How to Make Pictures black and white, the Easiest ways?

Coloured images have their own appeal and charm. But, you may need to turn coloured photos into black and white versions based on different situations.

When the colors and shadows in the image are vivid, color photography is essential, allowing you to see even the most complex details. Black and white photography is a better choice when you want to focus on textures in objects and images without color interference. Black and white effects can help you show drama in your images.

So, if you are now looking for some effective options that can help you change the color of the photos, then please look no further, as you have landed on the right page.

In this article, you will reveal two tools that can be extremely helpful when it comes to changing colored images to black and white photos.

1st Option: ConverImage

This is an online tool using which you can create a black and white photo. The black and white photos may allow you to express the natural beauty in a better way. Well, using this software, you can easily incorporate the absolute contrasts of lights i.e. apply the grayscale color effects. All you will have to take out the colors of the original image with the help of ConverImage.

Not sure about how to use this tool? Well, no worries. Please keep reading the sections below and reveal the steps of usage.

How to use ConverImage?

Step 1

Please visit the official website of ConverImage —

Step 2

You will get an option to upload your original image. You may or may not retain the original format. The following image types are allowed to be uploaded, such as jpg, png, pdf, gif, bmp, tif, pcx, and PSD.

Step 3

Once you have uploaded the photo, please use the option — Turn to Black and White.

Step 4

Your uploaded image will now be converted to black and white. Please select the output format and click on Send this image option. The converted image will now be sent to you.

2nd Option: Photoshop

If you ask someone to name any image editor he or she knows, in all cases, 99% of them are Adobe Photoshop. This program is indeed considered the top software for photo retouching. With it, you can turn almost all ideas into reality. Photoshop is another excellent tool that can allow you to easily change the colour of your photos. To turn the photo into black and white, you can use this software too. Please check the following steps and you will be able to create black and white photos from coloured images.

Step 1

Download, install, and launch Photoshop.

Step 2

Load the image that you wish to change the color. Now, click on Layer >> New Adjustment Layer >> Black & White. You can adjust the available color options.

Step 3

Once it’s set, you can now set the input level and output level of the photo by navigating through Layer >> New Adjustment Layer >> Levels.

Step 4

If needed, you may also add some blur effects and another formatting as per your preference.

Step 5

Finally, save your image which is already converted to black and white by Photoshop.

With this, you have revealed two ways to make a black and white image from its coloured version. If you are now looking for a vice-versa solution, please use Picture Colorizer.

3rd Option: Paint

If you don’t want to buy an image editor for just a few pictures, check out other free programs. They may not have many tools to use, but in some cases they can definitely save lives. Paint is a wonderful option here. Unlike other image editors, you do not need to pay annual fees or subscribe to the service every month. There is even no need to download any content. As long as you are using Windows 7 or later, paint should have been pre-installed in the system.

Now let’s see how to use Paint to finish the mission:

Step 1

Open the software and import the image you want to convert.

Step 2

Open the Image menu and choose Properties. Now check the Black and White box.

Step 3

Click the Save icon to keep the new image.

Here you go, the colored image has been converted to black and white version in mere seconds. Easy and quick.

4th Option: Convert black and white image – Picture Colorizer

Picture Colorizer does the reverse job, i.e. it makes colourized photos from their respective black and white versions. The aim of this software is to allow users to easily create stunning, bright, and vibrant colourized photos without any extra hassles. That’s why the tool has included a blend of advanced AI, machine learning, and pattern recognition technology.

To create coloured photos from your old B&W images, please make sure to try this tool. It comes in the form of free software and it requires no subscription charge. On top of that, the tool guarantees high-quality results. Here’re the steps that you should follow and create coloured images.

How to use Picture Colorizer?

Step 1

Please download, install, and launch the tool via the official website of Picture Colorizer (

Step 2

Use the Add Images option to upload the photo that you want to colourize. 

Step 3

Click on the Colorize! option and let the tool to colorize your B&W photos.

Step 4

Adjust the other parameters of your image like denoise, gamma, radius, hue/saturation, and more.

Step 5

Save the final changes by clicking on the Save As button. Here is the result:

The Final Takeaway

If you wish to change the coloured image to the black and white version, then CoverImage is the best recommendation for you! You can still use Photoshop, but it’s really difficult to use as you will need to perform a bunch of manual steps. Paint is also a good choice here! Make your own choice according to your needs.

On the contrary, if you want to convert black and white photos to coloured versions, then Picture Colorizer is the most appropriate choice for you. Download the software, give it a go, and have fun!


So this was the complete step-by-step tutorial on how to make pictures black and white with the different software or applications available for windows and mac. The best will be to use the purchased copy of the software or applications.

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