Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for Android and iOS

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard App

Want to change the keyboard size of your Android smartphone? In this article, you will know how to change the size of the keyboard on your phone and make the icons bigger. It will also help you to type faster because of the large keys on the bigger keyboard. If you use the default Google keyboard, then there are lots of features that Google keyboard offers to the Android users. One of them is resizing the Android keyboard and making it bigger or smaller.

Bigger keyboard apps are good and very comfortable for the users who have big fingers. So because of big fingers there are more chances of mistyping. Having bigger keys on the keyboard will help you to type very precisely. Microsoft keyboard app is a popular keyboard application for Android and iPhone.

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But if you don’t use Google Keyboard, then there are many bigger keyboard apps in the market you can download and make your keyboard bigger. The article is all about one of the most popular keyboard apps, which is Swift Keyboard. It comes with many interesting and unique features you can use and improve your typing experience with the bigger keyboard.

Swift keyboard offers large keyboard keys for fast typists and the people who feel uncomfortable with the small keyboard. So why not download Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard for better typing experience.

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Swift Keyboard is a most downloaded keyboard app for Android and iOS, developed by Microsoft Corporation. The app was first launched in July 2010. The keyboard is an intelligent keyboard that predicts the next words automatically. It will also improve your English writing and conversation as well.

It also provides new emojis users can use while chatting. The keyboard also supports different languages and supports more than 400 languages. The size of the application for Android is 13.53 MB and for iOS the size of the app is 161.8 MB.

Bigger keyboard apps for Android and iPhone

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