffic and weather remotely then you must download and try this amazing security camera app.

The interface of this application is easy to use and with some useful features. This application is free to download. Some cool features of Tinycam monitor app is motion detector and alarming feature. But to use these features, you need to buy the premium subscription of the app. These features are so useful and advanced, so every bunker hill security camera app offers these features as a paid feature.

Free Features of tinycam monitor

  • Supports ONVIF Profile S IoT devices 
  • MPEG4/H264/H265 for many cams via RTSP protocol, e.g. Dahua, FDT, Hikvision, Huisun, Reolink, Sricam
  • Supports the H.264 codec for cameras like Foscam and Amcrest.
  • P2P support for some models w/ 20 characters UID, e.g. Wyze Cam, Neos SmartCam.
  • Support for MJPEG based devices
  • P2P support for models w/17 characters UID, e.g. CamHi.
  • 2-way audio (talking and listening).
  • Control PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) enabled devices.
  • Relay, LED control for some models.
  • LAN scanner for automatic cams detection.
  • SSL support (HTTPS protocol).
  • Sequence mode for automatic cameras switching.
  • Features 17 various layouts with an unlimited number of cameras.
  • Group cameras by tags.
  • CPU/GPU efficient. HW accelerated video decoding.
  • Options to import or export settings to the storage or cloud services.

Pro features of tinycam monitor

  • Allows 24×7 MP4 video recording to local storage and also to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, ownCloud/NextCloud, and FTP/FTPS servers as well.
  • Pro version won’t show any ads
  • Has Time-lapse recording.
  • Video player with options like fast/slow archive playback.
  • Even allows remote archive access and live view from the Internal web server
  • Selected models even support both in-app and on-camera motion detection
  • Features like face detection, audio real-time processing, simultaneous audio monitoring from multiple cameras
  • Front/rear Android camera support for use as an IP camera or dashcam
  • Records background audio
  • Sensors such as temperature sensors, humidity, etc are supported 
  • Android TV interface with PiP mode on Android TV 7.0+.
  • Supports Chromecast, Android Wear, widgets, floating windows

2 – AtHome Camera

athome camera

If you are planning to buy a security camera for your home or office. What will happen if you can turn your iPhone, computer or set-up box into security cameras? Isn’t it cool? Athome camera is an amazing application that helps you to do things. You can convert your iPhone, PC or setup box into a security camera. So you don’t need to buy a new security camera for your home.

Simply take any of your old smartphones and install the Athome video streamer app on your device and that’s it.

The smartphone will be acting as a CCTV camera. You will also be getting alerts of unusual activities. Only you need a unique connection ID from the Athome video streamer that is installed on your smartphone. You can easily get your connection ID from the AtHome camera app, and after you enter the unique CID on another smartphone, you can enjoy the live streaming. This security camera app is available for Android and iOS.

Features of AtHome Camera App

  • Two-way Talk
  • Accurate alarms
  • Remote monitoring
  • Enhanced Night Vision
  • Multi-view Display
  • Time-lapse
  • Multi-platform app

3 – Alfred Home Security Camera

alfred home security

Are you looking for a perfect bunker hill security camera app alternative to monitor your home, pets, baby etc? Then why not try Alfred home security camera app and monitor your home or workspace remotely. You can monitor the things you need.

There are some exciting features this application offers such as live-streaming, instant thief alert, night vision, walkir talkie and cloud storage to store the video footage, and share and playback your video recordings.

Features of Alfred Home Security Camera App

  • Stream any time
  • Unlimited cloud storage space
  • Walkie-talkie feature
  • Night vision
  • 360 camera
  • Options such as Zoom, schedule, circle, siren, trust reminder etc

4 – Security Camera CZ

security camera cz

Security camerz CZ is another best bunker hill security camera app with some advanced features you are getting for free. If you have an old smartphone, and you want to use it as a CCTV camera, then you can do it using the security camera CZ app. This application will turn your old smartphone into a security camera. Now you can monitor anything you want at your home or workspace remotely.

This app records the detected motion as a set of pictures, and that also lets you browse those photos quickly at any time. You can also get the view of detected motion as a video. But this bunker security camera app is available for Android only.

Security Camera CZ Features

  • Adjustable sensitivity of motion detection.
  • Smart motion detection.
  • No false alarms.
  • High-quality live video recording
  • Two-way talk-back function.
  • Features like zoom, night vision, and torch.
  • HD quality pictures of motions.
  • Option to store recorded images in Google Drive.
  • Multiple free cameras all in one system.
  • Option to schedule motion detection.
  • Option to control motion detection when you are nearby.
  • Siren alarm when motion is detected.

5 – MotionEye App – Home Surveillance System

motion eye

motionEye is another free bunker hill security camera app for Android. This is a perfect alternative to a bunker hill surveillance app. Motioneye is an app to interact with motioneye-powered camera devices. The MotionEye app is a home surveillance system that offers a native motion eye interface, which unlike other motion-eye client apps maintains a consistent motion eye user interface. You can add multiple camera networks so that you can see recordings of more than one camera on it.

It also supports other network cameras. You can also save videos and photos captured by this application directly on Google Drive. Download this bunker hill security camera app and secure your home.

Features of motionEye app features

  • It allows you to add multiple network cameras
  • View all your network streams at once from the home screen of the application
  • The app allows you to download motion-triggered pictures or videos that are accumulated on cloud storage like Google Drive etc.
  • Free to download

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