How to Easily Change Video Resolution on Any Platforms

Change Video Resolution on Different Platforms

If you are looking for quick, simple ways to change the video resolution, you have come to the right place. In the article below, you will find some free tools that can help you change video resolution, without any video editing experience required. You can try MiniTool MovieMaker to change video resolution and convert video format on Windows computers, and use other tools to change video resolution on Mac computers and mobile devices.

Generally speaking, video resolution refers to the number of distinct pixels each dimension can display on digital devices. For example, when someone says a video’s resolution is 1024 by 768, that means it has 768 lines that are each 1024 pixels wide. Here is more background information about the video resolution. The most commonly seen types of video resolutions include the following:

Types of Video Resolutions

  • 4320p (7680×4320 pixels, it is also called 8K)
  • 2160p (3840×2160 pixels, it is also known as UHD video)
  • 1440p (2560×1440 pixels, it is commonly known as Quad HD resolution)
  • 1080p (1920×1080 pixels, it is abbreviated as Full HD or FHD)

720p HD resolution and SD (HD is short for Standard Definition. Usually the SD resolution is either 640 x 360 pixels or 640 × 480 pixels for video, and 720 × 480 and 720 × 576 pixels for regular DVD).

To get the best possible playback experience on different displays, you need to ensure both the video resolution and the aspect ratio are proper. For example, if you play the 720p (1280 x 720 pixels high definition) video on iPhone 6 Plus, you will meet the issue of black bars on the left and right sides of the screen. Changing video resolution ensures that you can avoid the black bars. The following are 5 good tools that you can try to change the video resolution on computers and iOS/Android phones.

1. Change Video Resolution – Windows Video Resolution Converter

A – Use MiniTool Movie Maker (for Windows)

MiniTool MovieMaker is a free, powerful Windows video editing tool or software compatible with Windows 10/8/7. You can use it as a video resolution converter, too. This free tool accepts the major video formats including .WMV, .MP4, .MOV, MKV, .AVI, .TS, .3GP, .MPEG2, and WEBM. Follow these simple steps and you can change video resolution with no hassle.

Step 1. Install this free video resolution converter software on the Windows computer, and launch it. The interface looks like this.

Step 2. Click the light gray Import Media Files button > choose a video file from your computer > click the Open button to import it to the software.  

Step 3. Drag that video file to the timeline at the bottom. Optionally, you can edit that video, cut out the unwanted part of the video, add subtitles, apply the visual filters, add music, add smooth scene transitions, etc.

Step 4. Check your video content in the playback window, at last, click the Export button at the top to enter the following window.


Step 5. Open the drop-down list of Resolutions and you can select a new resolution for your video. At last, click the blue Export button at the bottom, MiniTool software will get started to convert the video resolution right away.

B – How to Change Video Resolution in VLC Media Player

As a popular media player, VLC also includes many other useful features. You can use it to increase decrease the video resolution, although you need to take more steps than using MiniTool MovieMaker.

Step1. Download VLC on your computer, launch it, then hold Ctrl + on the keyboard, that is the shortcut to open the file conversion window.

Step2. Click Add to import your video files(s) to the software.

Step 3. Select Convert/Save choose the Convert option (see the image below).


Step 4. Select “Edit selected profile” in the Settings section, now you can see the “Profile edition” window.

Step 5. Select Video codec then choose the Resolution option (see this image) type in the proper figures in the Width and Height and press Save.


Step 6. Select a folder on your computer to store the output video.

Step 7. Make sure that every step is correct, at last, click Start to begin to convert the video resolution.

02. Change Video Resolution on Mac OS X

On MAC OS X, you can use the QuickTime Player application to play videos and export the videos to other file formats and resolutions. Follow this tutorial to use this free video resolution converter.

Step 1. Play the video/movie with the QuickTime app on your Mac.

Step 2. Choose FileExport, and then choose an option of file quality from the Export menu. Now you can see 1080P, 720P, 480P video resolutions, and 3 other options.


Step 3. Choose a video quality that suits you best, then click Save.


Step 4. Enter a file name, choose a destination for output video, at last, click the Save button.

03. How to Change Video Resolution on Android/ iOS Platforms

Udemy is a video resolution converter app for Android and iOS users to modify the video quality on mobile devices. The following steps will guide you through the processes of changing video resolution on an iPhone.

Step 1. Tap the Udemy app to open it, find the target video file, and then tap on the hamburger icon at the upper right corner of your screen.


Step 2. Select the Video Quality option, you can choose 360p480p720p or 1080p in this step (1080p is recommended ).


If you don’t know which video definition suits you best, you can select the Auto option. 

04. Change Video Resolution Using Online Tool

If you do not have many videos to edit, or you prefer not to install any third-party video resolution converters, you can try online tools to change the video resolution/quality. Take OnlineVideoConverter as an example.

    Enter the direct link to your video or import a video file from your device/cloud storage service.
Select a file format, to which you want to convert this video.
Choose a video resolution that fits your needs.
Click the Start button, when the file conversion is done, you can download the converted video with a new resolution.


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