Ling App Review – Learn 60+ languages at Home

Isn’t it cool and impressive to have knowledge of multiple languages? Want to learn multiple languages then the Ling Application can help you. There are more than 60+ languages you can learn from here. In this article, we are going to review the ling app and its features and specialties.

ling application website interface

Ling App Review

Wanna learn a new language with the help of an app and add a new language set to your own collection that you can speak many languages. Learning languages is an art and passion also. Many of the people around us we see in our daily life are able to speak multiple languages.


We are amazed to see how a person can learn so many languages even though most people face problems with the English language. As the English language is one of the easiest languages and is most common.


We can learn anything easily. God has made human beings the most intelligent living organisms in the whole universe.


Brief introduction about Ling Application

Ling app is a free language learning application. Simply It is like a virtual classroom where you can immerse yourself in the language and improve from pronunciation to spelling. The ling app is developed by Simya Labs Company Limited.


Ling app uses some special funny and interesting method by which anyone can learn a new language very easily. There are lots of games, challenges, and puzzles.


Learn new languages in a funny way! with Ling App


So let’s review the ling app 🙂



Ling App Review – How to Use the Ling App

Let’s go to the homepage of the Ling application and see how to operate it properly. When you open the app you don’t need to waste your time in creating an account you can simply sign in with your Google account, Facebook account, or any other email account.


Then choose any language you want to learn. Once you select the language then the application will adapt you to an appropriate learning program. 


The AI-based chatbot helps you to train your language skills. When you learn some words of a specific language you can see those learned words on the home page of the application with other necessary learning materials together.


The chatbot creates automatic dialogues, sentences, and answer options with audio translation as well which is a good thing. Word learning function offers you interactive surveys, puzzles, games, and flashcards with filled words and pictures for better understanding and memorizing.


If you want to test your skills and knowledge you can also give an exam with the provided tooltips on request. All you have to do is place the words in the correct order. The application also offers you to speak on different topics with natives.


Features of Ling Application

  • Flashcards
  • Word quizzes
  • Match pictures with the corresponding word
  • Sort sentences into the correct order
  • Writing practice using your finger and smartphone screen
  • Complete the unfinished sentence

…. And much, much more!


While learning any language you can record your pronunciation and can check the correctness later. You can also set the specific speed for the voice. As well you can also keep proper track of your overall performance in your profile section. The performance report will be recorded from the first day of the application usage. 


The UI of the Ling app is so simple and easy to use as well as very entertaining you will not get bored by seeing the UI again and again daily. The user experience is also good.


The app is freely available on the google play store as well on the app store for free. But you can buy the premium version of the application for more advanced features and language support which you will not get in the free version of the app. So go and download this amazing and useful app now.


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