CP Clicker – Review (Auto Clicker App)

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CP Clicker – Auto Clicker App

CP clicker is an auto clicker app for iPhone and Android developed by Ricoh Co. Ltd. It is an easy to use augmented reality mobile app for clickable paper service by Ricoh. It is a new cross media AR service enabling users to point a smartphone/ tablet at any printed surface and provide immediate one touch access to the multiple online resources such as videos, multimedia, websites, blogs, ecommerce stores, social networks etc. Simply point and click and enjoy exploring rich online contents or services. The full form of CP is Clickable Paper. If you are reading magazines, and you like an article about big data or whatever topic, and you want to learn more about that topic. Or you see a pair of jeans or shots you want to buy or make reservations at a restaurant that has given reviews. CP Clicker is one of the best auto clicker apps out there.

If you’ve scanned a QR code, you’re familiar with interactive print. However, Clickable Paper is a lot easier to use, and it provides multiple links, not just one.

CP Clicker is available for Android and iOS. Download CP auto clicker app.