12 Best Font Style Apps to Change Fonts

Stylish Font Apps

Want to decorate your social media pages or business pages? So why not use some professional fonts. You don’t need to be a blogger or designer to decorate your social media pages or other business marketing material. There are many apps to change font style in the market you can download for your Android or iOS device.

Show your creativity to the world by giving stylish fonts to your creations, it could be a banner, poster or infographic. Infographics are so popular these days. Because of infographic images, you can also get quality backlinks for your blog or website.

Sometimes we need to create birthday invitation cards or any other occasion cards, so why not show our creativity and create a professional invitation card. There are hundreds of fonts you can choose from the font library of the font style apps. Let’s have a look at some font style apps for Android and iPhone.

Font Style Apps for Android and iPhone

1 – Fonts

Fonts keyboard is a popular app for changing fonts and keyboard on your Android device. There are many font styles you can decide from and use for your projects. The new fonts are best for social media and chat rooms.

The size of the application is small, and it doesn’t consume a lot of your phone storage space. The application is well optimized for the Android platform. It doesn’t matter which company smartphone you are using, the font style app will work very fine on your device.

The developers regularly add new and stylish fonts on certain time intervals. Fancy and trendy fonts will not only help you to decorate your social media or brand profile, but also it will be a joy to read the fonts while doing your daily tasks. Create unique and stylish infographics using the professional and stylish fonts from the app library.

Below are the features of Font App:

Easy to use interface

Large variety of stylish fonts

Change the look of the keyboard of your smartphone

Diversify your page content

Fonts are supported by almost all social media platforms

Available for – Android

2 – iFont

iFont is another best font style app you can download for your Android device. This font style application is best for this smartphone enthusiast who like to make their device look its best. Give a unique touch to your smartphone. There is a large library of stylish fonts you can choose as per your taste and purpose. The font library gets regular updates and developers add new fonts in those updates.

Below are the features offered by iFont app:

New Stylish fonts every new month

Attractive and user-friendly interface

Give a unique look to your smartphone

Available for – Android

3 – Font Fix

FontFix is another best font style app with lots of different and new stylish fonts. There are more than 4000 fonts available to install on your smartphone. Many of the fonts in the font library are paid, but there are also many attractive and professional fonts you can download and install for free. 

You can also see the preview of fonts before applying. Download all the fonts and see the preview of the fonts. Font Fix is an app that will help you decide and install the font you like on your smartphone. You can add, install and modify the system fonts as well.

Available for – Android

4 – Stylish Text

Stylish Text font style app allows you to add features to any word or phase you wish. With this app, you will be able to change any text. You can share the text to different social networking apps.

If you are searching for a stylish font app to use stylish fonts on WhatsApp, then it is one of the best font keyboards for WhatsApp. You can also make stickers and use it on different social media apps. Create new styles or edit the existing with options to add symbols or Emoji. Choose from a wide range of special Unicode symbols for decorative greetings and nicknames. Generate nicknames using the nickname generator tool built inside the application, you can use for free. Generate different stylish names for your social media handles or gaming handles.

Available for – Android

5 – Font Changer

Font Changer is a popular font style app for android smartphones, that allows you to change the fonts of your phone easily. It is a free to use font style app for Android to create cool stylish font messages, Facebook updates, Instagram Bio or to make stylish font tweets.

There are more than 50 stylish fonts you can use for free. Type your messages in cool fonts with the selected fonts and copy. The app also allows you to paste copied text in any other application such as messenger, WhatsApp, or the notepad app of your phone.

Available for – Android

6 – Magic Font

Magic font is another best and popular stylish font app for Android. The font style app contains a big library of latest and new fonts. You can easily use any of the fonts as per your need. Maybe you want to wish your close one-person good morning wishes or any other type of special messages on his/ her birthday, you can create your own stylish font messages and send them.

It is one of the best 3D stylish font apps you can download. There are 20+ stylish 3D fonts with their 3D preview. Our experience with this stylish font app was perfect.

Available for – Android

7 – Gothic Fonts

Gothic fonts is another best font change app for Android users that allows you to easily change the fonts of your smartphone. It is a free and easy to use font style application where you will get a huge library of various font style effects and use them for free.

Apply any of the fonts from the library and use them for free. All the fonts are free to use and all the fonts are from Korean fonts. Users can also edit the fonts and install them to your smartphone.

Available for – Android

8 – Font Maker

Font maker is one of the best font style apps for iPhone users. This font style tool or app is popular in the iOS community. Millions of iPhone enthusiasts use this app to give a unique look to the fonts of their iPhone.

The application is easy to use, and you can create your own custom font and font style. Use the app to write stylish messages and send them messages via social media. Users can also customize the app as per their ease and mood and get unique fonts on your iOS smartphone.

Available for – iOS

9 – Hi Font

Hi Font is another popular font style app for Android. If you are bored with seeing the same fonts on your smartphones daily, then why not try the HiFont app. HiFont app is designed to turn the default fonts into stylish fonts. That’s why it is one of the best font style apps for Android. It is very simple to use and there are hundreds of stylish fonts available in the app library of HiFont application.

Decorate your smartphone with the latest stylish fonts and give a unique finish and touch to your smartphone. After using the HiFont app, your friends will definitely ask you about the font app you are using. Everyone in your group would like to copy your style.

In case you want to change the stylish fonts to the default font of your smartphone, HiFint will be able to restore the default system font with a single tap. The app works without rooting the smartphone.

Available for – Android

10 – FancyKey Keyboard 2017

Fancykey keyboard is a complete solution for those smartphone users who prefer a variety of fonts and many other features. If you are bored with your regular, boring keys on your smartphone keyboard. If your answer is yes, then change your keyboard and fonts into bright and beautiful ones.

The stylish fonts keyboard comes with great design and style which is appealing for both children’s and adults. The letters of the keyboard are bright, and it also comes with emojis. There are funny faces that display multiple emotions to express your feelings and send via text messages on different chatting platforms such as stranger or local chatting apps. It is one of our favorite font style and keyboard app for Android.

There are lots of features offered by this popular font style and keyboard app.

Available for – Android

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