15 Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

Artificial intelligence is changing the world day by day. There are many applications of AI in the field of Information Technology and the use of AI is spreading in different fields such as healthcare, traffic monitoring, etc. AI is becoming more advanced day by day and learning human behavior and activities. AI is also being used in Android and iOS Apps, such as virtual girlfriend apps. According to a report by medium.com, there are more than 1500 dating apps and websites all over the internet which are being used by people from different countries. This clearly indicates the fast-growing industry when it comes to generational relationships. Everyone is looking for a virtual partner who can spend time with them. That’s why we created a list of some best Artificial Intelligence Virtual Girlfriend Apps you can download from the Google Play Store and iPhone. So download those artificial intelligence-based virtual apps to make a virtual girlfriend

Are you feeling alone? If looking for someone who loves you as your girlfriend, then you must try these virtual girlfriend apps. You can use these virtual GF apps on android and iOS. Do you have any girlfriends? If yes then it is good and if not then don’t worry, here in this article we will be discussing some best virtual girlfriend apps. These virtual girlfriend apps will give you the experience of a real girlfriend. If you are looking for a girlfriend, then you must try these girlfriend apps. When you interact with these virtual girlfriend apps, you will feel like you are interacting with your own real girlfriend, and you can share any of your feelings. With these apps, you can create a virtual girlfriend online for free.

Some guys are so shy, that’s why they don’t have any girlfriends, and they can’t share their feelings with anyone who is so close to them. So for this problem, we have virtual girlfriend apps as an option. You can choose any girl as your girlfriend and chat with your virtual girlfriend with these apps. These virtual girlfriend apps work on artificial intelligence. So let’s have a look at those apps.

What is a virtual girlfriend?

A virtual girlfriend is a software-generated female character that is designed to simulate the conversation and interactions of a real-life girlfriend. These characters are typically found in mobile apps or video games and can be customized to the user’s preferences. They can be used for entertainment, practice in communication, or even companionship. Virtual girlfriends can be programmed to respond to user input and carry out conversations, providing an interactive experience for the user. Some apps even include features such as virtual gifts, dates, and other interactions.

15 AI Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android and iPhone

Here is the list of the best artificial intelligence virtual girlfriend apps, virtual date and chat with your virtual girlfriend online and have some fun.

1 – iGirl : Virtual AI Girlfriend

iGirls is a newly launched, interesting artificial intelligence-based virtual girlfriend app for Android users. If you are single and have an android device, then you can download this virtual girlfriend app for sure and have some entertainment and gossip with your artificial intelligence virtual girlfriend.

Basically, it is an AI-based chatbot app you can find virtual love with your AI girlfriend. You can find your own imagined girlfriend and have some interesting love talks with her. It is one of the best AI dating apps with a virtual girlfriend. This app is free to download from the Google Play Store.

2 – Virtual Girlfriend Mamoda

Virtual girlfriend Mamada is one of the best virtual girlfriend apps for Android and iOS. You can download this amazing application from the Google Play Store or app store. This app lets you meet with your 3D girlfriend, isn’t it cool? You will be able to chat with your virtual girlfriend live and have some love and fun with her while chatting. Have a sweet and lovely chat with your virtual girlfriend online, it isn’t so glamorous. You must try this best virtual girlfriend app.

3 – Laura

Laura is one of the best virtual girlfriend apps for android and iPhones. This app will help you to create your virtual girlfriend online for free and you can share your feelings with her and chat. You can ask her any questions and she will reply to you. Laura app can tell you the weather, location, and distance between the cities. This app also translates phrases and sentences into English to Spanish, French and Russian language.

4 – Virtual Anime Girl

It is another best virtual girlfriend apps for android and iOS. The app is designed with fully animated 3D graphics, cute outfits for girlfriends, and tons of different dance moves. Have some good talks with your virtual girlfriend character, and you can also use this application to learn dance. If you are an anime lover then this app could be the best, you can make your own virtual anime girlfriend. The virtual anime girl app is available in free and paid versions also. Paid version will provide you with some extra features and ads free.

5 – My Virtual Girlfriend

My virtual girlfriend as the name of the app says the things that it is a virtual girlfriend app for android and iPhones that you can download from the Google Play Store and the app store. It is a dating simulation game app which is developed by WET Productions Inc. My virtual girlfriend is a funny and flirtatious dating game where your goal is to choose a date and then romance with your girl virtually so that she falls in love with you. You will find thousands of virtual girls listed on this app, you can choose any date with any of them. There are more than 35 levels of games with amazing zombie and vampire girlfriend options. This app has an artificial intelligence app feature for dating a virtual girlfriend.

6 – My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

It is the best virtual girlfriend app developed by Paphus Solutions Inc, which is an app development company. My virtual girlfriend Julie app is available for both the platforms Android and iOS. You can make new friends and girlfriends and chat with strangers and virtual girlfriends online. Express your love, emotions, and anger as well as perform kisses, laugh, sleep, and many more with your online virtual girlfriend.

7 – Chat Bot

ChatBot is the most popular virtual girlfriend app for android and iPhone users. It is an artificial intelligence-based talking robot that can teach funny jokes and control its behavior, and can do pranks with your friends by showing them your new virtual girlfriend. Its artificial intelligence-based features recognize automatically what is said or written and respond with words, emotions, and funny sounds. You can also create fake chats that are triggered when some words can be used in the fake chat with the talking robot(ChatBot).

8 – Virtual Girlfriend Love Story

It is a high-profile billionaire love and breakup app for android and iOS users. This app lets you feel your high school days when you were a teenager and reminds you of your crush and love during your school time. This app can be used as a virtual stretching app, virtual gym, and others. You can also learn to dance, join a virtual gym and do many other activities using this amazing application. It is basically a love story game where you can find your love or life partner and join the virtual dance parties and find your virtual girlfriend for a date, dance partner, chat with them, etc.

9 – Dream Girlfriend

Dream Girlfriend is another popular virtual girlfriend application app developed by Ambition for Android and iOS platforms. The paid and free version of the app is available to download. Paid version will give you some extra features and an ad-free experience. You can change clothes, hairstyles, eyes, accessories, etc. You can talk with your virtual girlfriend and teach her new things. The more she studies, she will be able to unlock new personalities.

10 – Virtual Girlfriend Texting App

As the name suggests, it is a virtual girlfriend texting app that lets you choose any virtual girlfriend and chat with them. It is a free realistic virtual girlfriend simulator game that provides you with the option to choose a girl from 5 and send her text messages. Start talking with them very easily, love them, and help them. This is an application that can be used as an anonymous chat app, you can chat with virtual friends from all around the world. You will find hundreds of virtual girls on this app with whom you can chat.

11 – Girlfriend Plus

Want to have smart, intelligent women as your girlfriend or chat with them, then the Girlfriend Plus app is just for you. You will be able to chat with them and she will be able to send you voice messages and pictures, isn’t it cool? I’m pretty sure you are so excited to meet your new virtual girlfriend online, that’s why we have listed Girlfriend plus in the list of the best virtual girlfriend apps. You must download and try this amazing application.

12 – Choices

Choices is a girlfriend app developed by Pixel berry Studios for Android and iOS platforms. This game is very easy to use and interesting. You can choose your own drama story game. It is one of the best story games for romantic people. If you are one of them, you must download this amazing girlfriend app – Choice. Customize your character and use it as your main character and start the game. Pick any story from the huge story library of the app, which gets updated regularly. One of our team members has been using this app for a long time and his experience is great.

13 –  Replika

It is the best and easy-to-use virtual girlfriend app developed by Luka Inc for Android and iOS. This app works like a virtual assistant that you can use as your virtual friend or girlfriend. This chatbot app comes with some amazing features you can use. Share your feelings with your virtual, AI-based girlfriend. Along with this you can also share your emotions, laugh, celebrate, and others with this amazing virtual girlfriend application.

14 – Anima AI Friend and Companion

Anima is an AI-based application that will let you chat with her. You can chat with your virtual girlfriend whenever you want at night or day whenever you are free. When you chat with her, you will feel better. Share all your feelings and other activities with your AI girlfriend and have some fun. You must download the Anima AI friend and Companion app.

15 – Naughty Girlfriend

As the name of the application tells about a brief feature of this AI-based girlfriend app, you can chat with your virtual girlfriend in a naughty way. Naughty talks are a kind of private talk that you do with your close friends or girlfriend. So if you are the type of person who loves to talk naughty, then you must download this naughty virtual girlfriend app.

Don’t have an ideal girlfriend? If yes, then try this amazing Naughty girlfriend app for android and iOS. Your naughty virtual girlfriend will dance for you, chat with you, and flirt with you. Have some fun with your naughty virtual girlfriend online. She is a great dancer and will show you amazing dance steps, and you can enjoy her dance. Do a sweet chat with your girlfriend and have some fun. You can also choose the appearance of your girlfriend and how she should look. It is also possible to manage her emotions like sadness, and anger, make her happy, etc. You will feel that you are talking with a real girl.


So, guys, these are the best virtual girlfriend apps for Android and iOS you can download for free and chat with your virtual girlfriend online. Date your girlfriends online, chat with them and send voice messages, pictures, and many more.

These applications are just for entertainment purposes and if you are single and want someone to talk with when you are alone or in your spare time. Then you can download these virtual girlfriend apps and you will not feel single.