Classic Big Keyboard App: Review

Classic Big Keyboard

Classic Big Keyboard is a keyboard application with many features such as increase or decrease the size of the keys. If you have big fingers, then this feature is going to be very useful for you. If you are looking for some best bigger keyboard apps, then Classic big keyboard could solve your problem. Generally, the old aged people don’t have good visibility on their smartphone’s default keyboard. They do not help your grandparents by downloading a big keyboard app on their smartphone. So that they can easily navigate the keys on the keyboard and don’t get stress on their eyes.

Classic Big Keyboard is a popular keyboard app for Android you can download free from the Google Play Store and use it. The app also comes with a paid version, in the paid version you will get some additional and premium features such as emoji store, keyboard themes and many more. You can adjust the size of the keys of the keyboard and change the fonts of the keyboard. Users can also control the sound and vibration of the keyboard and make your typing experience more comfortable.

You can also customize dictionaries, predictions and auto corrections, and also define the shortcuts to your own custom shortcuts. Change the theme of the keyboard and customize the look and feel of the keyboard and the information displayed on it.

Choose from a wide range of keyboard theme collections and apply on your phone keyboard. Voice typing features are also there, which is very useful when we don’t want to type on the physical keyboard. Simply say anything and the words will be written on your screen automatically. Also, you can define your favorite gesture for making predefined actions by swiping your fingers on the keyboard.

Here are some features of this bigger keyboard app:

  • Customize your typing preferences.
  • Select your favorite theme from many themes which are unique to the Classic Keyboard.
  • Customize the look of the keyboard and the information displayed on it.
  • Select your favorite top and bottom rows of the keyboard.
  • Voice typing by translating your speech to text.
  • “Swipe typing” by dragging your fingers across keys to type.
  • Swipe the space bar from side to side for switching between languages.
  • Long press the enter key to open the keyboard settings.
  • Long press or double-click the shift key for “caps lock”.
  • Long press the emoji button to open a textual emojis popup.
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