EyeMeasure Pupillary Distance App – Review

eyemeasure pupillary distance measurement app

EyeMeasure Pupillary Distance App

Eye Measure is a pupillary distance app for iOS. You can turn your iPhone into a 3D body scanner and measurement device for purchasing prescription Rx glasses online. This application lets you measure your Pupillary distance from eye to eye and instantly know segment height at near and far distances.

It is one of the best pupil distance apps for the iPhone. You don’t need mirrors, credit cards, tape measure or objects to measure your pupillary distance. The application is so accurate, that you can get the accuracy up to 0.5 mm.

Note: The app is compatible with iPhone X or newer models of iPhones. Because it uses some unique sensors, you will not find them on other iPhone series. That’s why iPhone X is the minimum requirement to use this pupillary distance app.

There are some unique features of the EyeMeasure app that we will be discussing below. The user interface of the app is so clean and easy to use. Suppose you haven’t used any pupillary distance app before. Don’t worry, you can operate this app very easily. Let’s have a look at some key features of EyeMeasure app:

Key features of the EyeMeasure App

  • Instant IPD measurements for near and far focal lengths.
  • Instant Segment Height (SH) for progressive lens orders online.
  • Perfect for use with Free Home Try-on glasses. Info in the app on where to try this.
  • Share with the retailer for further analysis and measurements in 3D.
  • Order online prescription glasses for the first time with confidence.