8 Best Transparent Screen Apps for Android and iOS

Do you get bored by looking at the regular screen of your smartphone? Give it a new and cool look by using transparent screen apps. The transparent screen apps are available for Android and iPhone as well.

Give a Cool Look to Your Phone with these Transparent Screen Apps for Android and iOS

What will happen if you have a transparent screen on your smartphone? Surprise your friends by showing them your transparent phone screen.

Set transparent wallpapers that look realistic. Here in this article, we have created a list of some best transparent screen apps which can turn your phone screen into a transparent screen. So let’s see those apps which can turn your phone background invisible.

Best Transparent Screen Apps for Android and iPhone

1 – Clarity Wallpaper

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Turn your screen transparent within a second. This application has a large variety of transparent wallpapers. The wallpapers are so light and the app works so smoothly without any delay. You will feel that your smartphone doesn’t have any case. All the wallpapers are in HD, FHD quality. You can also create your own wallpaper with a unique design with many inbuilt tools.

2 – Transparent Screen and Live Wallpaper

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Another simple app that lets you apply transparent wallpapers on your smartphone screen. You can display the image captured by your camera. You will be able to see behind your smartphone. Shock your friends by showing them your transparent screen smartphone.

The app works with all the apps installed on your smartphone. All the app icons will be displayed, but your background will get transparent. Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper App, Combines Transparent Screen with a carefully Live Wallpaper to create an experience like no other! 

3 – Transparent Screen

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Download this transparent screen app and get amazing and cool transparent wallpapers. Use your smartphone normally, but you will be able to see everything behind it. You will be able to use it when you go and text a message. The app doesn’t require root. Transparent wallpaper is a free Android app that makes your phone screen transparent using the phone camera. Alternatively, you can use the front camera to make the phone like a mirror.

You can also protect your phone from strangers, set a transparent wallpaper on your screen and no one will notice your phone.

4 – Transparent Camera Screen

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.raisingapps.transparentlauncher.screenlivewallpaper&hl=en_IN&gl=US]

This app helps you to set a transparent wallpaper on your phone screen. Choose any transparent wallpaper from the app wallpaper library and set it on your home screen or lock screen. This is also a lightweight application and doesn’t consume much space in your memory. Make fun of your friends by showing them your phone and notice their reaction.

5 – Transparent Mode – Real Transparent Screen

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.skeewy.transparentmode&hl=en_US&gl=US]

This is another transparent screen mode app for Android that allows you to add a layer of transparency in the front of the applications. You can always keep your eye on what is happening in front of you even while looking at your phone, it is a real transparent screen app.

This screen app is not a transparent wallpaper app, your phone is translucent even when you use your favorite apps. This app also gives you battery level warning, which is a useful feature.

6 – Transparent Screen Launcher

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=naveen.Transparent&hl=en_IN&gl=US]

This is another transparent photo app for android. The app turns your smartphone screen into a transparent screen by using your phone’s camera. The application has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. If you are so addicted to your phone and use it every time while walking on streets or roads, this app must be installed on your phone to avoid accidents of yours to obstacles.

7 – Transparent Screen

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.androidfuns.transparentscreen]

Transparent screen is an app that allows you to make the screen transparent with the camera of your phone. You can see what’s next in the street and who is coming to your back while you are playing any game, chatting online or doing any of your other tasks. This app supports both front facing camera and back facing camera recording. So that you can see what is next to you and what is behind you.

You can still notice what happened in the street, and who is coming to your back while you are playing game, chatting online, or doing many other things.

8 – Real Transparent Launcher Screen and Ba

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.transparents.hd.livewallpapers]

Real transparent screen launcher and background is an excellent and amazing transparent wallpaper app for Android that will make your home screen transparent. You can also customize your screen using different transparent screen effects. Upgrade your Android launcher with the all new real transparent screen launcher and background. Download this app and have a try to this amazing transparent screen application.

Impress your friends and group by showing your phone unique in front of them. Use your phone when you are walking, talking and texting and doing any of other stuffs on your phone. Our overall experience with this entertainment application was perfect.

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