7 Best Big Button Keyboard Apps for Android and iOS

Bigger keyboard apps for Android and iPhone

There are hundreds of keyboard apps available on the Google Play Store and App Store. Many of them are developed for emoji and GIF fans. But many people with big fingers feels uncomfortable to use small sized Android keyboards. But in this article, we have listed best bigger keyboard apps.

There are many advantages of Android that it is highly customized, and we have different types of applications for different purposes. But we don’t get enough freedom with the iOS platform. We can change the overall theme of the Android and other appearances, and can do many other customizations.

If you want to customize your Android keyboard, then there are many options to customize your Android keyboard. Users can make their keyboard bigger and smaller than per your convenience. There are many bigger keyboard apps for Android you can download from the Google Play Store and use. In this article, we have listed some best bigger keyboard apps for Android.

Large keyboard apps lets you adjust the size of the keys and your board as per your comfort.

7 Best Big Button Keyboard for Android and iOS

Large keyboard apps lets you adjust the size of the keys and your board as per your comfort. Download best bigger Android keyboard apps for Android and iPhone.

1 – MessageEase Keyboard

[appbox appstore screenshots id990325092]

It is one of the most popular bigger keyboard apps for Android smartphones. This app was developed by an American company, Exideas which is based in California. The MessageEase keyboard could be difficult for beginners who are first using this application. Active users will notice that the interface is rather strange and unusual. It is one of the best bigger keyboard apps for Android and iPhone.

If you have eye visibility problems, or you want to speed up your typing speed with a bigger keyboard, then the MessageEase bigger keyboard app is perfect for you. Download this interesting keyboard app and improve your typing accuracy.

2 – Classic Big Keyboard

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.appstech.classic&hl=en]

Classic big keyboard is another best bigger keyboard app for Android, that comes with many exciting and useful features. You can adjust the size of the keys on your keyboard. Change the sound and the vibration of typing. You can change the theme of your keyboard to make it more cool. Select the favorite top and bottom rows of the keyboard, long press the Enter key to access the keyboard settings. Users can swipe the space bar from side to side to change the language of the keyboard. You can select from the different keyboard formats such as QWERTY, Hindi – English keyboard etc.

Tips to use Classic Big Keyboard

  • Swipe the space bar from side to side for switching between languages.
  • Long press the enter key to open the keyboard settings.
  • Long press or double-click the shift key for “caps lock”.
  • Long press the emoji button to open a textual emojis popup.
  • Show the hidden symbols which are typed by long pressing on the keys (enable in Settings → Themes → Show hidden symbols).

3 – Large Keyboard for Android

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.bigbuttonkeyboard.classictyping.largekeyboard]

Huge Keyboard is another popular bigger keyboard app for Android, you can download from the Google Play Store. Huge keyboard provides you with a bigger keyboard interface for better interaction with the keyboard. Because of the bigger keyboard, you will not make mistakes. The application requires Android version 4.1 and above. Below are some best features of the Huge keyboard. Large keyboard offers big buttons and voice typing features also.

Features of Large Keyboard for Android

  • Adjust the size of the keys on your keyboard
  • Change the sound and vibration of typing
  • Select your favorite font of the keyboard
  • Select the favorite top and bottom rows of the keyboard
  • Swipe the space bar from side to side to change language
  • Long press the ‘Enter’ key to access the keyboard settings

4 – Big Buttons Keyboard Standard

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.bigbuttons]

It is a very safe keyboard app for Android and doesn’t collect any data of the users such as google keyboard does. There are both advantages and disadvantages of collecting data of a user. It helps in showing interest based advertisements. Bit button keyboard has a bigger number and punctuation keys, and makes everything you type on your keyboard. Bigger keys will reduce the mistakes while typing messages to someone, and it will improve your communication and typing skills as well. You must try this bigger keyboard app for Android.

Another powerful version of Big buttons keyboard is available – Big Buttons keyboard deluxe, but it will cost you $2.99. The paid version of the application provides you emojis, voice to text output, word prediction, large cursor keys and many more other useful features.

5 – 1C Big Keyboard

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.onecwearable.keyboard]

If you are an aged person, and we all know that the strength of eyes becomes weak in our olden days. Don’t worry, the IC big keyboard is perfect for the people who don’t have good visibility over their small keyboard. Then download the IC bigger keyboard app for your smartphone and speed up your typing and make fewer mistakes. If you have good eye vision, then maybe bigger keyboards are not for you. Don’t fill your phone space by downloading these types of applications if you don’t need them.

But this application is very useful for the people who like to use big keyboards on their smartphones for better visibility. But that speed and accuracy you can also achieve on the default keyboard of your phone.

6 – Large Keyboard – Big Button Keyboard

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.bigbuttonkeyboard.classictyping.largekeyboard]

As the name of the application suggests that, it is a big buttons keyboard. And to be honest it’s really huge keyboard to use, your typing speed will increase for sure. It is the perfect keyboard app for the people who have big fingers. If you are not comfortable with the size of the keyboard, then you can also resize(increase or decrease) the keyboard.

This big keyboard app supports different languages, emojis, characters, sounds and vibrations for typing. You can also modify the top and bottom row of the keyboard. It also supports gestures, and you can apply different themes as per your taste. The application comes with advertisements that can be annoying for some users, but you can remove those ads by purchasing the premium version of Huge Keyboard, which will cost you $0.62 only. With the premium version, you get additional premium keyboard themes and features.

7 – Easy Big Keyboard

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.gamelounge.keyboard.easy.big]

Easy Big Keyboard is another best Android Keyboard for those people who need an Android keyboard with large keys for better typing experience. If you are looking for a big keyboard app in which your big fingers will perfectly fit in. It will also improve your typing experience and speed as well. It’s not just a large keyboard, but it is also packed with many useful features.

You can search for different emojis and GIFs on this keyboard. Gestures, colored navigation bar and multi-language support is provided by this application. One interesting and useful features is one-handed mode and split layout.

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