7 Best Insurance Mobile Apps in the United States for Android and iOS

We all take insurance for different purposes. Health insurance, car insurance, and others. But how to choose the best insurance app and take the best beneficial insurance for you and your family. There are plenty of insurance companies out there in the United States. But which one is best to choose with the maximum benefits and less paperwork. That’s why insurance companies have launched their own insurance mobile apps so that customers can download their insurance apps and choose the best policies for them. In this article we have listed some best insurance apps in the USA you can download from the google play store and app store. Register yourself on any of the apps that fit your needs and buy an insurance policy for you or your family.

Compare the different insurance companies listed on these insurance apps and choose the perfect insurance cover for you, your family and vehicle, or any other assets.

Best Insurance Apps You Need in 2021 for Your New Insurance Policy

In this list of best insurance apps, our team of experts and some of our insurance agents work with creating this list and that’s why we are recommending these best insurance apps for you. So let’s have a look at them.

1 – Jerry – Best Insurance App

jerry insurance app

Jerry is a car and bike insurance app you can buy insurance for your car. Jerry is the easiest way to compare and buy car insurance. You don’t need to fill the long forms to take insurance, you will not get spammy or unwanted phone calls, get a variety of insurance options from the top insurance companies. The overall rating of this app is 4.7 out of 5 which is the best rating for an application. There are more than 50+ insurance companies listed on this app. The signup process is so simple and easy you can sign up within 45 to 50 seconds. When you are ready to switch then Jerry will do all paperwork for you for your new insurance policy. Local insurance agents and shopping sites only show you 5 to 7 insurance companies but on Jerry, you get a wide range of companies with different insurance plans. It is one of the most popular insurance applications in the United States and is available nationwide. Jerry Insurance Agency is a licensed insurance company in 50 states of the USA.

Download for – Android and iOS

2 – Socotra

It is another best personal auto insurance platform to insure your vehicles with the best offerings and benefits. If you are looking for a platform that helps you to transform your personal auto insurance into business then you can choose Socotra. This platform provides global insurers with the modern and enterprise-grade core system that enables them to accelerate their product development, reduce the maintenance cost and improve their customer experience. Socotra is a San Fransisco-based cloud-native core platform for insurance which was founded in the year 2014 and it is the first core system to believe its API and configuration formats are open source.

socotra insurance company

Reduce the complexities of your policies and manage them effectively with Socotra. Its flexible configuration is supported for personal, specialty, commercial and tern lifelines. The platform is easy to operate its easy configuration, create your policy documents, effective quote and bind make it unique.

3 – Geico Mobile – Best Insurance App

Which mobile app for insurance you met a car accident or flat tire or any other major problem with your vehicle? Geico mobile is one of the best auto insurance apps out there for vehicles. Geico mobile app is ranked no.1 on Dynatrace’s mobile insurance scoreboard which means a lot for an application. If you are looking for the best auto insurance app for your vehicle then you must go with Geico. This app allows users to operate it with voice commands. It supports Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistant to use the following features. Let’s have a look at some features of Geico mobile an auto insurance app.

geico mobile insurance app

  • Users can access the insurance policies by using Digital ID cards
  • The Kate(Geico mobile virtual assistant) offers quick answers on policy information, coverage, billing information, and other details as well
  • The in-app parking locator feature of this app helps users to book parking before arriving at the destination
  • Users can send photo estimates of the damage by using these insurance mobile car apps which is a very convenient feature
  • You can set reminders for insurance bill payments, update card information and download your ID cards

Download for – Android and iOS

4 – Global Life – Best Health Insurance App

global life the best health insurance company

If you are a health-conscious person and everyone should be. Then this health insurance app could be the right and perfect choice for you. There are plenty of health insurance apps are launching per month because of the rise in the healthcare industry which is a good thing. But when it comes to the insurance industry the Global Life Health insurance app provides you the best and beneficial options to choose a policy from. Global life insurance app provides hassle-free term insurance and whole life insurance plans without an insurance agent visit or medical exam. This life insurance app offers life insurance, accidental benefits and mortgage protection plans, and many more other plans. Some of the talking points of Global life are:

  • You can set up a one-time payment
  • Pay your monthly premium payments
  • Accept additional coverage options when eligible for them
  • Connect with an insurance agency via social media handles

Download for – Android and iOS

5 – Farmers Mobile – Best Insurance App for Farmers

As the name of the app explains everything clearly that this insurance app is for farmers especially. It is one of the most popular farmer insurance mobile apps that allows farmers to view and manage their insurance policy details, access another farmer’s insurance-related information, and pay EMIs in simple steps from anywhere and anytime. This app is developed for farmers, especially those whose lands are covered under insurance plans. Some key features of this app are:

Farmer’s insurance holders can access their policy details, pay EMIs, view their digital insurance codes, and many more other details
In case of any problem or queries users can reach out to Farmers or your farmer’s agent and they will resolve any doubt or problem. And the good thing is that you can ask them in offline mode
Users can get instant access to the digital documents related to their policies for auto policies or home policies even when they are logged out from the app
Remember me feature in the app lets users access the policy details, pay bills, and do other things without logging into the app every time which is a time-saving thing

Download for – Android and iOS

6 – Esurance Mobile – Best Travel Insurance App

If you are a traveler then you must buy a policy from Esurance mobile insurance company. Thousands of travelers and vloggers are already using this app for cheap and breezy travel so why not use it and start your journey by insuring yourself with Esurance. It is a traveler insurance mobile app that offers overseas travel insurance with no extra hidden charges and puts technology at the heart of everything they offer and do. The main highlight of this travel insurance app is that it offers pay per day feature that allows the app to track the location of the user and automatically issues an insurance policy when the traveler crosses the border of a new country which is a good thing. You don’t need to buy a new policy when entering a new country.

It also offers the best money management feature that helps users to manage and spend their hard-earned money/currency more effectively while traveling.

Download for – Android and iOS

7 – myCigna – Best Travel Insurance App

MyCigna is another best travel insurance app out there that has revolutionized and simplified the whole travel experience. So why not take some benefit from those and buy travel insurance? Cigna Health and fitness company has launched their insurance app for iOS for the first time and they are offering a quick and easy way to take travel insurance no matter in which part of the world you are.

mycigna best travel insurance company and app

MyCigna insurance app offers a large variety of insurance plans that fits into your budget and gives you the maximum benefit. Get insurance and protection on the go for any emergency medical expenses, travel delays, safeguard your luggage and valuable items against loss or theft. Get insurance within 2 minutes that fits into your needs. You can access your policy details anywhere and anytime.

Download for – Android and iOS

What is the best car insurance app?

App name Best for App store rating
Allstate Drivewise New drivers 4.8
Esurance Drivesense Parents/guardians of young drivers 4.5
Geico mobile app Features 4.8
Progressive App Ease of use 3.5