11 Best Augmented Reality Games for Android and iPhones

Do you love playing online games on your smartphone? If yes then here we have the best augmented reality games for your Android or iPhone. In recent years the trend of mobile gaming has increased a lot there was a time when we played PC games like IGI, Counterstrike etc.

The trend of online gaming mobile phone gaming and PC gaming has changed a lot and AR games are the future of gaming.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are the new technologies that have changed our viewing and interacting experience.

Augmented reality games are still a new concept that came into reality after the Pokemon Go game which was the first best AR game we have seen. Most of the augmented reality games are still proof of concept and time killer-style games.

Google is also taking interest in the AR gaming industry because of its new projects, interests, and ARCore. We will definitely see a boom in the AR games industry in the near future.

Pokemon Go was a game-changer in AR game development in the year 2018, people were mad to play that game. So let’s see the best augmented reality games for Android and iPhone you can download and play on your smartphone.

Best Augmented Reality Games for Android and iOS

1 – Egg Inc

It is basically a farming game. You build a farm here, collect resources, and upgrade them. We can say that it is similar to the clash of clans. There are few AR elements within the game and it uses Google’s ARCore. To play this game your device should support ARCore for the AR stuff.

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Available for – Android(free)

2 – Ghostbusters World

Ghostbusters is one other AR game like Pokemon Go. Players have to catch the ghosts from the real world. You collect the ghosts, battle them, and upgrade/level them up. It has a variety of characters(ghosts) from the movies and a bunch of social elements. You must try this app once.

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Available for – Android(free)

3 – Harry Potter – Wizards Unite

It is the latest Augmented reality game available in the market somewhere similar to pokemon go. Players walk in the real world and collect things and do battle with their foes. Players deal with calamity and have wizards everywhere. You will find the characters from the series inside the game and can choose one of them which is your favourite.

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Available for – Android(free)

4 – Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the most popular Augmented reality game available today. It is the most-played best AR game for Android as well as for iOS. The 1st augmented reality game changed the AR industry totally. It was a legendary project by Niantic. Pokemon go is an adventure-type mobile game in which you have to catch pokemon and battle with others. It is one of the best AR games for the iPhone you must play.

augmented reality games of 2021

Available for – Android and iOS(free)

5 – Sharks in the Park

A game developed by Geo AR is an amazing AR game for children and adults. In a few seconds, you can turn your garden or city into a world of extraordinary animals and landscapes. You can create your own fairy tale or have an opportunity to open the door to beautiful places. 

Available for – Android and iOS(free)

6 – Dark – Subject One

It is a short adventure game with a dark plot that is happening at your home. Tear the riff-off to step into a parallel world where you will be the subject in the game. You will get a mission to find someone, explore and find clues to uncover the mystery.


Available for – Android and iOS(free)

Augmented Reality Shooting Games for Android and iOS

Most people love to play shooting games. Shooters are considered to be the most popular game in the world. Millions of people are fans of Counter-Strike, Call of duty, and the trending one Pubg. The AR changed the way of playing shooting games, you can now fight and face enemies in the real world. 

7 – Zombie Go

Zombie games are also popular with youngsters and children. Zombie go is an example of an outstanding Augmented reality shooter game. It brings zombies into the real world. As a player, you walk from your home, school, or park and you will see that a lot of zombies will pop up every second. Let’s start the action, fight with them, and kill them with weapons.

Available for – Android(free)

8 – Zombies Run

It is another zombie AR shooting game, which will turn your morning jog into an adventure. You have to protect yourself from the zombies and survive in the city. Listen to music and different narrations in your headphones. The main aim of the game is to complete the missions through walking and running. You have to collect items and run from zombies chasing you. It is a perfect AR game for motivation to morning walks and exercise. There are lots of Zomby games but this one is someone special.

Available for – Android and iOS(free)

Sports Augmented Reality Games

If you are a sports enthusiast then definitely you will like these sports AR Games. After installing these games you will be able to play basketball, racing, cricket, etc in AR. Let’s see them.

9 – AR Sports Basketball

It is an iOS AR game available on the app store(paid version). This app allows you to play basketball in augmented reality. You can play basketball at any location or time. It is a basic-level AR game that comes with different modes – normal, desk, and multiplayer modes. If you love to play basketball then you are going to love this game for sure. It is best when there is rain outside and you want to play basketball then you can play it.

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Available for – iOS(paid – $2)

10 – Nose Ball

It is another best AR apps for iPhones, which is newly launched on the app store. This app works basically on face detection and motion technology. You can choose the noses of different animals and make fun of your face. I’m sure that you will like this app. Only you have to keep the ball up with your nose and prevent it from being pierced by the shakes and collect the points by hitting the irregularly shaped objects. You must download and try this app. It is all new in the market.

Nose Ball augmented reality game

Available for – iOS(free)

11 – Geocaching

It is one of the world’s largest treasure-hunting games. The game is played in almost every country with a huge fan base. You have to explore the hidden places of the planet with this game. Download this game today and search for the treasures. 

Geocaching augmented reality game

Available for – Android and iOS(free)


So these were some of the best Augmented reality games for Android and iOS you can download. Most of them are free except for some iOS. I personally play Pokemon Go and a few other AR shooting games. I hope you will also love these augmented reality games.