12 Best Wifi Booster Apps for Android Devices

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Slow internet or wifi connection sucks. Yes, it becomes so frustrating when we are doing our important work on the internet and it speed teases us. If your wifi connection is slow then don’t worry there are many best wifi booster apps available that will help you to boost your wifi signals. By using these wifi booster apps you will see an improvement in your wifi speed.

Without the internet, we can’t imagine this modern world. Do you agree with this statement? Sometimes we find lags in the speed of the internet or wifi signals at our home or offices.

It becomes very frustrating when we get low wifi speed. So how to boost wifi signals to get an increased speed on your phone. 

So here in this article, we are going to list some best wifi signal booster apps for android as well as iPhone. So let’s see them:

Wifi Booster Apps for Android and iPhones that Actually works

1 – Wifi Router Booster

The wifi router booster is one of the best wifi boosters app for android that boosts your wifi signals coming from your router. Sometimes our router receives many interferences that may be coming from our neighbour’s devices that work on other frequencies so those signals may disturb the wifi waves which are transmitted by our router and it may lead to a slow down of wifi speed at our home. For better performance of a router, it needs to reconfigure from time to time by channel. The wifi router booster is one of the apps available on the play store that boosts the wifi routers automatically. As a result, you see a speed increment in your wifi use.

Available for – Android

2 – Network Signal Booster

It is one of the best wifi signal booster apps for android available freely on the google play store. By using this app you can boost your wifi signals and cellular network instantly. The size of the application is just only 3.74Mb. 

Available forAndroid(Free)

3 – Wifi Router Booster

This app is best for boosting wifi signals with a single tap. The application has more than 100 thousand downloads on the google play store. Download this app and it will fix your speed problem, signal strength problem automatically. 

Available forAndroid(Free)

4 – Wifi Doctor – Detect and Boost

As the name is saying this app is your wifi doctor it detects the reason behind the decrease in the speed of your wifi speed and suggests you the solution. It automatically scans your wifi signal and fixes the problem instantly.

Available for – Android(Free)

5 – Net Optimizer

This is the number 1. Application for wifi network. An application that provides complete information about your wifi connection like network speed, nearby wifi, connected devices, and much more other information. The app comes with a complete package of advanced features. You will not have to download any other app after this. Freely available on google play store free of cost.

Available for – Android(Free)

6 – Internet Booster and Optimizer

This app is developed to enhance your overall internet browsing experience. The speed of the internet depends on your ISP and the area where you live(the area). Internet speed varies with the area. But you can increase your speed with this app. It will increase your wifi and mobile data speed.

Available for – Android(Free)

7 – Super Wifi Manager

Nowadays everyone owns a wifi network at their home, but sometimes we don’t get a perfect speed. This app also provides a lot of data like link speed, connected devices, SSID and network security(WPS, wps2, etc), and much more information. It keeps your speed stable.

Available for – Android(Free)

8 – Connection Stabilizer and Booster

Connection stabilizer and booster app help your wifi signals coming from the router stable. It stables the signals from the other waves travelling around you like mobile network signals, microwaves, other kinds of radio signals etc. It is also another wifi signal booster app for Android available freely on the google play store. The application has more than 1 million downloads. You can boost your wifi signal within seconds.

Available for – Android(Free)

9 – Wifi Signal booster and Extender

Another best app for boosting your wifi signals with a single tap. It analyses your wifi network and gives you a boost button simply hit the boost button and that’s it. It will automatically boost your signal and you will get a stable and increased speed.

Available for – Android(Free)

10 – Wifi Analyser

Another app for boosting wifi that actually works. Having more than 10 million downloads on the google play store. You can imagine how popular this application is. This app is best for signal strength and other useful data. Download the app and boost your wifi speed.

Available for – Android(Free)

11 – Network Signal Info

As the name clearly suggests that this app provides all the information about your wifi network on android devices. It scans your wifi network and gives you information about the wireless network or cellular network. It doesn’t help you to increase the speed of your wifi but gives you the information that will help you to increase your speed by fixing the problems in your network.

Available for – Android(Free and paid both available)

12 – Wifi Overview 360

Wifi 360 overview is another wifi booster app for android app that works the same as the Network signal info app works. It is basically a WLAN information provider, which provides all the data related to your wifi network and you can see the possible fixes there to improve your wifi network speed.

Available for – Android(Free and paid version both available)


The question arises: do wifi signal booster apps work? The answer is a little bit. Many people say that wifi or cellular network speed depends upon ISP and no other apps can help you. But I want to tell you the fact that there are many factors which affect the speed like internet speed, server response time, speed of server of the website you are visiting, etc.

These network signal speed booster, network booster-free apps will definitely help you to boost your wifi signals.

Hope you will like this article where we have provided some best wifi Booster Apps for Android which will help you to get the desired result with your wifi or cellular network. Share this information in your tech community.

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